Interviews back IDF misconduct in Gaza
Associated Press
Published: 27.03.09, 14:35
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1. Of course..
I. Barr ,   USA   (03.27.09)
If you ask residents of Gaza, rely on Grafiti that is writen in broken Hebrew, if you want to dig accusations directed by Hamas propaganda OF COURSE you will find support especially if the journalist is a Hamas operative. The accusations, insinuation supported by Haaretz and liar journalists has to stop. The grafiti that Hamas has left in Sderot is destroyed homes and property. No journalists of AP, Haaretz, Ynet were there.
2. the grafiti in the picture isn't anti arab necessarily
reading hebrew   (03.27.09)
it states which brigade the soldiers are from, and an 18 year old clown (soldier) painted a carricature, that wasn't really offensive i think.
m   (03.27.09)
Police Ambush From Within Arab Car After the destruction on Thursday, Jewish residents blocked roads in protest. In the Gilad Farm, an outpost near Kedumim, six youths were ambushed and arrested by police on charges of throwing rocks at Arabs. The arrests were the result of what Shomron Regional Council Chairman Gershon Mesika called an “unacceptable provocation” by the police. The police set up a bait for the Jewish residents in the form of a car with Arab license plates that entered the farm. Several youths began to clash with the driver, and then the policemen surprised them by jumping out from the back seat and arresting them. “I condemn this unacceptable provocation by the police,” Mesika protested. “The residents of the farm try not to be dragged into Arab provocations and thus maintain quiet in the area, and then it is the police who come and cause trouble.” A police spokesman refused to comment on the way in which the arrests were made, saying only that the police had increased their activity in light of “increased violence against Arabs near Gilad Farm.”
4. Palestinian credibility? I'd buy a used car first...
JPS ,   Efrat   (03.27.09)
Sadly, Palestinians have a major credibility problem. They are know to invent anything that makes them look like they've been squashed by the zionist juggernaut. However, when you dig a little deeper, investigators usually find that there is no factual evidence to back up the grandiose claims. Just like the "Jenin massacre" that never was (allegations of 500 civilians massacred, reality was 26 civilians died in fighting), the Palestinians claim of a high death toll in Gaza is very, very suspect. Is anybody going to actually check the list of names and see if there really are bodies to match? The Pals have been known to fake it before, why not now?
5. Israeli Soldiers In Shangri La (Gaza)
Rich ,   Fort Lauderdale, USA   (03.27.09)
According to your mentality, Israel should have sent in its boyscouts to handle the peaceful people of Gaza. Perhaps you should change the name of Gaza to Shangri Law
6. to No. 2 reading Hebrew
CelvinKline ,   exodus   (03.27.09)
Do you like a group of armed men to draw graffiti in your bedroom...even if it is a poem glorifying you!...It is still offensive ...i think
7. oh, cry me a river!
oded   (03.27.09)
for whatever reason we don't see the ap or ynet going gaga over the bombed out areas in shderot and ashkelon... the terrorised citizens who have lived in fear for years now under the terror rained on them from hamastan... those graffitis and """ defactations" could have been staged by the arabs... after, paliwood is a vialble industry for them.. c'mon peopel , concentrate on the real victims here--- us!
8. conclusion
Reading this article, we reach the following conclusions: When a helpless Jew is killed, no one cares. When a Jew tries to defend himself, he is condemned.
9. Is this ynet or the anti Israel arab news?
GET REAL ,   USA   (03.27.09)
10. G-d curse those who curse Israel
11. Anybody that believe her story
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (03.27.09)
I have a bridge for sale as well. A real bargain.
12. Hypocrisy
Arie ,   BaGolan   (03.27.09)
NATO sends drones into Pakistan and Afghanistan and kill scores of women and children and issue justifications stating they were in the house with "al waeda and taliban leaders so collateral damage can't be avoided." Israel responds to islamonazis using women and children as human shields and it's a war crime? Just more proof that the world will not be happy until the Jews are exterminated.
13. SICK> no excuses
usa ,   usa   (03.27.09)
this is beyond brutal. the world finds you people making excuses for shooting a fleeing 2 year old criminal, disgusting and a shame to all humanity.
14. Screw Gaza
petra ,   uSA   (03.27.09)
hotbed for rabid terrorists.
15. #4 That's right!
Maria ,   MD   (03.27.09)
I'm Asian, Arabs and some Asian countries are like that.They're very clever when it comes to this.
16. IDF "misconduct"
Sharona ,   Jerusalem Israel   (03.27.09)
PLENTY of Gazans know Hebrew-they used to work here before they chose terror as a way of life. It is fake. They read the accounts of rumors reported in theIsraeli press and parrot them. DUH!! Are there still idiots that believe a word the Palis say???
17. Get real
Oh My   (03.27.09)
Who would ever believe that Palestinans could lie? As for the graffiti, is that the best that you can do? Literally hundreds of innocent civilians die each die in wars in Africa and AP wastes its time on this crap? Get real
18. The world believes Israel is gulty of everything!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (03.27.09)
We can investigate, we can disprove, we can do everything to try to counter the Arab propaganda but with anti-Semitism rampant worldwide and the fear of Muslims in Europe we cannot win. The world has seen the atrocities committed by Muslims in Darfur, the suicide bombings in Iraq, Pakistan, London, Madrid and the heinous crimes committed in the name of Islam in the USA, Bali, Kenya, Tanzania, Argentina and so many other places but Israel is always wrong. So what should we do? With people like George Galloway, Annie Lennox, Ken Livingstone, Charles Freeman and so many others being given so much airtime and newspapers like the Guardian and the Independent helped ably in their crusade against Israel and Jewish people by the BBC, CNN, SkyNews and Al Jazeera, there is very little we can do until the Islamic "Militants" shoot themselves in the foot again. The only thing that might bring the world to senses is another 9/11. That day of abomination has already been forgotten by so many even in the USA. That country, like the UK and the countries of Europe, gave a home to Muslims and a chance of bettering their lives and the lives of their children. They repaid this generosity with hatred, riots and terror and still the people in those countries kowtow to them and stand shoulder to shoulder in the propagation of anti-Semitism. Yes, it is pathetic and sad but that is the price you pay for being nice to barbarians! It is also the price you pay for Freedom of Speech, a right so abused by some of our own politicians, Arabs and Jews and organizations like B’Tzelem and Peace Now who condemn the land that feeds them, educates them and gives them freedom that does not exist in the Arab/ Muslim world. They seem to forget that if it wasn’t for Israel and the IDF they would be slaughtered by the very people whom they champion! The only thing we can do is continue to fight for our survival and the survival of the Jewish people and if the world doesn’t like it, and President Obama wants to woo Iran, well, that’s just too bad.
19. Ynet, you rely on Associated Press for your articles?
Jake   (03.27.09)
The mind boggles! It is inconceivable that a reputable news source would rely on such discredited yellow journalism as the Associated Press. Please don't follow down the same path of infamy as Haaretz.
20. This is not about taking sides
Anna ,   Montreal, Canada   (03.27.09)
When order was to go to Rafah for safety but residents turned to Gaza City for what ever reason, they are in fault. They endangered their own lives. It's very difficult to establish the truth by their stories, especially when their are very often have numerous members of the same clan who are Hamas, and revenge is their philosophy of live. But when Israeli solders testifying about abuses they committed toward the unarmed and innocent population then the law must reach the criminals. War is a war. And most of us don't see the war as the only solution to the tragic events between Israel and Gazans. But if the change doesn't come from the Arab side Israelis aren't obliged to victimize themselves. Hamas knew it's coming. They yelled about their preparedness for the urban war. And they failed. Now they are screaming" Israel's war crimes". Israel need better spokesmen, better media presentation, more responsible correspondents who will not bring accusations upon Israel before checking the facts. War is always a loss and pain.
21. Don't fire rockets - nothing to moan about - SIMPLE!!!!
israel   (03.27.09)
22. A good reason to stand for Israel:
Shimshon ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.27.09)
Just look at all the hate mongering idiots who attack Israel 24/7....all the sneering, jeering morons from leftist marches and demonstrations....the corrupt, leftist-jihadist UN, socialist thugs like Chavez....fanatic hate spewers like that psycho from Iran Achmenijihad....the mobs of frenzied flag burning, suicide bomber venerating Hamas insects, leftist schizoids like Galloway and Finkelstein, lying propagandists from the NY Times and the EU propaganda mills.....Gee....standing for Israel seems like a good thing. Funny, during the current "cease fire" over 140 rockets have been launched into Israel from Hamas ...and the UN has been silent. Not a peep.
23. I am calling the Gazans' bluff
Jake   (03.27.09)
That's right. I'm calling them liars. It is a well known fact that terrorists use civilian areas for cover when fighting Israel. I do not believe a word of their lies. Remember, it is in the al Qaeda field manual that if one of their operatives is captured, no matter what happens, he must claim he was tortured and abused.
24. #13 You dare talking?! US is world's biggest joke!
US   (03.27.09)
25. Just imagine if the reverse had happened
TJ Jackson ,   Lexington Va   (03.27.09)
and Hamas or Islamic Jihad had invaded Ashkelon. What do you think they'd leave behind if they had the opportunity? How many dead civilians would Hamas or Islamic Jihad leave behind? How much effort would they put into differentiating civilian from military targets? What do you think they would use to paint their grafitti?
26. Imagine if they stopped firing rockets into Israel...
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (03.27.09)
None of this tit for tat.... about which way you should turn.....would have happened in the first place. The bottom line is...the Gaza Strip is firing on a sovereign country every day of the week. They don't listen when told to stop. It's called cause and effect. Quit shooting rockets into Israel.....then troops won't need to come into Gaza.
27. #13-Look at the everyday headlines
Arie ,   BaGolan   (03.27.09)
The US, under the banner of NATO, has routinely used drones to attack CIVILIAN targets in Afghanistan and Pakistan causing significant CIVILIAN casualties, including by all admissions many children. The islamonazis have routinely, under guise of instruction from the quran, utilized under age "shaheeds" to protect their terrorists. Look in your own backyard before you post your anti-Semitism in the form of anti-Zionism
28. "Testimony" makes it sound as if they were witnesses
eh-oop ,   UK   (03.27.09)
but it was only hearsay
29. Wierd they didn't "remember" this BEFORE
Danny   (03.27.09)
Ha'aretz printed the article.....
30. # 26 Steven
Chocko ,   NY, USA   (03.27.09)
The current state of Israel is not a sovereign state. The border is yet to be marked out, most of the boundry that Israel claims is theirs is from one of the biggest land grabs witnessed for a long time.
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