Vilnai: Conquer parts of Gaza
Yael Levy
Published: 22.03.09, 20:56
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1. The hypocrite vilnai
Arie ,   BaGolan   (03.22.09)
During the entire time 7000 qassams were being fired at the civilians in the Negev, vilnai chastised the residents to "stop whining." Now that he has no seat in the Netanyahu government, he has become a proponent of security in the hopes of getting a seat? Not just hypocrisy! It is hubris and contempt for our people in the worst sense! The only thing he should receive is the jail cell next to olmert and katsav
3. He's correct
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (03.22.09)
It is good to hear a supporter of the ethnic cleansing of Gush Katif admitting his mistake. It requires unusual honesty and bravery. If more Leftists join Vilnai, there is a chance for peace.
4. Partial won't work
Juan ,   Spain   (03.22.09)
The military presence during operation cast lead failed to stop the rocket fire. Why should another partial incursion be successful? The only hope of forcing a total ceasefire would be to take over Gaza completely. This would be acceptable in International Law as they are committing daily acts of war against Israel.
5. vilnai correct
Marcel   (03.22.09)
better late than never.
6. Finally some common sense - this is the answer
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego USA   (03.22.09)
The way to stop the Gaza rocket mortar threat for good is 1) to occupy the zone of short range firing in Northersn gaza, only about 5% of total area and temp. oversight of 50-60,000 people until Hamas is eradicated from area, and 2) to permanently seize and annex to Israel a 3-mile wide zone east and north of Rafah, from Sufa crossing to the sea through former Gush Katif, too wide to tunnel under and cutting off the Sinai smuggling routes for iranian weapons. This becomes the new Gaza "border". No contact with Egypt, who keep Eastern Rafah. Problem solved. Ignore int'l complaints. Its the only way. Then have the French Navy evacuate hamas to Tunis, like PLO from Beurut in '82. Or wipe them out.
7. Each rocket attack, 1km of Gaza's border should be retaken
pushing the terrorists into Egypt.
8. Piece by piece. I like the idea.
Efi ,   Washington DC   (03.23.09)
Take back gaza piece by piece. Soon they will have nothing. They can jump in the sea.
9. relocate all of them to the arab country of their choice.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (03.23.09)
10. What would really work is this:
Marcella   (03.23.09)
For every Kassam that is launched from Gaza, set aside a certain amount of land to be retaken within a short time. After a couple of dozen Kassams, send the IDF and retake that territory as a neutral zone where no Arab is allowed to enter. The more Kassams that are launched, the more the IDF will keep pushing into Gaza. If there are residences there, they will have to be vacated. The chaos and anger towards the terrorists launching rockets would be enough deterrent to reduce the number of rockets. Eventually, one day, Israelis, you will have to reverse your Disengagement because IT DID NOT WORK. And even if there was a less beligerent Arab government in charge of a sovereign Gaza, there will always be splinter groups that will search for recognition by harassing Israel. Gaza must return to Israel control and sovereignty.
Maxime L'amoureux ,   beautiful USA   (03.23.09)
All of Gaza sir! all of it!. Invade and annex Gaza for one million years. Lets stop wasting precious israeli lives and time. We all have to do whats best for our beautiful Israel. It is our Jewish responsibility to defend and protect our only God given homeland. Time for us to be smart, strong and proud to be Jewish Israel.
12. Vilnai
Brod ,   USA   (03.23.09)
is right.
13. Israel should never quit until they took Hamas OUT(!!!)
Roy C. Hudson ,   Pittsburg USA   (03.23.09)
Every Building they remake for the People will be taken again by Hamas.How unwise it has been to stop short as always in the Past. Mr. Net should do the Job now that was left to be done.Take the varmin, Weazels Out of the holes & chicken house & make away for the Kids to live a life they need.How Stupid to Give that land to a few worthless Heathen,Hey,they will never change. they have to be taken OUT. OK? (!!!!) Roy C Hudson, USA
14. take parts of gaza-you bet!
Mark Katzman ,   USA   (03.23.09)
that's right ynet..Israel had better start acting positively now or just give it over to the arabs. They already have Israel's "number" or mood-fearful of action. And so, you have a failed 2006 invasion of lebanon, and a failed 2008 invasion of gaza. The legacy of Rabin-Peres-Sharon-Olmert has been so detrimental to Israel that all that Rabin and Sharon did on behalf of Israel is negated. The arabs smell the fear and they're manipulating you--Israel better change.
15. Thousand years ago
Maria ,   MD   (03.23.09)
God said, drive your enemies out! But the Hebrews failed to do it.And now,these Palestinians are pricks and thorns to Israelis[Jews].
16. As much as this would rebound onto Israel....
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (03.23.09)
From the International bigots and ignorant, it will probably work better than anything. I agree with the two posts above me.
17. When you give land to terrorists
David Rosenberg ,   New York, USA   (03.23.09)
When you give land to terrorists you should expect them to use it as a base of operations. Rather than build schools, hospitals, universities, and infastructure that any civilized people would build if given freedom and billions of dollars, the Gaza strip Palestinians opt to smuggle munitions and build rockets so that they could indiscriminately fire them at Israeli population centers to kill innocent Jewish and Christian Israeli civilians. Now the world wants Israel to give up the "West Bank" to the same ilk? What would America do if Detroit was being rocketed by Canada? What would the British do if London was being rocketed from across the English channel? Would they appease the enemy by giving them land or would they destroy the enemy's capability to wage war? Those who criticize Israel's self defense are nothing more than hypiocritical antisemites.
18. To Juan and International Law
David Rosenberg ,   New York, USA   (03.23.09)
I have noticed that many posters here who claim to be from Europe often bring up the notion of International Law without so much as citing what article of International law they are referencing. In fact, often times the mention of International Law is used by posters to gain legitimacy to their point of view without so much as a citation. Before citing international law remeber a few law is generally NOT binding on nations who are not signatories to it. Secondly, international law or not, the Jewish people have an inalenable right to defend themselves against their genocidal enemies.
19. The Hamas regime.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (03.23.09)
What should happen is that the international community cooperates in the removal of the Hamas regime. It is an illegal government, brought to power by an unprovoked war against the Palestinian Authority (PA) which was the internationally recognized regime in the Gaza Strip. Hamas may have won the elections but it then seized total power, suspended representative government, and destroyed the opposition. There is no moral reason to the existence of Hamas as explained at :
20. He must be careful what he says.
jASON gEORGE ,   uk,lONDON   (03.23.09)
I totally agree at today's age IDF needs to be inside but it has to be with consent of all nations approval. It also has to take into account not only cost of our soliders moreover also tax money of israeli citizens at this recession stage. Every move has to be calculated for our future generation.
21. Vilnai
Waleed Mabsout ,   Lebanon   (03.23.09)
needs to shampoo his head with fertalizer so that he can grow some brains.
22. With guys like Vilnai I see W.H.Auden was so right:
Mr. Anonymous ,   USA   (03.23.09)
In his poem "Spetember 1939". "Those who received evil, evil they do". You learned from the Nazis quite well. Hitler and Goebbels, must be laughing at you Israelis in hell.
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