Hizbullah MP to visit Britain
Associated Press
Published: 28.03.09, 22:09
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1. hisbullah
J.K. ,   Brooklyn Usa   (03.28.09)
Does that mean, that hisbullah is starting to see the light,or England' becomming blind ?
2. hezbollah want uk iraqi hostages 4 their bomb expert
in iraq
3. Wind of change
Goliath   (03.29.09)
The meeting indicates good signs prior to improvements in all sectors of relation.
4. Terrorists welcome in UK. EU MP Geert Wilders denied entry
Mongo ,   Paris   (03.29.09)
Good News. Never liked those cowardly, hypocritical English anyways. Now they will have to happily learn live under Sharia law. Inshallah Britannia!
5. Just arab to arab chat in muslimized england.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (03.29.09)
6. U.K
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (03.29.09)
Why is England talking to the quisling,nasarala,the persian slave, who betrayed Lebanon,instead England should talk directly to his master,which is persia,who owns Lebanon,as it's first acquisition in it's plan to recreate the persian empire,and dominate the middle east,and maybe the world.
7. Birds of a feather will flock together in UK Parliament
Alan ,   SA   (03.29.09)
8. #1, #2
Bandar ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (03.29.09)
Hezbollah is here to stay. Hezbollah is the blood that flows in the veins of millions of supporters, not only in Lebanon and the Arab world, but World wide. but . Hezbollah is the air that we breath, and you've better accept this new reality on the ground.
9. This is Welcome news.. Certainly a step
RJBH ,   Methil   (03.29.09)
in the right direction.. No Doubt that Hizbollah will soon be off the US/European Terrorist list.. as will Hamas... The Legitimate elected Government for Palestine.
10. # 8 in monkey town!
Semper Fi! ,   San Diego, USA   (03.29.09)
Yes you're absolutely right, here in San Diego you've got hundred of people loving Hezbollah, Hamas and other arab heroes, do you where? At the Zoo, on the monkey aisle: they make us laugh, cry, scream with their ugly faces and demeanour.. We "admire" them but sometimes they stink....their females too... Perhaps you're right, did you look at yourself in the mirror lately???
11. U.K. students or the future of the U.K.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (03.29.09)
Among the Muslim students surveyed, 32 percent said killing in the name of religion could be justified. However, almost double that number, 60 percent of those who are active members of Islamic student organizations, supported the idea. Only 2 percent of non-Muslims felt killing in the name of religion was justified. “These findings are deeply alarming,” said one of the authors of the report, researcher Hanna Stuart. “Students in higher education are the future leaders of their communities.” The study also found that 40 percent of the students supported introduction of Islamic Sharia law (Islamic religious law) in Britain, as well as significant support for the concept of worldwide Islamic rule. A third were in favor of a worldwide caliphate (worldwide Islamic government) based on Sharia law, as opposed to the 58 percent of active members of Islamic student organizations, who supported the idea. More about Islam and the new era at :
12. #8 What a drama queen
A bunch of terrorists who smuggle drugs and weapons for a living.
13. Britain's perfidy's Island
Arthur   (03.29.09)
A rare meeting ??, I think not. Somehow, I do remember a few other " rare " meetings between the UK and criminals of world renown. King Edward VIII was an admirer and welcome guest in nazi Germany ; Chamberlain infamous trip with his glowing comments on the nazi's "new order" ; even Hitler's right hand man, Rudolf Hess, picked Britain in order to reach an " entente cordiale ". So what is so unusual for Her Majesty's Govt. to invite the new, 21st century wave of modern criminals,... Islamic devotees, hizbullah.
14. The UK's labor government has surrendered to Islam
martin knopfman ,   tel aviv   (03.29.09)
Several events this year indicate that the UK has rolled over and surrendered to Islam. What is horrible is that my friends and family in the UK say that much of the indigenous population want to leave rather than defend their country. Compare the above to an email that I was very surprised to get from a friend in Austin, Texas which is a left wing enclave. " ..... and now the French are going to be a totally Muslim country as well. This needs to be controlled or at least challenged. Everybody over here is arming themselves, as they don’t believe any government will protect them when the holy wars break out worldwide". ------- Perhaps the conservative government will take a stand before it's too late?! Mike
15. No. 4 Mongo
NYC Girl   (03.29.09)
So true. And now just wait until they wake up one morning and discover the penalty for adultery under Sharia law is being buried up to your neck and having rocks thrown at your head. But that's what they get for capitulating to these Muslims, and it may already be too late unless the sensible people stand up for their country and stop allowing the fanatics to run roughshod over them.
16. #9 - don't run before you walk - Palestine is not a country.
redbourn ,   tel aviv   (03.29.09) Internationally, Palestine doesn't exist as a country. Mike
17. Terrorists invited to 10 Drowning St.
Zohan ,   Tel Aviv   (03.29.09)
A sure sign, Britain is surrendering to Islam. Bloody good on 'em. Hope they all sink and drown.
18. Well said # 8
Maria ,   Palestine   (03.29.09)
Long live the Arab resistance
19. #10 Semper
Bandar ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (03.29.09)
When I said supporters of Hezbollah, I excluded members of your family. So, there is no need to talk about the Zoo and Monkeys, idiot!
20. #18 Maria
Bandar ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (03.29.09)
Arab resistance led by Hezbollah will never ever abandon Palestine. Palestine will be free sooner or later.
21. A U-TURN FOR ZOHAN.......#17
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (03.29.09)
Few months back you called UK's policy to be in the right direction,am I right? Just because UK decides to establish contacts with a powerful resistant group,you suddenly change your stand.Well Zohan,the next encounter of this popular and powerful resistance group is destined for the USA senators.How do you like that?
22.  Very good step
Mike Van Harris ,   Antwerp Belgium   (03.30.09)
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