King Abdullah's dog dies in Israel
Nurit Felter
Published: 29.03.09, 10:05
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1. what!!!!!!!!!
ghostq   (03.29.09)
and in the same time the icebergs in the north poll r melting, what that got to do with his beloved pet, at least give us more info on the dog condition, how old he was from what he sufferd, what the hell is going on the ynet's editorial staff.
2. Sad, but reminds me of a happier story...
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (03.29.09)
Before diplomatic relations with Israel, King Hussein's horse crossed over to a kibbutz in the south, apparently catching a whiff of the mares there. The horse was returned through diplomatic channels, and when the kind later came to Israel he visited the kibbutz.
3. Who cares??
moshe ,   israel   (03.29.09)
Obviously this is another no-news day.
4. Corrupt Royal family!
Abu Khaled ,   Amman, Jordan   (03.29.09)
Jordanians agree that the Hashemite Royal family doesn't represent them. Jordan should become a democracy for Palestinians who want peace with Israel.
5. a sad day for us all!
vashDi ,   israel   (03.29.09)
6. I care
3   (03.29.09)
I care about people who love animals.
7. Is there an insinuation
Adam ,   Raanana   (03.29.09)
That the dog fell ill because of Cast Lead? This has got to be the most pathetic case of journalism I have ever seen...
8. How Sad.
Aviva ,   Israel   (03.29.09)
The Jordan King and his wife are very nice people. Very sorry to hear about your beloved dog.
9. # 3 Moshe i care
AVI ,   Rannana   (03.29.09)
Yes i care, first of all i understand the love and companionship a dog can bring, and having been in that situation i can tell you how sad it is. Secondly dear Moshe, in these trouble times when all we hear of hatred and anger how nice to hear that at least some communications of trust and friendship are open between the two nations.And that my friend is some light in the tunnel of darkness
10. Shoddy journalism
NYC Girl   (03.29.09)
It's always sad to lose a beloved pet and I'm sure those veterinarians in Israel tried their best to save him. But can somebody explain what the hell this had to do with Gaza?
11. By right, Palis should be complaining
Zohan ,   Tel Aviv   (03.29.09)
Ab dollar'$ dog is more precious than the lives of Palestinians.
12. The loss of a pet is a tragedy, but the whole creation will
Rivkah   (03.29.09)
resurrect according to the laws of physics as researched by the author of the book, "The Physics of Immortality." Jack Van Impe has a DVD lecture called, "Are Animals in Heaven", that is currently available that goes through the Bible evidence there are animals in the heavenly Jerusalem and people will be reunited with their pets. I recently lost a beloved 18 year old cat. The other cats considered "Kelly" to be the king of the pride of cats and they mourned losing him, too. One cat "Teddy" pulled pictures of Kelly out of an open drawer of photos and carried one photo around the house of Kelly, licking it when he stopped. I was able to keep Kelly alive for two years with baby food and egg yolks and Denal Gold colloidal mineral drops that is not available for now. Kelly would still be alive if it was. After his death, I located three small bottles (half ounce for $20. each) after running out some time ago and using Pau'd'Arco drops instead. Someone should put that formula for Denali Gold colloidal mineral drops back on the market. The company name is now Supreme Fulvic that used to make it. It brings a pet back to life and vigor with a few drops in the mouth. If Kelly would not eat, a few drops of Denali Gold gave him his appetite back. It is the most amazing product.
13. rivkah please
ghostq   (03.29.09)
haaaaaaaaaaa, we don't know what happend to the poor dog, hope he didn't suffer much and you can't cure canser by food, not to humans or dogs.
14. Rikva :-)
ben ,   singapore   (03.29.09)
My dog is blind ( old age ) but he likes to go across the road and sit at the junction everyday ( luckly no heavy traffic ), but he dosent know how to return home. These days I have put him in the out house, but he cries,he was mums pet, last week he refused to eat, I took him to the vet, took four xrays, Guess What ? He swallowed my socks. Silly boy, had to go for a surgery, now still at the clinic, recuperating , today he was sleeping with his four legs up :-) That means he has recovered :-) I'll take him home tomorrow :0
15. Was I the only person
Joseph ,   Canada   (03.29.09)
who upon reading the headline had an unexpected reaction, mine included giving my computer a nice, coffee-filled shower. I can't believe something like this made headlines, I mean seriously??? If only the dog's dead carcass was here, I'd puke on it.
16. King Abdullah's dog dies in Israel
Walid ,   Amman - Jordan   (03.29.09)
I would've made a deal with the devil to save my german shepherd who dies a few months ago. So I can understand the Royal family's willingness to do whatever they could to save their pet. To their detractors I say Shut the hell up! JOrdan as a country has signed a peace accord so shut it. We send people over to Isreal to get treatment every day. So Eff off with your outrage and snide remarks deal with it we have a "PEACE TREATY" so if you are trying to stir up trouble, think of how many people who would be deprived of medical attention. O and FYI its mainly CANCER patients we send there.
17. An excellent story
OM ,   israel   (03.29.09)
Why is everyone whining about this story? It's great. Abdullah is revealed (again) as yet another Arab leader who spits on Israel coming and going, but as soon as he needs something comes crawling to the one and only middle eastern state with decent scientists and health care. It might not be surprising, but it should still be reported. And thanks to Ynet, it was.
18. 13 Ghostq: Dr. Lorraine Day ( would disagree
Rivkah   (03.29.09)
with you. She had metastatic breast cancer that was cured with food after the surgical removal of the tumor that was the size of a grapefruit. She used FOOD, not chemo or radiation, to get the metastatic cancer into remission. Canadian Indians would also disagree with you. Nurse Rene Cassie noticed in the 1920's that Canadian Indians who were diagnosed with cancer, did not return to the clinic: but they got WELL. She was finally able to discover what they were doing. They went to the Indian Medicine Man who prescribed a herbal tea for them to drink consisting of aqueous extracts of some or all of the following: burdock root, sheep sorrel herb, slippery elm bark, watercress herb, rhubarb root, kelp, blessed thistle herb and red clover blossom. You can find that in the form of Essiac Tea, Prairie Home Tea, Flor-Essence Tea, etc. "The Essiac Report" documents actual recoveries with this herbal remedy. Four ounces twice daily for five years are the instructions. Then there is Jason Winters Tea. He had a huge tumor on his face and developed a tea from ingredients many cultures used for cancer treatment that were herbal. He drank a gallon or more of it a day and the tumor disappeared on his face. Pau de Arco extract is helpful in treating cancer in cats and dogs. Then there is Xango juice with xanthones from mangosteen fruit. More mangosteen juice is sold worldwide by volume (at thirty dollars a liter) than Pepsi Cola! A school teacher at Kings Christian School in Lemoore, California, has a lecture on Xango juice every Thursday night at the school. She had metastatic lung and liver cancer that did not respond to surgery, chemo, or radiation. So she started drinking Xango juice all day long which was expensive. Her cancer went into remission. She still drinks a lot of Xango juice that is paid for by commissions she has made on sales of it to others.
19. King Abdullah's dog dies in Israel
Steffen ,   Amman - Jordan   (03.29.09)
Hello people! Jordan has a peace agreement in place! So patients yes even dogs can travel for treatment, its called being humane. And when you have a pet you have a responsibility to d whatever you can to save it. Its must have been a really slow day for this piece to make it as a headline or into the news. Shame on you for this sensationalism.
20. 14 Ben: Thanks for a darling story. Glad the dog recovered.
Rivkah   (03.29.09)
21. A failed attempt at martyrdom at least he gets 72 virgin dog
zionist forever   (03.29.09)
The dog came into Israel with the intent on dying to kill Israelis but the plot was foiled and the dog died but never got to kill any Israelis. I eagerly await Hamas dogs promise of revenge for the zionist murder of this martyr who will go to dog paradise with 72 virgin dogs.
22.  to rivkah (damn I guess
ghostq   (03.29.09)
I brought it on myself) all these stories nice but it doesn't work for thos who have genetic tendency for cancer, it's unbased and irrelevant to the article. and to #16 you contradict yourself, humans r ok, but dogs aren't???? you do take the meanning a dog's life too seriously. the best man's friend deserve the best also.
23. 19 Steffen: What a king does is news.
Rivkah   (03.29.09)
In the old days of the French monarchs, even the toiletries of the king and queen were public events with crowds of people oooing and ahhhing over turds. Some mothers want to see the excrement of their children before the toilet is flushed to see if the children need magnesium for constipation. That is a royal occupation for some. The toilet is even called a "throne".
24. #14 ?Ben - Fish
Dovid ,   Modiin   (03.29.09)
That is funny! The same thing happen to my nanas pet fish. He has been swimming upside down ever since he got back from the vet. I'm going to wake him up for afternoon tea.
25. Cure for Roberta AKA Rivkah
Dovid ,   Modiin   (03.29.09)
I have the perfect cure for Roberta AKA Rivka try "Jim Jone Kool-Aid" Don't get the Instant get slow cook it has a long lasting effect.
26. A bomb dogs average career life
Ypip ,   Canada   (03.29.09)
is between 7 - 12 years and cost about $15,000.00 each. They make difficult 'pets'.
27. now we know why the palestinian state made peace
zionist forever   (03.29.09)
They needed the IDDF ( Israel dog defense force ) to keep the royal pooch safe. Maybe when the palestinian terrorists currently living outside the palestinian state of Jordan decide that its better to raise their kids to be vets rather than terrorists we might even have peace.
28. Jordan is OUR Palestine
Salim ,   Amman, Jordan   (03.29.09)
..And the Monarchy to go back to Mecca along with their pets. Such hypocrites; while their people are starving out of Royal family's corruption....Fatah and Israel please come and take over Jordan!!
29. Reminder of Marie Antoinette & Haile Selassie
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem - ISRAEL   (03.29.09)
That little king of Jordan, the carbon copy of his father, simply reminds me of Marie Antoinette who scoffed at her people by suggesting that they eat cake if there was no bread.Similarly, the late emperor of Ethiopia,King of Kings and Lion of Judah Haile Selassie cared so much about his dogs that he often took time to feed them big chunks of meat while his people were genuinely starving to death because of drought and famine.Marie Antoinette and Haile Selassie were both killed. What fate is awaiting the royal family of Jordan ?
30. Some of the comments here
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (03.29.09)
... are disgusting. We are Israelis. We are Jews. We save lives. Dogs ,,,, people .... does it matter? Most of you know that my family lives in Israel six months of the year; the balance in the United States.. My husband is a physician. When we are in Israel, he attends at Tel Ha'Shomer. Have you any idea how many lives he's saved? Do you think he cares if they are Arab lives or Jewish lives? He doesn't. Did you know that the most advanced chemotherapy protocol for breast cancer was developed in Israel? Look it up. Dose dence AC and taxol. Discovered in Israel. And used to treat hundreds of thousands of women who have breast cancer. Women who have their mastectomies in Israel, their chemotherapy in Israel, their radiation treatment in Israel, and their reconstructive surgery in Israel. And -- I must tell you -- many of the patients come from Bahrain, or Saudi Arabia, or Abu Dhabi, or Jordan, or Kuwait, or Egyypt. They come to a place where they know their lives will be saved. Where they will be nurtured, and helped, and restored to whom they were. There is nothing wrong with that. We are Jews, and we save lives -- in every sense of the word. Please keep that in mind.
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