Responsibility sought by injured American's parents
Ronen Medzini
Published: 23.03.09, 15:14
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Simcha ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.23.09)
2. While we can understand you sadness...
Arie ,   BaGolan   (03.23.09)
Let's look at the facts! 1. Your son came all the way from the States to engage in violence here. 2. Quoting the article from the leftist Yediot:"they trespassed into closed military areas and threw stones at the forces" 3. "he wished to observe": How? By inserting himself in the violence? 4."never posed a threat to anyone" but positioned himself in a restricted military zone amidst a throng of violence prone rioters. He lost any claim to "observer" status when he did that 5. "peace demonstration": Rather interesting that the rioters use violence to "promote peace" 6. He is an admitted member of the ISM, a fatah group whose only mission is to instigate violent riots in the name of pali-style peace. It is unfortunate that your son was injured, but his injuries could have been avoided had he not joined in the violent rampage
3. Dumb American
Igor ,   Russia   (03.23.09)
Other than instigate and rally behind terrorists, what else could a dumb "save the world" American be doing in Na'alin?
4. what about his responsibility?
Danny   (03.23.09)
why should Israel express regret at someone who agitates against it? It sounds more and more like a bog-standard trendy left-winger working off his middle class guilt. Unfortunately there are plenty where he came from...
5. wrong to fire at peace activists or "peace activists"?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (03.23.09)
the "peace activists" who throw rocks, molotov cocktails, tear down fences, or the like are not to be confused with peace activists who are, you know, peaceful in their protests. so, firing on "peace activists" as described above is necessary. casting the discussion in inaccurate terms debases it to being unworthy and a waste of time.
6. No reason to apologize. Son came to cause trouble.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (03.23.09)
Even Ghandi insisted that protesters need to be prepared to suffer the consequences for their actions. Neither ISM protesters nor their parents seem to acknowledge that. ISM's raison d'être is to disrupt, to cause trouble, even to break the law in solidarity with Palestinians. They are hardly peaceful protesters. ISM'ers are even trained in how to get through Israeli security despite their intentions. I've got not sympathy for this guy. He brought this on himself. Anyone identified with ISM should be deported and declared persona non grata.
7. proffesional protesters need to take responsibility not IDF
b. moskowitz ,   chashmonim   (03.23.09)
or Israel. These people break the law, instigate violance and when they are hurt it's always someone elses fault. Stones and more were being thrown at soldiers. Rocks injure and kill qand have done so. If these protesters take part in that kind of demonstration, they take responsibility. I have never heard peace now or this Pollack guy take responsibility for when souldiers are injured or sit by their bedside. The parents should be told this.
8. Peace Activists
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron-Israel   (03.23.09)
From what I read I understand that Tristan has been traveling around the world making protest his main occupation. Letting alone that he did that in countries that are not his, where he doesn't belong and is not wanted, traveling costs money, so I must understand that somebody is financing all this "innocent" traveling! I believe Mr. and Mrs. Anderson may very easily find the ones to blame, and it's those who hired their son as a mercenary!
9. Its a crime
Mike Vand Harris ,   Antwerp Belgium   (03.23.09)
This is just a little from what the Palistinans go through.
david ,   herzlia,israel   (03.23.09)
I am sorry that your son was injured but this is the chance he took by participating in a violent demostration against the secutiry forces. It seem that you son is a "travelling proffessional demostrator", he took part in demostrating in Prague, in Irak, all this according to Mr. Pollack, I wish you son full recovery but and I suggest that he stays in the USA and demostrates there against whatever he wants, you can not participate in violent demostrations and expect that nothing will happen to you, it is not a game !!!! not a sports event !!!!
11. Next time keep your child at home, nothing personal but
Daniel ,   Amsterdam   (03.23.09)
If you are going in a danger area doesn't matter who you are and what you are doing there, incidents are always a possible event. I grew up in Milan and between the '70s and the '80's every day there was a fight with the police nothing has happened to my. You son was in the wrong place in the wrong moment and he is the only one responsible for his destiny.
12. A peace demonstration, but not a peaceful demonstration
William ,   Israel   (03.23.09)
Tristan's father should take this fact to heart. The peace demonstration was not was violent and started, as every week, by the very activists that attend. Whether Tristan was directly involved in the violence or not is not important here. What is important is that he remained with the violent group. I take responsibility for myself everyday, how I cross the street, what I eat, and with whom I converse. To demand Israel take responsibility for his son's actions, this father is showing a great amount of irresponsibility- that shown by parents of the dumb Reuters photographer killed in Gaza (during an operation) and Rachel Corrie (who literally challenged a bulldozer). Only when people are made to pay for their actions do people give more thought to their actions. Which is why protesters come to Israel rather than to Iraq, Darfur, or Tibet, where the real crimes take place.
13. A message for "peace activists" and war protesters
William ,   Israel   (03.23.09)
More violence can be attributed to those who claim to promote peace than the act they are protesting. War protesters around the world constantly caused mayhem and destruction in the name of "peace" and broke every human rights law by disturbing the peace and well-being of innocent bystanders in the name of "human rights". Once war protesters ask Mother Theresa to join them. She replied "Protesting war will only bring more war. If you want peace, you must think and demand peace through peace rallies." - She is soooo right.
14. so in other
ghostq   (03.23.09)
words he was looking for some troubles in close militery areas, knowing he could be hurt, and what sympathy the mom expects??? her son's hobby was dangerous.
15. to #9
ghostq   (03.23.09)
yeah they r also trouble makers.
16. To the Anderson family
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (03.23.09)
Your son came to Israel under false pretenses. He was a guest in a foreign country, and it was incumbent upon him to act like a guest. He did not. Nor did he state his true purpose for coming to Israel when he cleared customs. That makes him a liar. Instead of praising him, why don't you recognize his devious acts for what they were? Why don't you admit that he came to Israel to participate in illegal protests. These were not peaceful protests either. The demonstrators threw stones, burned tires and otherwise acted in an unsavory manner. And your son was part of the demonstration. What you SHOULD do -- instead of demanding an apology from the State of Israel -- is offer to pay for your son's extremely expensive medical care.
17. What Chutzpah / nerve
Elly ,   Vienna, Austria   (03.23.09)
What Chutzpah / nerve. He comes to Israel to cause trouble, works with thise who want to destroy the Jewish State and they want money and sympathy.
18. Ask Hamas to help him
Liliane ,   Brighton, UK   (03.23.09)
They should ask Hamas to help him. They encouraged him.
19. Crying Wolf
Albert ,   Geneva, Switzerland   (03.23.09)
He causes trouble and now they cry wolf. Pathetic.
20. peace activists?
Golan ,   SL   (03.23.09)
throwing rocks is pacifism and non-violence? Can we practice "non-violence" on these people? Can we? Neilin protests are anything but non-violent.
21. They are looking for anyone else to blame but their own son
Jeff ,   Israel   (03.23.09)
I understand how restless and desparaged they must feel. They are looking for anyone else to blame but their own sons lack of judgement as it is too painful for them to acknowledge, and understandably so. But they must come to the realization that asking us to take responsibility for his actions is just out of the question, as it is simply, plainly, and clearly, not our fault, but their own sons PERIOD. End of Story.
22. to # 1 and 2
Palestinian ,   Palestine   (03.23.09)
Simply you don't anybody around the world to stand in front of your land occupation of Palestinians. You want the entire world to be acting like goats while seeing you killing, assaulting, deporting, homes demolition, and city closures … etc by the name of land of Israel
23. trespassed into closed military areas
No Apology ,   is necessary   (03.23.09)
If he posed no threat, he shouldn't have been trespassing in a closed military zone. Negligent parents should look to themselves before blaming anyone else. Why did they let him go there? We don't have to apologize for squat!
24. NOt "Peacful Protests He Was Participating In
JM ,   Bet Shemesh   (03.23.09)
With hopes for a speedy recovery - I have to point out that if Tristan really wanted "to peacfully stand on the side" he should have read up on where he was going - to a closed military zone where over the last couple years hundreds of soldiers and rioters have injured very badly in the daily rioting - there has never been a peaceful protest there. Once you volunteer to put yourself in the middle of that you accept the risk you are taking - this young man from LA has no business inside a riot in a closed military zone in Israel
25. To Tristan's Parents
Gabriel ,   Dallas, TEXAS, USA   (03.23.09)
Let me start by stating that the loss of any life is a sad thing. I hope Tristan overcomes his problems and returns safely home. Concerning the responsibility of Israel let's analyze this: Say a young Israeli decides to visit USA and joins a violent demonstration in one of main USA cities say against globalization. While the youngsters taunt the police and pelt them fire bombs and stone the police uses crowd restraint measures, fires a tear gas canister and wounds the Israeli youngster. Do you see the police take responsibility and apologizes for the incident? I say forget about it, at most they will put him in cuffs on the next flight to Israel. Also you state that Tristan went to Israel to observe the conflict. Participating in violent demonstrations in a closed military area is more then observation. Should there be no responsibility asked from Tristan for his acts? God bless.
26. Tristan Anderson
Concerned Israeli ,   Hasharon, Israel   (03.23.09)
I am sorry for your child's injury but that is what happens when you look for trouble. It finds you. Tristan came here under false pretenses. He told people he came sight seeing. He is a professional troublemaker as are his friends. This is what happens when you stick your nose in someone else's affairs. Tristan and his friends were in a closed military zone. Palestinians were throwing rocks . What did he expect would happen? This is not Berekley where you throw feces on police. We play for keeps here. Tristan does not have health insurance and I'll be damned if my tax dollars are going to pay for his care. For a 38 year old man, he is damn irresponsible. Why don't you take him to the hospital in Ramallah? If we the Israelis are the aggressors, get out of our hospital. He doesn't deserve the care he is receiving from us. Why don't you (his parents) go upstairs and see the wards with injured soldiers - Israelis and Fatah? Your son was looking for trouble and he got what he deserved. Take him and go home to California.
27. Reply to #16
Ruth Nadler ,   Kochav Yair   (03.23.09)
I'm the idiot he lied to in order to get into the country.
ls ,   usa   (03.23.09)
29. Can't believe what I saw in the video of him being evacuated
Jeff ,   Israel   (03.23.09)
As the palestinian red crescent came to evacuate him, 3 guys surrounding him were all wearing masks to cover up their faces....NO NEED TO WEAR A MASK IF YOUR NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG LIKE SLINGING ROCKS AND FAR WORSE!! I THANK PEACE NOW FOR THIS VIDEO! TRISTAN IS A MORON, I BLAME HIS PARENTS.
Steve ,   Holon   (03.23.09)
ISM is not a peace group! it is an organized terror support network. It opposes any two state solution and the existence of Israel. ISM hosted the British Mike's place bombers amongst other activists from Hamas Islamic Jihad etc.It is in fact the total opposite to a peace group!
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