International campaign calls for boycott of Israel
Sharon Roffe-Ofir
Published: 30.03.09, 15:25
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1. 33rd Land Day and still no-one is listening
Talula ,   Israel   (03.30.09)
I'd say..........give up!
2. They're just jealous that an Israeli Jew was on the cover...
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.30.09)
of the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition :P
3. Arabs in Israel calling for boycott?
Arie ,   BaGolan   (03.30.09)
Solutions: 1. For every shekel in lost income to the State and Israeli companies, two shekels should be removed from the budget for arab welfare 2. ALL welfare and funding should cease for anyone not willing to take a pledge of loyalty It's not a complete list but a good start!
4. yeah that's the way...
ghostq   (03.30.09)
idiots by boycotting Israel who provides the palestinians with 90% of their basic needs, you harm also the palestinians, you think water phone and electrisity, come from nowhere, not so smart, but than again, it's the finest arab logic we r dealing with.
5. That comes across as a threat.
Ypip ,   Canada   (03.30.09)
"The world has to understand that once Israel ignores UN and international law stipulations, it is the world that must be held accountable for its crimes" Stop whining, and leave. Go to Gaza. Go to Saudi Arabia. Go to Jordon. Go to Syria or Iraq or Turkey. Go to the many Arab lands available to you.
6. More like 'land grab' day.
Ypip ,   Canada   (03.30.09)
7. Israeli- Arab
Luana   (03.30.09)
These people are pissing on the plate they abundantly eat... Is still this plate willing to be pissed on its head?
8. allegations against cast lead
alexi   (03.30.09)
Dany zamir or whoever organised the rabin academy allegations ought to face charges under the law of defamation of the idf. None of the allegations were true, were not witnessed and were concocted by zamir. just as Ginsberg, Olmert, Beilin, abbas attack anything good in israel, zamir joined the club of israel bashirs and usual arab and erdogan liars. And being a moral army is nothing to brag about and the IDf should shut up about it. Israel has an excellent army and puts up with a lot. There will be times where it has to step over the line, like if it were to fight the nazis or urban warfare with arabs where it has to use big firepower to detonate IEDS, phosphorus and human shields(absolutely and the supreme court is dead wrong about it) because it is the only way to tackle arab guerilla warfare asymmetrics. The whole rabin saga is played up as a romantic peace warrior. Little did the peres-belin-ben ami geneva leftist dreamers realize that rabin would have abrogated oslo and shipped all the arafat erekat dung back to tunisia after the waves of grotesque suicide bombings. He was not going to sit forever with that crap.So Zamir shoudl be prosecuted because he decided to do the IDF harm in planting false stories in the minds of some soldiers via repetitive suggestions. He is a piece of fitlth and apparently has a similar record to Olmert's son who protested duty on the west bank and counselled soldiers not to serve. In the russian army, it would be treasons and Zamir would be shot. Zamir and Olmert have a lot in common and both are traitors to israel not for protesting but for doing false deeds. Hopefully the two of them end up in jail.
9. I am laughing, look for facism in Arab states please
JO   (03.30.09)
growing excuses from the Arabs. Tell me if you speak freely in Syria, or Egypt or Saudi are you not endangered? Do they have free press? Can their Mks chant "death to the Jews......president... and not be harmed? Come on. Lieberman may not be great but he is practical , he does not live in the Soviet Union or Saudi Arabia and he knows it. We, the Israelis, would never let him get away with anything remotely "facist". One person does not rule, we don't have dictators, sheikhs or kings that have absolute power. They do.
10. "Land" Day? Is that like Earth Day? Nobody celebrates either
lol ,   usa   (03.30.09)
11. I wish they would boycott
that's the only way they would finally get that it's pointless, because israel always prevails.
12. Hmmm
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (03.30.09)
Name one Arab nation in which protests such as this could be held.
13. Boycott Israel.
Brad ,   USA   (03.30.09)
I agree. The arabs should boycott Israel. They should boycott the hell out of Israel. Especially the arabs who live in Israel. Get out. Get off your fat butts. Grab your overfed wives, and the "children" that she puked out on Israeli soil, and get the hell out of Israel. Don't ever come back. That will show them. Show your arab pride. It will be much harder to work for Israel's downfall after you leave. It will also be much harder to collect welfare. But you can do it for Allah. Get out now, or shut up.
14. Relocation
Douglas Miller ,   Detroit, USA   (03.30.09)
These people are not interested in sharing the land of Israel with the Jewish people. They crave only the destruction of Israel. For everyone's happiness, these Arabs need to live with their brethern in any one the 22 Arab dominated countries. They will only be the source of misery and suffering if they remain in Israel.
15. yes i am for boycott all israil
rashid ,   palistinian   (03.30.09)
i will not vote for israil in the eurovission song contest believe me i will give them nil point which is no points in french until they clash and rock the casbah
16. Israel lives on US taxpayers money, boycott has no impact
AA ,   USA   (03.30.09)
17. whats the big surprise , the boycott has been for 60 years
hal tripp ,   la paz, bolivia   (03.30.09)
i don't understand what the big surprise is, the arabs have been boycotting israel for 60 years, norway and her friends have done the same since 67, we're used to it, now it's time to boycott turkey, norway,sweden etc. we will overcome this, we have the whole of africa, south america,north america ,australia let them have europe, it's not worth anything,the muslim cancer has already spread throughout britain, scandanavia and spain
18. To: Brad
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (03.30.09)
C'mon, Brad, tell us how you really feel. Nice post. Enjoyable reading.
19. Yes, yes, boycott Israel!
Maria ,   MD   (03.30.09)
Look what you did? We're all suffering financially? Without Israel and Jews,we're nothing! Globally affected! Arabs are the trouble makers in this world. Now, Ahmadinejad wants to kill us all.Why don't you boycott Iran and Syria?
smith   (03.30.09)
Wacht the picture, palestinian flag, che flag and commi flag... alway the same the sames shmok LOOL
21. Jews are the brains of the USA...without these
Maria ,   MD   (03.30.09)
Jews, the USA is nothing? You boycott her, look what happened? We're all affected.DON'T BOYCOTT ISRAEL/JEWS! To all Third World Countries: boycott the Arab world.They need to learn how do dirty jobs.Don't listen to this Arabs,they're power thirst countries,using common people to do dirty jobs for them while they're hiding in their bunkers.
22. #16 Your tax money? It's just a penny!
Maria ,   MD   (03.30.09)
compare to Jews who are earning millions and billions of dollars.These rich Jews who support Israel,they contribute to Jewish National Fund.This organization even help some Arabs.
23. Haven't you noticed? Bombing here and there
Maria ,   MD   (03.30.09)
caused by the Muslim world.But the world is blind to see their faults.Some people are afraid to offend them,but are not afraid to offend Israel and its people.OIL,OIL,OIL TALKS!!!!!!
24. 16#In exchange
Dani ,   Israel   (03.30.09)
we are the local US-puppet and we both know it :) Israel does not move an inch without DCs' confirmation, nothing is not for free, yes the Jewish Lobby might intesify the case but this is the situation in general.
25. Have the government ask for volunteers to
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.30.09)
put down the next arab protest with force. Do it legally and arm any volunteers that served in the I.D.F. Any arabs absent from work today should be fired with no compensation or unemployment insurance.
26. a lot of us have already been long ahead #3
jerusalem   (03.30.09)
We dont have to go out and blurb to the world. personal preferance. 1) I will not be affected by that since IL doesnt give me/people like me welfare anyway. or any form of financial boot for that matter including for kids. 2) Since number 1 above explains that I dont get funding, insurance, or any type of help from IL, Im not deterred. anyway, as for the issue of "loyalty" you can stick your "loyalty" you know where. bad start of a list, there are a lot of "special case" palis
27. israel 51st state
harry lavoe ,   oc ca   (03.30.09)
You can go and visit jerusalem in peace everybody takes that for granted now a days because religion is loosing ground. Try to be a free jew or christian in a muslim country they would kill you ,rape you rob you, and maybe not in that order. So when I see people get on message boards and post about israel us tax dollars I say money well spent . The freedom of religion which usa is based on. GO ISRAEL GO USA!!!!! HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO.
28. Boycott Israel?????
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (03.30.09) Will y'all please wait to start that boycott until I'm dead and gone? I sure don't want to give up my PC.
29. #24 I don't think Israel is a US puppet!
Maria ,   MD   (03.30.09)
Guess, if she doesn't listen, the world media will attack her harder than ever before. If Israel didn't listen to the UN and the world during Gaza War,probably,Gaza and its people would be utterly destroyed by now.Israel's hands are tight unlike before[during previous wars].
30. its hardly newsworthy the same demands are made ever year
zionist forever   (03.31.09)
They tell Israel jews cannot live in Judea & Samaria and they tell Israel jews cannot live within Israel itself. The arabs states and their demands ... once an arab always an arab their attitudes will never change no matter how many peace treaties we sign. To them there is no place for a jewish state in an islamic region. These nuts at WSF look at the people who they represent and you can see why they think like that. Anti globalisation Rightist groups These are sort of people who once upon a time would have been killing royalty and supporting the Bolsheviks because they have these romatic ideas that if we all support these left wing ideals the world will be paradise. Let they make their demands and have their little rallies if it will make them feel better and then go home switch on the tv and relax get on with their own lives until the next rally. The majority won't take any interest in what they have to say, certainly not national governments.
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