Discontent over Barak ministerial picks
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 29.03.09, 22:23
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1. Land for peace or war for ever
Abu Jihad ,   Yaffa, Palestine   (03.30.09)
This is the the choice facing not just the new goverment but all the israeli jews, stop the denial, without full withdrawal to the borders of the 4th June 1967, there will never be peace between the palestinians/the arab world and the israelis. U can choose peace or war, both have price tags, be wise guys, history is not on ur side. Abu Jihad, man of peace but palestinian patriot first
2. devision
colin   (03.30.09)
The new ministers have got what they want.A SEAT AND PERKS To hell with what Israel needs or wants.New cars,different secretaries,more spacious office,more office expenses.These so called labourites will now spend most of thier time arranging travel overseas,Attend feastive occasions BUT DO NOTHING FOR THE PEOPLE
3. LOL abu jihadalzib
send us some of what you are smoking. ;-)
4. What did Chief of Staff Moshe Ya'alon get?
Claudia ,   Tampa USA   (03.30.09)
Other than screwed?
5. Abu Jihad....
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (03.30.09)
We gave back Gaza, and all we got were thousands more Qasam rockets. Apparently land for peace actually doesn't work.
6. translation of #1
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (03.30.09)
If #1 is a "moderate" (5% chance) what he means by "Land for Peace" is ethnic cleansing of Jews to the 4 June 1967 borders and free immigration of Arabs into small indefensible Israel. If #1 is "mainstream", that is either votes Hamas (70% chance) or Fatah (25% chance), he means all Jews must be destroyed and all of Israel must be "liberated" from Jews.
7. #1 Abu Jihad of Yaffa Palestine
Mark G Kirshner ,   East Islip, NY USA   (03.30.09)
Why has an a arrest waarant not been issed for this gentleman who says he is from a part of Tel Aviv in Palestine -- not Israel/ He is not fit for an Israeli passport and his *advice* is as unwelcome as he is.
8. Indeed Land for peace or war forever.
Gideon ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.30.09)
I'm ready for war but do you feel the same? Either the Arabs give us land for peace or we take it. And continue to fight for our G-D given land. I have no problem going myself or sending my sons to wage war in the name of true safety for Israel ...for the land of my forefathers.
9. #1 Abu Jihad, better pack you bags and family
Amir   (03.30.09)
and move to Gaza where you belong. When you learn to accept Israel and the Jews as a sovreign nation their historic homeland that includes all of the lands now occupied by Arabs, maybe then there will be a viable peace.
10. We do not need peace with idiot jihadist’s like you,
e.m Jordan is Palse ,   s.f   (03.30.09)
And in history Muslim did not live in peace with any nation look at geographic map and you will see any where is Muslim nation them neighbors are in war with that Muslim nation because the hate and murderous is in your blood and your culture too, this land never been owned by Muslim and will never be when the right time will come we will move you to Jordan.
11. Unbiased Response to Issue -
OTN -   (03.30.09)
Unbiased Response to Issue - OliveTreeNews provides real-time news from and about the Middle East. Through exclusively linking its visitors to over 50 major news agencies from the Middle East and around the globe, OliveTreeNews is the fastest gateway to events in and around the Middle East through a variety of English news sources from across the Middle East. OliveTreeNews allows its visitors to form their own opinion by staying updated on the news through diversifying their news sources and learning about different perceptions.
12. To #1
Jewish Refugee ,   U.S.A.   (03.30.09)
I think you meant Land for War, Can you do me a favor and send me a link to a map prior to 1900 that shows a sovereign palestinian country. Make sure the map is not made by Fatah, Hamas or other terrorists. Also, can you tell me what did Israel ever get in return for all of its concessions to the Arabs? (Besides a piece of paper and more Jewish blood) As far as I have lived and experienced this Arab Israeli conflict there is no such a thing as land for peace. Even though I am not an advocate of war. But I think war has a better chances of achieving peace for Israel than diplomacy. I invite you to my blog and please leave comments if you have enough knowledge and respectful sources to back up your comments. We were in Israel before you and we will be in Israel long after you are gone.
13. #1
eli ,   jerusalem   (03.30.09)
Good to hear that you are a man of peace... but your part would be to give peace for the land, real peace. That means to recognice Israel, to teach your children to behave like neighbours and not to hate all the jews, to use the money you get from US, UN and EU for education not for weapons, to teach your children to become a doctor or an engineer instead of a martyr. You would have to invest in economy, not in war and PR. Are you able for such steps? Unfortunately we got only war and missles for the land we gave already and if we look at Gaza, there is no chance for peace with people like Hamas, they even don't want peace. They only want destruction. If we trust in polls there are many, many palestinian supporters for Hamas. Your part would be to convince them, that peace is better for them than war. As long as jihad is their first priority they will suffer more and more. We made a lot of good will gestures to shake hands, what did we got? The answer to all was always: "We want it all, you has to disappear". It can't work this way. You has to do your part too.
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