81% of bombs used in Gaza were 'smart'
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 23.03.09, 11:21
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1. nice smart army
ghostq   (03.23.09)
that's a proff israel didn't make a masacre, gazans r one big liers.
2. lol sounds Dumb
Ahmed   (03.23.09)
80% of smart bombs killed 1300 civilians.
Palestinian   (03.23.09)
Even the "Qassam" which is made from pasta still flying. In the past idf had no problems entering Gaza. idf did not want to enter Gaza, it would have been a fair fight
5. IAF is simply the cream :-)
ben ,   singapore   (03.23.09)
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (03.23.09)
Kill over 1300 civilians.Smart enough,of course!!!
7. ahmed get ur facts right..
keevs4u ,   jtown   (03.23.09)
1st of all 1300 is a false number of civillian casualties.. 2ndly, just because civillians were killed does not mean that targets were not hit... they were killed because gaza is such a densely populated area.
8. Smart Bomb
hakim ,   usa   (03.23.09)
Dumb Army!!!
9. to #2
gsea   (03.23.09)
ahmed not all of them were civilians and... and acording to Hamas math simple 1 Israely=1000 palestinians so, I guess it's even.
10. to # 8
ghostq   (03.23.09)
Hakim the US army also use smart bombs, so deal with it.
11. #2, #6
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (03.23.09)
Hamas, the elected government of Gaza, says that the total number of deaths in Gaza was about 1300, about half soldiers. Hamas admits that it was surprised at the very low number of civilian deaths (also caused both by Hamas fire) considering the intensity of the fighting. Unlike the Fatah terrorists who murder children, the Hamas soldiers fought the IDF and did not run away. Instead of admitting that the Hamas soldiers fought bravely, you insult their memory and compare them to fleeing women and helpless children.
12. Stupid Bombs
Marcel ,   Florida   (03.23.09)
Haneyiah and top Hamas leadership are still breathing Hamas is still in business and the tunnels are still in operation. Could it be the stupid people in charge and not the smart bombs ?
13. how many times do i have to post this for the ahmed idiots
re   (03.23.09)
a table showing nato use of force in kosovo, open your eyes people and see how other armies around the world act Date Location Nature of Incident Reported/Estimated Civilian Casualties April 5, 1999 Missile Attack on Aleksinac, Serbia NATO attack on a barracks on the town of Aleksinac . Resulted in missiles striking a residential area hitting apartments, an "emergency centre" and a medical dispensary 10 dead and at least another 30 injured April 12, 1999 Grdelica Gorge, Serbia NATO attack on a railway bridge hit a passenger train. 14 killed and 16 injured April 14, 1999 Road between Đakovica -Dečani NATO aircraft repeatedly bombed refugee movements over 19 km stretch in western Kosovo, 73 deaths and 36 injured April 23, 1999 Belgrade NATO attacked of the Serb Radio and Television headquarters in Belgrade. 16 civilian technicians killed and 16 wounded April 27, 1999 Missile Attack on Surdulica, Serbia NATO attack on residential area in the southern town of Surdulica. 16 civilians killed May 1, 1999 Attack on a civilian bus on Lužane Bridge North of Priština: A NATO missile aimed at the Lužane bridge hit a passenger bus. The vehicle was cut in two by the strike, near Lužane bridge, 20km (12 miles) north of Priština - one section plunged off the bridge into the river below, the other portion remained burning on the bridge for more than an hour An ambulance sent to the scene was reportedly hit in a second NATO strike. 39 people were killed May 7, 1999 Cluster bombing of Niš NATO confirmed that a cluster bomb aimed at an airfield in the Yugoslav city of Niš hit a hospital and a market. Unexploded cluster bombs left lying in gardens. 14 civilians killed, about 60 injured May 7, 1999 Missile Attack on Chinese Embassy in Belgrade The U.S. admitted that an out-of-date map used by its intelligence operations had led NATO to mistakenly launch missiles at the Chinese embassy 3 dead, 20 injured May 14, 1999 NATO bombing of Albanian refugees near Koriša, Kosovo NATO planes bombed of Albanian refugees near Korisa striking two convoys of ethnic Albanians trying to flee Kosovo, Over 100 killed May 19, 1999 Belgrade Hospital Struck A NATO bombing attack on the Dragiša Mišović hospital in Belgrade hospital. Parts of the hospital were reduced to rubble. NATO admitted a missile aimed at a nearby army barracks went astray 4 killed. several wounded May 30,1999 Bombing of Varvarin, SE Serbia NATO bombers mounted a daylight raid on a bridge in Varvarin , south-central Serbia when local residents were attending the town's market. The aged and narrow bridge was considered insignificant and no military installations were to be found within a radius of 20 km. Most of the casualties occurred in the second wave, when people had rushed to the bridge to help those wounded in the initial wave. 11 civilians were reported killed and 40 injured about 17 very seriously May 30, 1999 Missile Attack on Old Age Sanatorium in Surdulica, Serbia NATO planes hit an old age sanatorium in Surdulica in south-eastern Serbia, the second time civilian targets were hit in the town in just over a month. At least 11 people killed May 31, 1999 Novi Pazar, southwest Serbia. A NATO missile attack on an apartment building in Novi Pazar, southwest Serbia. At least 11 people and 23 injured
14. To: No. 2
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (03.23.09)
First of all, idiot, the overwhelming majority of people killed in the recent Gaza operation were Hamas so-called "fighters." Even the United Nations acknowledges that and, moreover, they even assert that the 1,300 number asserted by Arab sources is a gross exaggeration. Nearly all of the individuals who were killed were Hamas "fighters." (Some "fighters" -- hiding behind women's skirts and children.....) Me -- I wouldn't have taken the risks that the Israeli soldiers did. I would merely have launched a Dresden-type operation and turned Gaza into a huge pile of rubble. Most countries would have done exactly that, given the eight years of missile launches, suicide bombings and general terrorist activities that stemmed from Gaza. Shut your mouth and count your blessings that it was Israel that conducted the operation, and not anyone else. Anyone else would have turned Gaza into a large parking lot.
15. To: Mike in Belgium
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (03.23.09)
Hey, Mike -- Would you like to talk about Nazi collaborators in Belgium during World War II? I can discuss the topic quite adequately. For starters, the Walloon population in Belgium were nearly all members of the Resistance. The Flemands were nearly all Nazi collaborators. So, wanna chat about that some?
16. No.8 well said Mahmood get your facts correct
Mike ,   Israel   (03.23.09)
17. To: Mahmood in Londonistan
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (03.23.09)
Idiot, if someone carries a weapon, fires missiles at you and otherwise plots your demise, he isn't a civilian. He isn't a "freedom fighter" either ... he's just a commonplace murderer. Your number is off, by the way -- the best sources are saying that no more than 765 individuals were killed, 90% of them Hamas "fighters." Although I ask you: what kind of a "fighter" hides behind women, children, the elderly and the infirm? Why, a "Hamas fighter," of course. Cowards, the lot of them. Can you tell me why Gazans sell their children to be suicide bombers? You do that, you kind of lose your right to weep over dead children, you know?
petra ,   uSA   (03.23.09)
your pals can't fight their way out of a ladies bathroom, where I hear they hide and shake. Our time HAS come and yours has LEFT. Loser.
19. #2,3,6 I suppose you guys were the SMART ones to vote in
hamass as your ,   leaders?HAHAHAHAHA!!   (03.23.09)
20. and a complete waste of money
Danny   (03.23.09)
go back to using cheaper dumb bombs. Whats the worst that will happen? The UN will double condemn us?
21. False Pretenses
T.O. ,   Ohio, USA   (03.23.09)
All of you fail to remember that Israeli Forces did not gain control of "Palestinian" territories until AFTER the Palestinians (among others) ATTACKED Israel in both of the wars of 1948 & 1967. The Israeli "occupation" is an EFFECT of terrorism NOT the CAUSE. Israel has every right to protect themselves and their bombs are "smart" in more ways than one...I STAND WITH ISRAEL AND SO SHOULD EVERY CHRISTIAN IN AMERICA!!!!!
22. waste of good ammunition
Golan ,   SL   (03.23.09)
why use precision weapons? To avoid willing human shields? Willing human shields are military targets whether we want to hit them or not. And while we only want to hit military targets and while not all Arab human shields for Hamas were willing (I am sure at least one did not want to be a Muslim Jahid) I still do not see any reason not to use "stupid bombs" on stupid Ar...asse... people. Gaza should have been flattened by the Israeli government that promised that is what they would do after the so called Disengagement.
23. Cowards
Marilyn ,   Adelaide   (03.23.09)
It's all very nice to boast about your "smart" bombs but they still murdered people on purpose. You are a sick and twisted "society" and always have been. Why don't you give the Palestinians half of your fighter jets and bombs and see how smart the bombs are when they are dropped on Tel Aviv.
24. Americans the dumbest kids in the world
Marilyn ,   Adelaide   (03.23.09)
Israel was not attacked in 1948 or 1967, that is proven fact. Israel occupies Gaza and they have turned it into the world's largest concentration camp. Sarah, you are one of the stupidest people on earth.
25. # 24
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (03.24.09)
Marilyn ! The next day,that the state of Israel came into being,the Egyptian air force bombed Tel Aviv. The Egyptian army invaded the land from the south.syria,attacked Israel from the north.The people of Kibutz Daganiah,stopped the the syrian Tanks.Marilyn ! If history doesn't suit your ideology.create your own history,ala the soviet Union.
26. #24 Bombs smarter than Granny Marilyn
Cynthia ,   USA   (03.24.09)
Marilyn, Sarah can do circles around you with her eyes closed. Please repeat your ME Conflict 101 class or get another teacher because you're uninformed. Jewish communities created an oasis in Gaza that the Palestinians turned into a cesspool when the Jews left. Time to treat the Palestinians as adults and hold them accountable.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (03.24.09)
To vent out your idiotic,misplaced and totally ridiculous statement at a go.I don't want to add anything more as I feel confident that the exposure of realities banged on your face for quite sometime but you managed to survive the onslought.But no more Sarah, the whole world including those who participated in it are being affected.Have you investigated how exactly the soldiers state of mind is now?No you haven't,have you?wait for more details as the outcome nearers.
28. To: Marilyn
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (03.24.09)
Marilyn, if it's sick and twisted you want, you need look no further than Gaza. Palestinian parents sell their children to be suicide bombers.
29. To: Marilyn at No. 24
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (03.24.09)
"Israel was not attacked in 1948 or 1967, that is proven fact." Israel was attacked by five Arab nations the day after its declaration of statehood. Why don't you look it up? On May 22, 1967, President Nasser of Egypt closed the Straits of Tiran to Israeli commercial shipping. According to the Hague Second and Third Conventions, that constitutes an act of war. Israel commenced the shooting war on June 5, 1967, but under international convention, Israel was deemed to have taken retaliatory action. Israel warned Jordan not to attack; Jordan did anyway, and lost a good chunk of land as a result. Since Israel's war against Jordan was clearly retaliatory, Israel has every right to retain the territory it captured -- or not, in its option. You could look that up, too. In fact -- you should. You might actually learn something -- which I suspect will be a totally new experience for you.
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