Israel Railways fires Arab workers
Sharon Roffe-Ofir
Published: 30.03.09, 08:33
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1. what they
ghostq   (03.30.09)
expect medal? it's not discrimination the train compeny is partly belong to the gov, I reckon so no loyalty to the institution that employ them no job, duh.
3. "100 % discriminatory decision"
Sagi ,   Israel   (03.30.09)
I agree with this statement. The State is guilty of discriminating against its own citizens. This is very bad. These same citizens are equally guilty of discriminating against the State by refusing to serve their country. This is also very bad.
4. WHy Racist? Because These Arabs Skipped National Service?
Josh ,   Bet Shemesh   (03.30.09)
This is not in any way racist. Isreal requires all its citizens to serve in the army. These people being dismissed did not serve- this rule would fire any Jw who skipped service as well. Plenty of Arabs make careers in the Israeli army serving their country - it is not Isreal railways fault these ones skipped their responsibilities to their state. ANyway, as a passenger, i am more comfortable with former soldiers doing the security
5. Antiquated railroad doesn't address the
Rina   (03.30.09)
needs of the population in any case. Railway stations are situated in the middle of fields, far from any city or business center. You need a car to get to one and a bus or taxi when you arrive.
6. Way to go!!!
Shua ,   NY   (03.30.09)
7. I support Yisrael Beiteinu Railways
Roy ,   Oklahoma City, usa   (03.30.09)
Not only would I support the Yisrael Beiteinu Railways but I will pay double for riding on such a railway.
8. Waaaaaaa All You Hear from Arabs
Gad ben Shalom ,   Jerusalem   (03.30.09)
I have never in my life met a bigger bunch of Whiny Snivling Little Children. They (arabs) stand with their hand out and if you dont fill it with EXACTLY what they want . Waaaaaa , the crying starts. If the Majority of Arabs in the Israel area quit their whinning and pitched in to help "their" country they would live a better and mentally healthier life. Reminds me of the American Redneck teaching his children that everytime something goes wrong in "his" life its someone else's fault. Meanwhile Tibi keeps collecting a Whopping 33,000 Shekel a Month for sitting on "HIS" Butt and while he attends the Arab Summitt. The Pot is Boiling and its about to Boil over. Arab Leaders are fanning the flames for their Own Selfish Reasons. As Usual.....................
9. Security Guards
Michael D. ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (03.30.09)
It would seem this decision also includes any oleh who works as a security guard and didn't serve in the IDF, so where's the "racist discrimination" factor? Service in some military combat unit should be a prerequisite for employment as an armed security guard. An oleh, for instance, who served in the military of his country of origin as a combat soldier should also be acceptable, but anyone with no past combat military service should be excluded. This should also include IDF "jobnik" veterans. If an Israeli Arab wishes to work as a security guard, let him volunteer for IDF service to meet the requirement.
10. This is just the beginning...
Airborne ,   Jerusalem   (03.30.09)
There is something very very wrong with this decision. An employee of Arab decent is losing his job because he is an Arab? Does that honestly seem right to you? And then the gov't says that they are replacing them with IDF veterans. Seriously! This is blatantly wrong and unjust. The only Arabs that can serve in the IDF,excluding Bedouin, are from Abu Ghosh! So EVERY ARAB can not get a job at IL Railways because they are Arab. This is racist and I do not agree with it. This is also discrimination against new immigrants because most new immigrants do not serve in the Army. So how are they to get a job at the IL Railways? This is bad for the State. Bad Bad Bad. And don't even say that it's because of terrorism because it isn't. There have been no terror attacks on the railways. You might even see one of these guys do something crazy now after they lose their jobs just like all of the wackos in the US! Will that make them terrorists or desparate?
11. If they want the job, they must join the army.
Steve   (03.30.09)
12. If the Arabs join the IDF and serve, then perhaps they can
Rivkah   (03.30.09)
get railroad jobs again. Glad Israel appreciates IDF veterans. American veterans are being obstructed by the Obama administration in even getting their education benefits. Obama backed off on requiring veterans to pay for their medical care for military service connected disabilities, but he wanted to do that. Ancient Rome was in part destroyed by traitors from within. History repeats, apparently.
13. #9
Airborne ,   Jerusalem   (03.30.09)
Obviously you don't understand. It is racist because Arabs CAN NOT serve in the IDF therefore by default they can not work for the IL railways. Your comments regarding Olim is kinda funny. Having served in the US Army, I have never EVER in my 5 years of living in Israel met another American Jew that has served in the US Armed Forces. So tell me, where are all of these Olim who have served in the military abroad?? Oh, and it doesn't count for squat what an Oleh has done militarily abroad. Regardless of how many jumps they have or registered kills they have. We oleh veterans are nothing in Israel. Poor excuse of an example. Nice try buddy, Better luck next time.
14. to #9 save your
ghostq   (03.30.09)
self-righteousness to your self, non of them have any Israely military experience, people really will feel safe when arab guard them??? do you listen to yourself? y to give them any reason to hold a licensed gun!!!
15. Arabs should stop whining...
Terry ,   Chicago, IL   (03.30.09)
and take their voices to the ballot box. Better yet: form a new party that hasn't been bogged down by the minutia of Israeli politics, and deals with your rights as Palestinians on your own sovereign land. Because as of now, all you have there is a bunch of drugged-up incompetent couch potatoes who still think they're "Israeli".
16. You don't serve - you don't get a Government job!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (03.30.09)
How can those who abuse their Israeli citizenship and support terrorist organizations, both actively and passively, be entrusted with the live of the citizens of Israel? As for the comment about the shopping malls, well, they shouldn't be allowed to do that for exactly the same reason! Of course there are those who will argue that Israeli Arabs cannot serve in the IDF. Not quite true but the ones who do are the exception and many have also been shunned by their communities. Some have also been beaten up and, if I am not mistaken, some have even been killed! The Arab community in this country has to decide where they stand. If they are citizens then they must be loyal. If they are not loyal they cannot expect to work for the government, government companies or be entrusted with our safety. They must decide!
17. Racism
Bill ,   Canada   (03.30.09)
I can see why Israel does not want to show its face at the upcoming anti racism conference.
18. #16
Airborne ,   Jerusalem   (03.30.09)
You really believe that ALL Arabs abuse their citizenship? How can Arabs prove their loyalty if the gov't won't let them work in the gov't sector? The only Arabs that serve in the military are Bedouin (if you want to call them Arabs) and Arabs from Abu Ghosh.
19. Now They are terribly sorry not to serve in IDF and ready to
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (03.30.09)
BEAR arms under IDF uniforms, please arm them with modern guns and recruit in IDF, they are even so remorseful to accept driving heavy trucks and heavy business machines for IDF!! as public service
20. good, no to arab security guards!
vashDi ,   israel   (03.30.09)
they mustn't be trusted, speaking from experience like many.
21. This is wrong
Logic ,   Israel   (03.30.09)
Even if the company changed its hiring policy, they should "grandfather clause" this group of employees. It seems to me that it is just an excuse for overbooking on manpower.
22. #4 Josh arent you forgetting something
Avi ,   Rannana   (03.30.09)
"Isreal requires all its citizens to serve in the army" So please explain how in the year 2009 the majority of the ultra orthdox do not serve in the army, not only that they do not work, do not pay tax love off state benefits and contribute nothing to the country? Its called the TAL law i belive !
23. Israel is finally and openly showing its racist face
meg   (03.30.09)
24. #22 to the contrary
Yitzchok ,   Beit Shemesh   (03.30.09)
Avi To the contrary, the Tal law was meant to encourage them / give them a way to do some army service and/or go out to work.
25. Duh!
Tomer ,   Hod Hasharon   (03.30.09)
Well done Israel Railways! Now the rest of the population will have to bear the unemployment benefits for these previously-employed workers. And presumably the right wing screamers on here will be happy to denounce the "idle unemployed Arabs". Madness...
26. All government jobs to veterans
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (03.30.09)
Regardless of race, religion, or sex. Nobody is stopping the Arabs from National Service expect their own communities.
27. To #18 Airborne: You name suits your knowledge!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (03.30.09)
Try coming to the north of Israel, the Galilee and Haifa, if you remember where they are. There are Arabs who do serve in the IDF but there are thousands of Arabs who work in the government service here in the forgotten north. Pay a visit to Akko, Naharia, Haifa, Nasereth, Safed and so on and have a good look who works for the State of Israel in SENIOR positions. Oh yes, some of them were my bosses when I worked for the State of Israel!
28. #18 the Druze serve as well. P.S The irony...
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (03.30.09)
"We're okay for checking vehicles in shopping malls," one of them protested. Like....the shopping mall that had a bomb planted in a vehicle outside of it and failed a bomb planting test?
29. #10
not because he is an arab, but because the country requires mandatory military service for ALL ITS CITIZENS. if arabs that live in israel have israeli citizenship, they are also required by the country's law to serve military time or NATIONAL SERVICE TO THEIR COUNTRY WHERE THEY ARE CITIZENS. PERIOD! if they wish not to serve national service for political reason and their hate for their country, they do not get the law on their side. simple as that. ISRAEL'S DECISION IS NOT RACIST, AS THE ARAB MK'S WANT EVERYONE TO BELIEVE. military service as well as national service is a legally bound option for them if they indeed consider themselves true citizens of this state. in algeria and some other countries, military service is mandatory of all citizens. ALL! arabs in israel could have cried "racist" if israeli government didn't allow them a part in national service or the military, but the government encourages them to be part of the citizenry and join in. THEY REFUSE BY THE ORDER OF THEIR MK'S, WHICH IS NON NATIONALISTIC. to deny them jobs whose prerequisite is military or national service is not racist. it is the law of this country. the arab mk's are the worst representatives for israeli arabs. they help and abet them to distance themselves from the state of israel and singularly separate the arabs from the israelis. in doing so, the arab mk's do not serve the best purposes of the arab citizenry. they are the ones who make their plight more severe and not let them integrate into the israeli society. part of this society is military service and for arabs, national service if they wish. but they don't because they are encouraged by racist mk's to go against israeli rules, thus, separating them as a whole body from the israeli fabric of life. these arabs, loosingb their jobs have only their mk's and themselves to blame for their plight.
30. #13
you are wrong. arabs can indeed serve in the idf. there are many druze arabs and beduin arabs serving in the military even in sayeret matcal and even in top elit units. the arabs that do not want to serve have an option as well. NATIONAL SERVICE, which they also refuse to do. so, where are you coming from with your bs post?
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