Sudanese officials confirm convoy strike
Published: 26.03.09, 12:58
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1. Well, maybe Olmert wasn't a total failure after all.
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (03.26.09)
Operation Cast Lead, the strike in Syria, and now this one in Sudan, prove the man did have balls when he wanted to. He's still a failure, but at least he'll get a tiny bit of credit for some things.
2. someone
ghostq   (03.26.09)
should give israel credit for doing UN dirty job, then again it's just prove that if israel won't take care for herself nobody would, the situation is so crystal clear so, it's good to know israel have free hand on the Iran subject, it's only the beginning, there will be other targets as well in time other countries will join in.
3. Aircraft ammunition`s origins can be identified
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (03.26.09)
4. whoever did it, well done!
gadi ,   sayeret   (03.26.09)
5. Wait....
Khaled ,   Lebanon   (03.26.09)
I thought Hamas's weapons were coming from Syrian and Iran... What the hell were they doing in Sudan?
6. #2sadly ghostq other countries
vashDi ,   israel   (03.26.09)
wouldn't have the guts to join in.
7. So who is lying?
Bill ,   Canada   (03.26.09)
According to the Jerusalem Post there were only people on those trucks and over 800 were killed. And Israel is proud of having managed that great venture? Nice going.
8. long reach for four or five vehicles?
observer   (03.26.09)
and no-one even can prove that those were not the Sudanese. But, every one can tell that a little prick may be a big stimulus.
9. Nora.....did the bombs
meg ,   Israel   (03.26.09)
have "Made in Israel" on them?? doubt it. again they want to blame us for unidentified aircraft eh..... Ah well good job done...whoever did it ,,,lol
10. Bravo Israel
Robert ,   Vancouver   (03.26.09)
A little practice,before we strike Iran
11. More Arab propaganda
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (03.26.09)
Another invented attack. Does anybody really believe these?
12. To #11
leo ,   USA   (03.26.09)
If it makes you talk about it means you believe it is possible at very least. You would be surprise but sometime it is all that is needed.
13. To #5
leo ,   USA   (03.26.09)
You are not very bright, are you?
14. #5 that's the winter route
the counter of summer rain
15. To: Khaled at No. 5
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (03.26.09)
The cargo would probably have been loaded at an Iranian port in the Gulf of Oman (rather than the Persian Gulf, where the United States has a very strong naval presence). The vessel sails down the Arabian Sea, through the Gulf of Aden and up the Red Sea. The vessel would aim for the discharge port of Tokar, or possibly Port Sudan. The weapons would then be transferred to a truck convoy, which make the trip up the Nubian Desert, then along Egypt's coast (the Eastern Desert), through the Sinai and then to one or more of those smuggling tunnels. Not a particularly hard route to figure out, Khaled, especially since during the Gaza operation, a vessel was detected that had attempted that precise route. You may recall that the ship was forcibly diverted through the Suez Canal, and from the Mediterranean compelled to sail to Larnaca (Cyprus), where it was inspected and discovered to be carrying Iranian weapons intended for Hamas.
16. #7 - Bill, is this the first time you read the news?
William ,   Israel   (03.26.09)
There are many contradicting reports in the media on issues around the world - yet an intelligent person can weed through the obvious spin. 1) Most reports claim it was weapons smugglers, a few trucks and drivers. Even Sudan officials admit this route is a major smuggling one. 2) Jpost didn't make the claim of 800 civilians killed, that was a Sudanese official trying to cover up their indirect involvement and jump on the "Israel basher" bandwagon with that claim. The claim you cite is unsubstantiated, even by the Ethiopian survivor. But people like you who take any issue presented as fact are responsible for the true distortion of the world today.
17. #5 Khaled - I think the Karine A was busy
William ,   Israel   (03.26.09)
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