Chief of staff responds to claims against IDF in Gaza
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 23.03.09, 13:01
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1. The IDF is the BEST :-)
ben ,   singapore   (03.23.09)
2. Chief of staff responds...
Marco ,   Spain   (03.23.09)
It seems that the Chief of staff has already made up his mind before investigating the matter. Therefore anything he comes up with will be biased. The only way by which the truth can come out is for the UN to establish an impartial committe to investigate and bring to trial those responsible from Olmert all the way down.
3. To: Marco at No. 2
Marco, The United Nations itself is a biased organization -- according to the U.N., everything Israel does is evil. So, no, the United Nations is not an unbiased and fair player. I suggest you read the comments offered up by an Italian organization who was serving in Gaza during the Israeli operation -- the organization was comprised of physicians, nurses, laboratory technicians and social workers. They stated emphatically that no more than 760 people were killed, and 90% of those were Hamas fighters. Please try and step outside your anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism long enough to appreciate the truth for what it is.
4. Partially
Ilana   (03.23.09)
correct. He should first investigate, but in general, the IDF is a very moral army. The problen with the UN is that they are biased-even more than our chief of staff. It seems you are too as you say "bring them to trial". And what about bringing terrorists to trial? Why is the spotlight never on them? I don't think they have armed guards at their shops, nursery schools, hospitals, malls, restaurants etc. They don't have cars with 100kilos of explosives in a mall parking lot within which there are thousands of civilians. This truth must come out. Impartial committees are hard to find you see.
5. Too little too late
Ann ,   Canada   (03.23.09)
Ashkenazi is saying "my soldiers are moral but liars"
6. to marco
ghostq   (03.23.09)
you naiev, you think the UN is not biast you wrong, just look who sign thos reports and you will find out they r from arab origin or extreem left wingers, so don't look for unbiased stances cause you will not find it anywhere.
7. #2 an "impartial" UN!!??...HA!!!
Dan ,   Titusville, FL USA   (03.23.09)
Perhaps you went to EuroDisney and are still in Fantasyland. The UN is a bunch of feckless, fat old men whose sole object in life is to consume as much gourmet food as they can stuff into their face while criticizing the lack of food aid into underdeveloped countries from the West. Repeatedly the UN has shown that it is a corrupt anti-Semetic body that is responsible to no one. I have more faith in corrupt Russians to give a "fair" investigation. It is time to stop using the UN as your "straw dog" for your hatred of Jews.
8. IDF ?????
MIKE VAN HARRIS ,   Antwerp Belgium   (03.23.09)
We all Love Hezbollah. And with Hezbollah we all stand.
9. Righteous Israel
TheAre ,   USA   (03.23.09)
I am a non religious christian in New York City and I feel the arabs got what they deserved in Gaza, If someone shot missiles at my home or even near by, I would expect my government to destroy the threat as soon as possible and make sure It never happens again, I just can't understand why Israel/IDF starts and prematurely stops it's operations lately and does not cut off the heads of the threat? First in Lebanon with Hizbollah and now with Hamas in Gaza, Hamas till this day shoots rockets into Israel, I hope Israel grows some balls and stops listening to people like #2 Marco from Spain and the rest of Europe, they would not let their citizens live in the same circumstances like Israelis live, Then again, Europe is almost fully under muslim control.
10. Well, Well, Well
Ian ,   Switzerland   (03.23.09)
He should start worrying about his future trips abroad.
11. The Chief of Staff has very low standards
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (03.23.09)
12. # 2 - the UN, are you kidding?
leah ,   beersheva, israel   (03.23.09)
the UN had hamas firing rockets from their schools and then said "oh, no, this isn't happening, israel is just blowing up schools. woe is palestinians." astute observers they are... i guess they didn't get the memo that you can see the video on youtube.
13. lol #8
ghostq   (03.23.09)
mike van whatever, you do aware hizbula killes civilians, and by nasralla famous words "organ dealers".
14. To: Mike at No. 8
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (03.23.09)
Love Hizbollah, do you? Come on down to Lebanon. If you are prepared to stand with them, you should be prepared to fall with them, too. And fall they will.
15. Ethics
Mark ,   Israel   (03.23.09)
Mr CinC, please, no investigations, no rationalizations, no excuses. The burden of proof for these scurrilous allegations lies with the accusers and that includes the medea that gives them credence without due investigation. If, within a reasonable time they cannot substantiate what they've said act against them in a court of law. Enough is enough
16. Yes, Gen. Ashkenazi; I agree, it is quite clear.
Ypip ,   Canada   (03.23.09)
17. Love Hisbulla
Arnaz ,   Leb   (03.23.09)
to No. 14, Sarah you are so wrong about Hizbulla. This organization will never fall. Instead, it will grow in strength day after day. Israel and its military might could not take out Hizbulla and I bet no other army in the world can do. This is the new face of Arab power you will be dealing with for years to come.
18. The Jewish people, strong and united will not fear its ...
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (03.23.09)
The Jewish people, strong and united will not fear its enemies. Carrying out the demoralizing ejection of patriotic Jews from Gaza was implemented by training the IDF to see the "settlers" as the enemy and the families of Arab terrorists as more worthy of protection than Jews. This made for a psychically weakened IDF when it was called on to fight in Lebanon. Our total faith in our legitimate rights on the Land of Israel will restore even more the spirit of the I.D.F and its deterrence. The Jewish people, strong and united, will then face its enemy and vainquish. As to our legitimate rights on our land at :
19. The World's most pathetic joke
Khalid ,   The Netherlands   (03.23.09)
It seems that Mr. Ashkenazi has chosen to believe the world's most pathetic joke. He is referring to a number of isolated incidents whereby 1400 people mostly unarmed civilians have been killed and tens of thousands of homes and civilian properties destroyed. Anyway, Mr. Ashkenazi, if you do not have anything to hide why not let an independent inquiry commission do its job and then give you a clean bill of health and decide that your army is the most moral army in the world? By the way what do you have to say abouyt the latest scandal published in Haaretz about those army t-shirts where you moral soldiers are bragging that by killing a pregnant woman they hit 2 targets with one stone?
20. need to get serious and I mean quickly
AY_Lamb ,   USA   (03.23.09)
Does there need to be "hate" in order to fight? I say emphatically "NO" Does what I say matter at all? Nope Professional organizations (military) included are stratified and there is often resentment and competitiveness between leaders in the various stratus. This leads to many subordinate leaders advocating bigotry and hatred which will inevitably lead to unfortunate events that will reflect poorly on the establishment which in turn satisfies the jealousy or resentment of the provocateurs. So what is the point of me stating what we all already know? accountability The combat and lethal organizations that are operating around the area of Southwest Asia (the US included) have little to NO inclination or interest in pursuing accountability in "any form" of their own. Pursuing responsibility and accountability is arguably the most ancient of Jewish tenets and regardless of varying opinions about the motivations for this. The relentless and meticulous pursuit of justice (albeit tedious) is nonetheless useful if not honorable. Most others find this pursuit of accountability as a definite indicator of the weaknesses of the Jewish people described in their Holy Scriptures and will therefor never respect it or appreciate it. Don't let it become a major detractor from the goals and objectives.
21. to # 17
ghostq   (03.23.09)
so y nasralla sweets so much, could be the presure he is under mmm he scared from some one, and yeah his son killed 7 years old girl some brave he is, hizbulla bunch of rats and Israel r the cats that gonna hunt them down.
22. to # 21
Arnaz ,   Leb   (03.23.09)
I am so sorry for your 17. Talk of a looser. Do you really believe that Nassralla is Hiding. I guess the though of him hidding makes you feel victorious. For your info, his Son died defending this country. No shame or pride in that. The table has turned around and you still cannot believe it. Sorry bro.
23. IDF in Gaza, #17
Dany ,   Toronto   (03.23.09)
Mr 17 a "Smart" one, the only reason the Hitzbulla was/is strong is bwecause of their Missiles/Rockets. Fighting wise-nothing. Zahal is working on the system to neutralize these Missiles/rockets & the moment it's operational, the Hetzbulla has lost its strength & is Finished-Kaput-Zilch... Neither is the Teheran regim which will be able to help them... This "Arab superiority" will disappear. Our Right government will put an end to all your dreams!
24. THANK YOU #9
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (03.23.09)
Well put!
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