Where’s the money going?
Anav Silverman
Published: 25.03.09, 00:49
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1. Accountability For *MY* Tax Dollars!
Christy ,   Boston, US   (03.25.09)
I want the US government to demand accountability for ALL US Funds used! How can my government be sure what the money is spent on if we don't require some auditable trail? This goes for US money given to the UN.
2. Corruption Is A Way of Life
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem - ISRAEL   (03.25.09)
Embezzlement of public funds has been well known for long. Mishandling and misusing money donations are practised worldwide. Even the richest of richest could still be venal and greedy,hungry lovers of money, so one would hardly be surprised if the poor indulged in stealing and embezzlement. Mankind has the great advantage over beasts by being blessed with a mind.And the intelligent mind could easily notice the attractive indicators.Such indicators themselves are most often highly visible and recognizable. A well-known poor or middleclass person could be catapulted high to the ranks of the nouveau riche by various means : inheritance,robbery,stealing, receiving bribes,or benefitting from patent rights.Thus the list of ways to become rich is short and quite clear with no vagueness.Consequently when the tables turn people of the old era are asked: " where did you get all that from ? " ! Regarding the Palestinian Authority so much has been said and written by the press about PA personnel who once were poverty ridden but then suddenly became rich within a few short years only.For us it is no puzzle as to how such paupers became millionaires overnight.They receive monay donations , pocket most of them, distribute some among the entire surrounding clique, and the whole matter is wrapped up ! As simple as that ... The result is that the entire clique turn into " Ali Baba and the forty thieves " ... And the thieves consequently become cruel murderers and ruthless despots for the purpose of intimidating the innocent to stop them from asking or saying anything about the donations that disappear. And once we realize that money corrupts people so easily in a short time we sadly know the bitter,painful truth and keep quiet for the sake of preserving our dear lives. Basically that's how it most often goes... !
3. No money should go to military means.
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (03.25.09)
Galloway the scumbag already took care of that for Hamas.
4. who monitored the money for sourvivors?
Ivan ,   none   (03.25.09)
the money stolen by israel
5. Western Taxpayer should know !
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (03.25.09)
Since the Oslo Accords, the PA received some $14 billion to 20 billion in international aid, according to a 2007 Funding for Peace coalition (FPC) report to the British Parliament. Each Palestinian received $4.000 to $8.000 per year. The PA received “the highest per capita aid transfer in the history of foreign aid anywhere”, according to former World Bank country director for Gaza and the West Bank, Nigel Roberts. Not surprisingly, hundreds of thousands of Gazans spent more than $300 million in less than two week shopping spree, after Hamas blew up the border with Egypt.Yet the Palestinian economy is in ruins. More explanations at : http://xrl.us/bi7j5
6. Transparancy of the “Palestinian” finances.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (03.25.09)
In March 2007, “Prime Minister” and former World Bank official Salam Fayad, told London’s Daily Telegraph : “No one can give donors that assurance that funds reach their designated destinations”. Where is all of the transparency in all this ? It’s gone. “Controlling Palestinian finances” Fayad concluded, “is virtually impossible…” More complementary aspect of the destination of the Western taxpayer’s money and the PA ecomomy at : http://xrl.us/bmpkp
7. New Orleans is our Gaza.
Jewish Refugee ,   U.S.A.   (03.25.09)
We need that $900 million dollars to help rebuild New Orleans and we are sending money to Gaza terrorists. World Economic Crisis is B.S. or terrorist funding is number one priority on the recovery plans of many countries? http://israelactnow.blogspot.com/
8. what about the dozen other countriues that need money.
Leonard ,   LA usa   (03.25.09)
Does the UN contribute to Iraq or Afcanistan or Darfur or congo or etc,etc. The uS. is in financial colaps we this government give our money away to whom they please. I refuse to pay anymore taxes.
9. This is none of your business
Cynic #2   (03.25.09)
As if you've paid for it out of your own pockets. It is mostly Arab money and I pray it does not go to purchase goods from Israel.
10. be sure
ghostq   (03.25.09)
that it will go to Hamas no one will want to open his own bank account for the entier world to see, and give money to gaza is basicaly to help fund Hamas rockets, and incorage the killing of Israely civilians, so many people want to help gazans but not willing to contribute to hamas, that's y noone gave anymoney yet, againe a fine exemple of palis shooting their own foot want support but won't obligate to peacfull ways.
11. #9, actually it is mostly western money
Danny   (03.25.09)
with nearly 30% of it coming from the US alone... Oh and for some bizarre reason Israel contributes too - more than all the arab countries except UAE from recollection.
12. to #9 wrrrrrrrrrrong
ghostq   (03.25.09)
it's mostly Usa money, check the facts, the biggest doner is the USA, you know $ sign do ya.
13. USA is part of the Axis of Evil
14. To # 11 and 12: Saudi-Arabia largest donor
Keila ,   Oslo, Norway   (03.25.09)
Didn't you read the article? It said that Saudi-Arabia is the largest donor, followed by USA. Saudi-Arabia 1 Billion of 5,2 total = 19 %. USA 900 Million = 17 % But this will probably not matter anyway, since Israel does not allow concrete and other building materials into Gaza. The Gazans probably have to continue living in tents or the ruins of their homes. Unlike the people of Sderot, who has access to instant rebuilding and crisis psychiatry everytime a rocket comes. When are you going to start regarding a Palestinian life equally important as an Israeli one?
15. Accountability
London eye ,   London   (03.25.09)
"over the last decades, billions of dollars have poured into Israel from hundreds of countries and international organizations. The money was sent with the intention of encouraging the development of high tech weaponry, anti personnel mines, cluster bombs and all manner of military material. How much money has actually reached Israeli civilians remains unknown, " It is unseemly for ISraelis to complain about funds going to Gaza - since the only reason that Gazan residents are living in poverty is because they are almost all indigenous residents of what is now Israel, having been chucked, bulldozed and threatened out of their homes in 1948 and 1967. Kept in an abject concentration camp by Israel and allowed to be "cheap labour" for Israeli industry for forty years, the Israeli state has pauperized, traumatized, tortured, flattened, bombed and imprisoned a couple of million Palestinians. The latest bombing campaign (operation Cast Lead) caused - on top of the 1300 deaths - billions of dollars worth of wanton destruction. Then you have the gall to think you have some right to discuss why they should get aid funds. There are hardly words in any language to describe the depths of racist impudence inherent in this article and the responses.
16. Accountability? Real accountability would mean all $ is
withheld til Gilad ,   Shalit is home!   (03.25.09)
17. To: Abdel Karim Salim at No. 2
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (03.25.09)
You are being just a little too blithe. What about the Palestinian refugees who have been left to rot in those squalid refugee camps for sixty years? The trillions of dollars that have been earmarked to improve their lives since 1948 has largely gone to line the pockets of Palestinian "officials" and their cronies. That money could have created a lot of jobs, built quite an infrastructure and built a lot of starter homes for people. Instead -- look at the West Bank; look at Gaza. Look at the south of Lebanon. Sixty years of nothing. The only improvements registered during that whole time was when Israel controlled Gaza and all of the West Bank. That's when universities were built, that's when hospitals were built, that's when schools were built, that's when Palestinians worked in building and masonry trades in Israel; that's when small industries were developed. Look at it now. Contemplate the possibility, sir, that with the kind of leadership the Palestinians have, perhaps autonomy is not the best solution.
18. To: London eye at No. 15
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (03.25.09)
You kind of forgot the part about Palestinians rejecting a two-state offer, the Arabs starting six wars -- with devastating consequences for Palestinians, to be sure, but how can you blame Israel for being victorious on the battlefield. You also could benefit from a little compare and contrast: look at how Israel absorbed refugees, built a country, built a thriving economy between 1948 and 1968 -- despite fighting wars and combatting fedayeen terrorists -- and look at what the Palestine Authority has "achieved" in the twenty years of its existence. Oh -- why is it that so many of Hamas, Fatah, Hizbollah, PFLP, Islamic Brigade, yada, yada so-called "leadership" have such lavish homes in Europe and hefty bank accounts? Pretty good for terrorist scum, wouldn't you say? As long as missiles are fired into Israel from Gaza, as long as suicide bombers attempt to filter into Israel from Palestinian areas, Israel has every right to discuss how the aid is distributed. It is most definitely not earmarked for weapons and bomb belts. Sadly, that is where so much of it goes. And that has everything to do with common sense and absolutely nothing to do with "racist impudence." Or don't you realize that murdering Jews is racist, too?
19. Sarah from NYC - I love your talkbacks. Thank you.
L ,   Israel   (03.26.09)
20. As an American Tax payer
American ,   Chicago, IL   (03.26.09)
I don't want US government to give billions of money to Israel and its brutal army to kill and occupy Palestinian people and land. If you want UNRWA to stop employing Hamas affiliated then they have to fire 60% and scale back their services by 60% since more than 60% voted for those guys. Stop the none sense .. you've made the life of Pals unbearable by driving them out of their land in 48 and now you want them to die in starvation!
21. Re#14 - Palestinian vs Israeli Life
Christy ,   Boston, US   (03.26.09)
You asked: "When are you going to start regarding a Palestinian life equally important as an Israeli one?" The reason I want accountability for MY US Tax Dollars is *because* I value Palestinian lives. I see the leaders getting rich - somehow - and for all the money that's poured in I don't see the daily lives of average Palestinians getting any better. I want to keep the money AWAY from enriching the leaders and ensure it gets to where it will benefit the people. I don't want MY US TAX MONEY going to buy weapons either! I want to see the Palestinian people helped by building schools, hospitals, housing, food, etc.. I was so upset to see Arafat get rich while his people were living in poverty. I realized it was part of MY MONEY that went to enrich Arafat at the expense of his own people. NO MORE!
22. Perhaps the money was
George   (03.26.09)
invested with Madoff !!
23. #15 you british mandate confirms massive influx of arabs
israeli   (03.26.09)
to palestine prior to the israeli declaration of independence & statehood. they escaped during the 1948 war from fear of the jews who stablished a jewish state, to arab moslem countries, as their way of life is arab & moslem. instead of taking them in, arab countries reject them& treat them like refugees, but israeli leftists governments did allow some of them back, thus creating the refugee problem in israel & a war with the arabs who call themselves pelestinian (even though palestine is a region in the british mandate, & the ruling empires before the mandate didn't know where palestine is).
24. To: American at No. 20
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (03.26.09)
No one wants them to "starve." We would like them to stop smuggling arms to be used against Israel. We would like them to stop attempting to send suicide bombers into Israel. We would like them to stop firing missiles into Israel. Your statement about "driving them out of their land" is incorrect. The ones that remain refugees today left voluntarily, heeding the suggestions that came from the five Arab countries that attacked Israel the day after Israel declared statehood that all Arabs leave while they "threw the Jews into the Sea." The ones that did not leave are citizens of Israel today. The ones that did were left by their Arab brethren to rot in refugee camps for sixty years. Shouldn't start a war unless you are very, very certain that you will win. The Arabs have started six, and lost them all. Too bad. Do you see Poland giving East Prussia back to Germany? Do you see Poland giving the Northern Corridor back to Germany? Do you see France giving Alsace and Lorraine back to Germany? Of course not. Why would you expect Israel to act any differently than any other nation has, or would?
25. Hey Obama!
Brad ,   USA   (03.26.09)
No more money for the arab terrorists in Gaza, or anywhere else. Oh, by the way, no arab terrorists for President either. Oh, never mind. Hey, where's that birth certificate?!
26. not to family planning, unfortunately
sheila cook ,   london   (03.26.09)
The Gazans will be poor - like the Egyptians, Syrians, Jordanians etc as long as each man has up to 4 wives with an average of 6 children each. There is no reason for Western nations to support people creating a world population explosion, at a time when there is a growing fear of growing food and water shortages.
27. #20 america doesn't give israel money for economy or food
israeli   (03.26.09)
it gives money so that israel could buy planes from america, since each plane costs millions of dollars. had there been peace, israel wouldn't need american credit to buy american warfare. american interest is to cause dependency, and contracts that obligate america to supply israel ammunition during a war. america knows to look after its interests. during a war it tells israel not to go further or retreat. israelis hate it. no matter how you put it, israel is under a constant threat. and that's a fact. israel wouldn't need international approvals had it not been under a constant threat and therefore dependent on stronger states for survival. if arabs are under a threat they seem to make a lot more noises about it, and it is funny, comparing to what is happening with israel. no one can blame israel for putting pressure on one of the varients that create a threat, such as gaza. with hamases determination to destroy israel, and they say it openly, it is the survival of the fittest. fo israelis it is a silliest thing that arabs have all these vast lands, without wars, but they still insist on living in the tiny area that is israel, with wars. if jews had all of arabia, they would allow arabs to be in israel, provided they would care for jewish historical places, and allow jews access to them. but since jews don't have all of arabia just israel, in which they are constantly attacked, you can expect alliences such as with america, that provides warfare.
28. Why ask where the money will go?
Anny Matar ,   Ramat Hen   (03.29.09)
We know where the money went that Yasser Arafat got for years and years, His wife Suah got, officially, eight million in Switzerland alone, who knows how much more!!! Hamas will do the same but they'll spend some millions on arms too unless Iran and others will support the "poor Arab refugees". What a wonderful world we live in!!! Anny Matar
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