Conscientious objectors give army salaries to Gaza
Daniel Edelson
Published: 26.03.09, 14:31
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1. Treason
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (03.26.09)
Israel could go one step further -- send these young fans of Gaza to live there. Forever (however long that may be). There is no place for traitors in the State of Israel; their acts threaten all Jews, everywhere. Shameful.
2. Young and ignorant, those were the days.
Ken Quinn ,   Amsterdam   (03.26.09)
Well, ignorant doesn't mean you are stupid, it just means there are a lot of things you don't know. These young people will grow up one day. Until then, don't pay any attention to them.
3. Ashamed
Leah ,   Israel   (03.26.09)
I am ashamed of these people. If they object to helping their own brethren in Sderot and environs from being fired at by 9000 missiles than at least they could have donated to the people of Sderot whose population are traumatised and kids of 9 still wetting their beds from anxiety. Shame on you all.
4. Democracy
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron-Israel   (03.26.09)
Maybe what I'm about writing sounds regressive and anti democratic, but my feeling is that this "people" should be expatriated and deprived from their nationality. If we are SO bad, why don't they leave and stop feeling intelligent?
5. all the respect to all those young israelis!!!!!
a supporter ,   haifa   (03.26.09)
6. wow, after reading this
gadi ,   sayeret   (03.26.09)
i feel ashamed to be called an israeli jew. i mean, i know there's alot of wack people on this planet, but i would never ever have thought THAT wack! this is way beyond all limits. burry them alive!
7. Ideal Capitolism
Pinchas ,   Haifa Israel   (03.26.09)
What these youngster is ideal capitolism. Just like the rope saleman who sells the rope to the hangman who is going to hang hiim with it
8. They are abetting the ENEMY ie treason - they must be Jailed
Tomer ,   Herzeliyya   (03.26.09)
These people are really nothing more than criminals. They should be locked up and the key throwan away.
9. #1 & 2
hakim ,   usa   (03.26.09)
I applaud this young new generation..They understand the meaning of peace...And Sarah they are more than welcomed to come to Gaza and the West Bank anytime they please as well as being welcomed with open arms, but people like you will never be welcomed... And Ken from Amsterdam that is your problem "you dont pay attention to them" The mind is a terrible thing to waste
10. Lets Swap them for Gilad Shalit
S Judah ,   London   (03.26.09)
11. Born where?
Shaul ,   Sheboygan   (03.26.09)
Where did these children come from? Did their parents move them here from California in the late 1990's ? Oakland perhaps?
12. sticking it to the IDF
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (03.26.09)
With their combined salaries they could probably pay for 5 bomb belts or a 15km range Kassam rockets. If they don't stick it to the IDF, I am sure they will stick it to some 5 year old settler living in Sderot or Ashkelon. They should get a medal.
13. Thank you donors
ramallah ,   ramallah   (03.26.09)
we appreciate all teh help you bring to all. the others , i suggest to do the same nobel work. Salam
14. can you say "MORONS"?
david ,   new york   (03.26.09)
15. "Conscientious Objectors"
Lowell ,   Ramat Ilan, Israel   (03.26.09)
1. The punishments they received were far too lenient. 2. If they served in prison, they should have been deprived of their army pay. 3. Who are their parents and what have they taught their children about duty and responsibility to one's country? 4. They are NOT "Conscientious Objectors" - that term denotes someone who, for reasons of faith and religion, forbid them from bearing arms. Quakers, for example, in the United States, fell into this category. I doubt if secular mainstream kids from Tel Aviv and Neve Shalom fit this description. These kids are spoiled brats who believe that their political leanings and opinions take precedence over the decisions of a democratically elected government. 5. If they were true "Conscientious Objectors", in the strict sense of the term, they could have served in the army as medics, truck drivers, quartermasters, cooks, etc. The military has plenty of jobs for them to perform to fulfill their national service. Plenty of CO's in the US military in WW II, served in these capacities. 6. By objecting to ANY form of service they are disingenuously betraying their true motives and their political agenda, which is, at best dishonest and, at worst, seditious.
16. That makes NINE!
Arie ,   BaGolan   (03.26.09)
What about the millions of Israelis that have openly stated ENOUGH with islamonazi terrorism? Seems to the left wing media, including Yediot and Haaretz, they are inconsequential!
17. i am proud of you youngs ladies and men.
cfs ,   fr and dz   (03.26.09)
18. Sadly, these misguided and ignorant youths are putting more
Reuben ,   Ra'annah   (03.26.09)
money into the coffers of Hamas which will be used to kill more Israelis...maybe even someone in one of the objector's own family. Israeli youth must wake up and read the writing on the wall. No matter how much we grovel or how much guilt we carry for still being in this world as Jews, it will never be enough for our enemies until they destroy us, physically and psychologically.
19. brave!
levinas ,   Belgium   (03.26.09)
Well done! There are still chances for peace in Middle East as long as there are still out there people so brave!!! And to you all Talkbackers - reread your posts... they all sound so fascist!!!
20. I don't necessarily agree with these youngsters...
Daniel ,   J'lem, IL   (03.26.09)
...but at least they have principles and stick to them. Plus that they're not blinded by blood thirst like so many other Israelis (and armchair Zionists from abroad) who think they should be treated like we treat the Palestinians. The militarism in Israeli society is an ugly thing indeed and judging from the comments on these talkbacks, any moral values are hard to find in our country these days. If these kids are brainwashed, I prefer it over the brainwashing of so many of my fellow (ex-)soldiers who think the lives of Arabs are worthless. I do think they should have volunteered to do civilian service instead though. There are other ways to help the country and improve our society that don't involve violence and militarism. If you really care about the country, then do that. If you don't want the country to exist and really only care about yourself, that's your right too, but in that case please just leave.
21. teen age refusnics
Tina ,   Santa Rosa Usa   (03.26.09)
Who are these children who pretend to be adults, if you do not want to serve in the IDF then do community service and help the poor and sickly. That you sat in prison and then gave your saleries away shows how spoiled and ungrateful you have become. Why we waste time ,money and good soilders lifes on those few is unbelievable, and still the refusers have the audasity to "still want others to do army", they should be tried for treason and get a real taste of adulthood...or maybe just community service in missle territory where they can learn some real life's lessons first hand with the comfort of emma and abba's roof.
22. Where are the parents??
Miriam ,   Ashkelon Eretz Israe   (03.26.09)
Nowhere obviously. These stupid youngsters have no pride in being Israelis. It is incumbent upon the army to take steps to educate how to behave as we did in so many wars from 1948. So sad - a proud Safta of a grandaughter and grandson who proudly serve in the IDF.
23. LOL @ #10. I agree.
nate ,   canada   (03.26.09)
24. Nice gesture
Lou ,   Deal, USA   (03.26.09)
A really nice gesture would be to donate their salaries to the Israelis in the south who have had to suffer for years under constant threat of rocket and terror attack. These naive kids really need a good education or should move to a country where they would be appreciated.
25. To #9 Hakim
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron-Israel   (03.26.09)
Dear Hakim, You are getting the wrong picture and I'll try answer you: 1) This is no new generation, 9 spoiled brats i a population of 6 million is irrelevant. 2) The only peace your people are offering to us is the peace of graveyards. 3) You have one point saying that it's terrible to waist the mind, seems to me that you lost other things when you run away to the "Big Satan" 4) Keep applauding, since we will be here when you are gone.
26. Concies.
J. Briscoe ,   Dublin, Ireland   (03.26.09)
Do these simpletons realize what damage they are doing? The anti Israel media will make a meal out of this. By all means refuse to serve, if that is their wish, but don't damage Israel with a stupid publicity stunt. Joe Briscoe, Dublin, Ireland.
27. thank you
sarah ,   ramallah   (03.26.09)
28. No. 15 Lowell
NYC Girl   (03.26.09)
You're absolutely right. Not only that, but if they at least had the decency to donate their salaries to people living in Sderot or Ashkelon they would have had some credibility. But by donating the money to Israel's enemies, they're showing they're full of shit about being conscientious objectors. Instead they've revealed themselves to be nothing more than terrorist sympathizers who probably think this is a good way to rebel against society.
29. Kids these days
Ak ,   Bahrain   (03.26.09)
"We simply don't want the army's money. Instead, we will transfer it to where it should go. Instead of money to destroy, money to rebuild – from the ugliest place to the best place." Ugliest place! Huh? That is what you get from too much liberal education! Even now she and her friends continue to promote refusal among high school students. "The aim is to increase the next generations of objectors, prompt teenagers to think. I personally don't want everybody to refuse to enlist, but that the issue of militarism in Israeli society will be questioned," Tamarin explained. Militarism! Wow, someone has just read few of Ilan Pappe .... What the hell do you know about Militarism? Sure their parents went to Berkeley ... This bull$hit cannnot come from nowhere. This is the Middle East ... You'd better be ready to kill than to be killed. If someone does not this fact ... There are plenty of places that one can be quite sure of not getting charred in a suicide bombing throughout his/her life ... But you know even there one can be killed in a driving accident or just a flu.
30. what idiots
moti ,   RBS Israel   (03.26.09)
these people should be stepped on and looked down at...why do you give them any credibility by publishing this BS
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