Attacking Sderot in America
Jacob Shrybman
Published: 30.03.09, 11:37
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1. Universities...
Tuvia Schertzman,MD ,   Betar Ilit, Israel   (03.30.09)
have turned into centers of propaganda rather than centers of free expression. This is nothing new. However it is getting worse. People should not send their children to be propagandized at these institutions. It is time to leave and return to Israel.
2. not once over the net
ghostq   (03.30.09)
I, myself encounters the wide phenomena that arabs don't recognize freedom of speech at all, they don't see it as human right, they violet one of the basic right a person can have, violate in violence ways. and violence is their only language.
3. The news Mr. Shrybman brings
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (03.30.09)
back to us is very disturbing but also quite educational. We must absolutely understand that the state of Israel (and perhaps international Jewry) is under venomous attack and that under these conditions, no amount nor quality of reasoned discourse will alter the matter. I think the correct response, in view of this frightening trend, is to let audiences know that no matter what Hamas, Hizbollah, al-Queda, international students and mideastern Arabs do, we will prevail through force of arms and strategic intelligence because we are the warriors they never were and are not today. The only way to defeat Arabs, so the people who know them best tell me, is through force. We no longer care to appease, apologize nor excuse ourselves for existing. Neither are we afraid of high Arab rhetoric, bullying and mob techniques as we are well prepared to defend ourselves. We are much smarter than our opponents and far more tactical. This is the message that we must get across!
4. The sign of things to come . . .
Shalom   (03.30.09)
Sadly, this issue is not isolated. The reknown Israeli-arab Journalist, Khaled Abu Toameh met with a similar response. This my friends are tomorrow's leaders.
5. totally made up
Sammy W ,   Chicago   (03.30.09)
so how does one say "dirty whore" in arabic, mr shrybman? i was there and what you report is totally false... there were protestors but none said anything anti-semitic, none grabbed crotches, etc. you are fantasizing.
6. Here's the right way to do pro-Israel activism on campus...
Dave Neil ,   Jerusalem Israel   (03.30.09)
This article presents the best pro-Israel campus activism strategy. Go to http://smartjew.blogspot.com/2009/03/israel-campus-activists-go-on-offensive.html or click on to http://smartjew.blogspot.com/ and pick the article entitled "Go on the Offensive.." See how we can win the campus debate!
7. Universities in USA not much better than their Public School
Danny ,   Berlin   (03.30.09)
Nor more civilization. They've ll gone mad. Israel is best for jews. Many changes will occur according to what is written.
8. I was there
Susan Glabers   (03.30.09)
And it was exactly as described. If we thought Israel was exagerrating by her response, we now witnessed why Israel has to do even more. Itis so disgusting to see such raw primitive hatred and foul mouths and behavior-we had no idea! Poor poor Sderot.
9. Sammy W. #5: You were there?
Steve   (03.30.09)
What was said by the protestors? Did they listen to Shrybman's presentation?
10. These detractors are being addressed
Ypip ,   Canada   (03.30.09)
by Hillel, and other supporters of Israel however, and its being documented as well: ****** At Montreal’s Concordia University, a September 2002 lecture by Benjamin Netanyahu, organized by the Hillel Jewish students’ movement (with the full knowledge and cooperation of the university administration) was cancelled because of rioting by a broad coalition comprised of anti-Israel, anti-American and anti-globalization students and outside agitators.58 Shortly thereafter, two members of the federal New Democratic Party and a prominent leftist activist, all outspoken Israel detractors, were invited to Concordia to address the Middle East situation. This violated a moratorium on public discussion of the issue imposed by the university after the Netanyahu riots and compelled the university to obtain an injunction to force the program off campus.59 The militant, pro-Palestinian student government at Concordia subsequently voted to strip Hillel of its privileges as a university club due to its alleged “political activities” in support of Israel on campus. Hillel and its supporters were forced to initiate legal action to counter this outrageous move.60 At other Canadian universities and colleges, Jewish students wishing to express their love of Israel, and non-Jewish students and faculty members simply demanding adherence to the fundamental academic principle of an informed and respectful consideration of competing viewpoints,61 were being confronted by Arab and pro-Arab forces determined to stifle any voices but their own.62 The expressions of overt anti-Israel sentiment on Canadian campuses, and in Canadian society generally, are still nowhere near the crisis proportions reported in parts of Europe today. Nevertheless, a society’s unfair treatment of its Jewish (and by extension, pro-Israel) community is often symptomatic of more fundamental problems that could have serious adverse implications for other ethno-cultural and faith communities, and indeed, for Canada’s democratic ethos generally. David H. Goldberg http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/myths/canada.html Continue reporting these situations occurring on campuses. Its important.
11. #5-oh ho ho; Sammy was there.
Ypip ,   Canada   (03.30.09)
12. Sammy-Please tell us everything that was said at meeting
Alan ,   SA   (03.30.09)
13. Chicago has a large Arab community
Russel ,   Tlv   (03.30.09)
What did you expect?
14. My experience in seeing a rocketing of Sderot
James Payne ,   Las Cruces, NM, USA   (03.30.09)
15. #5....Sammy...perchance...Waleed?
Shimon ,   Cincinnati, USA   (03.30.09)
If Mr. Shrybman says that's what happened, is clearly sane and literate, why should I doubt his account and believe you? What he describes probably did happen and you should be ashamed of yourself...but that clearly isn't a part of your personality.
16. #5 - Do you speak Arabic?
redbourn ,   tel aviv   (03.30.09)
17. Anti Semitic remarks
London Eye ,   London   (03.30.09)
Well - the author entered the lion's den. Anyone trying to defend Israel abroad should be prepared to be confronted with grim realities. Two questions: Where were the anti-Semitic remarks? Nothing in the article indicated any level of anti-Semitism. "Drty-Whore" while not very pleasant, has nothing anti-semitic about it. Plus - as an Arabic speaker, theer is no curse in Arabic "dirty whore". There is son of... daughter of... etc but never the two words together... so perhaps a little more accuracy in the reporting. I presume the author doesn't speak/understand Arabic - so perhaps a better translator next time. Question two: if the author went to a hear a Hamas speaker, he would most probably be lauding the Zionist loud-mouths who might try to drown out the speaker. As we say, all is fair in love and war - and it seems obvious to me that the audience was much more sympathetic to the millions of Palestinian refugees in the ghetto of Gaza than they were to the bunch of land-usurping immigrants in Sderot - most of whom probably have no idea at all that they are living in the homes and on the land of the dispossessed indigenous inhabitants.
18. Watching rockets hitting Sderot
James Payne ,   Las Cruces, NM, USA   (03.30.09)
Last March I had the good fortune to spend over two weeks in Israel with our rabbi. While traveling north on Hwy, 40 at night, I saw what was obviously the bright arc of a missile (which we later heard hit Sderot). As a employee and counselor at a major state university, I find it beyond appalling the an institution of higher learning (especially one such as DePaul) would allow ANYONE (yes, even a Hamas speaker) to be so brutally abused in the attempt to exercise the US Constitutional right to free speech. The administration at DePaul bears as much responsibility for allowing you to be subjected to verbal as the actual abusers. If we are ever to work out a lasting, equitable solution to the problems in Gaza and the West Bank we must start with civility toward one another.
19. Anti-Semitic remarks of "London Eye"
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (03.30.09)
Mr. Eye is completely ignorant of the history of Sderot. It is located in the Negev (Israel within the "Green Line") and was built from the ground up. None of the houses in Sderot were taken from "dispossessed indigenous inhabitants" and no Arabs owned the land on which Sderot is built.
20. ynetnews: my comment got lost again?...
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (03.30.09)
21. to #17 considering
ghostq   (03.30.09)
the british created gaza, and killed many palestinians, mmm I say stay in the box jack.
22. London Eye #17: Question
Steve   (03.30.09)
You speak of "land-usurping immigrants." Many nations, including the one in which these Chicago protestors are living in and being schooled in, are land-usurping immigrants; and the sons and daughters of land-usurping immigrants. Same holds true with central and south America, Mexico, Australia, etc. North America is a continent filled with white European, land-usurping immigrants. Native Americans have for years sought redress for violated U.S. government treaties in the courts, to no avail. Lakotah Sioux Indians are demanding in the courts, the return of their ancient lands in the west, to no avail. Americans are not willing to concede one inch of this vast continent. Indian complaints fall on deaf ears. Why is there no outcry on our university campuses about these things; these usurpations? Why is it only the Jews who are singled out among all the nations on the face of the earth, as "land-usurping immigrants," when it was the Jews - unlike other peoples - who returned to their own homeland?
23. The Truth came to Shrybman...lol
RJBH ,   Methil   (03.30.09)
Maybe this Appologist for Zionist Atrocities ... should have spent some time getting Bombed in Gaza.
24. #19 and insults
London Eye ,   London   (03.30.09)
Thanks for the moronic "anti-semitic" accusation. "Sderot, along with the settlement of Or ha-Ner, founded in 1957, were established on the village lands of Najd, which means "elevated plain" in Arabic. "Najd's Palestinian villagers, approximately 620 in 1945, were expelled on 13 May 1948, before Israel was declared a state and before any Arab armies entered Palestine. Najd is 14 kilometres from Gaza. Palestinian Arabs own 12,669 dunums in Najd, although Israel refuses to honour their rights to their personal property, and refuses them their inalienable right to return home. In 1945 Jews owned 495 dunums of land in Najd and public lands consisted of 412 dunums. In short, Sderot is an illegally occupied territory stolen from Palestinians." Perhaps you'd like to re-think your knee-jerk trailor-trash red-neck response.
25. Its not just the pro-Israel groups that are harassed
GHook93 ,   Chicago   (03.30.09)
All right leaning speakers are harassed. I remember seeing the video of the highly disrespectful graduates, I can't remember where, when McCain made a speech there. Same with people who want to protect the border and are against illegal immigration. Anyone remember the minute men at Colombia. Antiabortion advocates (which I am against) get it the worst! Everythings good if your leftist, socialist, pro-illegal immigration and terrorist supporter, but everything is bad if you go against this!
26. No. 17 -- Mr. Eye try "wiskha"
JEW ,   Rosh Ha'Ayin, Israel   (03.30.09)
I don't know what arabic you speak (if at all), but try "wiskha" for dirty whore or "ibn mitneka" for son of a dirty whore... approximately. By the way, most Israelis speak arabic in addition to Hebrew (which was spoken in our country long before you arabs invaded the Land of Israel, VERY LATE in 636 AD and later occupied it). Additionally, many of the greatest scholars in the arabic language have been Jews -- i.e., some of us speak your language better than you which is kind of sad Mr. Eye! Also, there were no illegal arab settlers living in Sderot EVER. Learn the history of our part of the world... in addition to arabic Mr. Eye ("aiyun").
27. Whoa, London Eye!
The Logic Stick ,   Sharon USA   (03.30.09)
I like this guy! Historically accurate, relevant to the conversation, and ends in a good thrashing! At least I'm not alone in this!
28. This kind of sick behaviour...
D   (03.30.09)
...only makes US STRONGER. It only makes the State of Israel more powerful. Arabs are too full of hate to realize this.
29. To London Eye
Shimon ,   Beersheva   (03.30.09)
Why don't you invite some of your friends to stay with you in London I'll pay their airfares! By the way my parents are Jews expelled from Aden and my wife's family from Triploi, Libya. We both now live in the Land of Israel. You should stay in London and encourage Palestinian settlement there!
30. Did u really believe that the audience would buy your BS ?
your crimes are very clear to the whole world, so your cheap propaganda will not work any more.
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