Military: Case on soldiers' testimonies closed
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 30.03.09, 18:04
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1. Stupid soldiers should be prosecuted!
Doris ,   Tel Aviv   (03.30.09)
They caused Israel alot of damage with their stupid, ill-advised, anti-Israel statements.
2. Slander, hearsay, and reading haaretz
Arie ,   BaGolan   (03.30.09)
The basics here: The accusations are nothing short of typical leftie slander and malignant accusations against the brave heroes of Tzahal; the few (and by all accounts we are talking about a dozen soldiers) prefer to believe the lies of hamass, who are dedicated to killing any and every Jew and hold their fellow soldier Shalit; and finally haaretz, a German based media which has taken upon itself the role of besting al Jazeera and hamass itself in every attack on the Jewish State.
3. crescendo probing
observer   (03.30.09)
Probing started with Attorney General, through Military court, ended with Military Police. As usual it's discipline problem; the soldiers dared testifying. What about independent investigation? Do you really believe the procedure doesn't incur on the image and ethics of the IDF and its soldiers in Israel and throughout the world?
4. Right, and the victims are still alive...
Polygraph   (03.30.09)
What did you expect, IDF admitting any war crimes? That will never happen unless there is an independent investigation and even then they'll probably reject the conclusions. IDF self-investigations lack legitimacy!
5. It is called: LASHON HA RA, spreading malicious rumors
m   (03.30.09)
They should be prosecuted and condemned to spent 6 month going around US and EU giving lectures on their misdeeds, apologizing every lecture for the damage they did
6. Ha!
J K ,   NYC, USA   (03.30.09)
'Rights groups suspicious of speed at which case closed'? Just like most are amazed at the speed at which they condemn Israel without doing any real research into the issue and verifying their facts. I trust what Israel is saying now versus those who shoot off their mouths immediately without checking the verity of their information.
7.  Close down Rabin pre-Military Academy !!!!
EG   (03.30.09)
8. military court for human rights activists, MP for soldiers
observer   (03.30.09)
The Israeli High Court's decision on March 10 to block travel outside the West Bank of the human rights defender Shawan Jabarin violates his rights to a fair hearing and freedom of movement, Human Rights Watch said. Based on secret evidence that neither Jabarin nor his lawyer were allowed to see, the court refused to lift a travel ban imposed on Jabarin by military order in 2006, shortly after he became the director of Al-Haq, a leading human rights organization in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Jabarin had petitioned to have the ban lifted in order to travel to the Netherlands, where he was to receive the prestigious 2009 Geuzen Medal, awarded by the Stichting Geuzenverzet Foundation, on behalf of Al-Haq. The Israel-based human rights group B'Tselem was the co-winner of this year's award.
9. Investigate Haaretz
Dave ,   Canada   (03.30.09)
Haaretz itself should be investigated for systemic misrepresentation, and malicious slander of Israel. Its two most notorious traitors, Haas and Levy are the Tokyo Rose and Lord HawHaw of Israel.
10. What do you expecxt form a religous investigator?
Ron Morrison   (03.30.09)
Look at the picture. The advocate general is a religious fanatic. He was probably using some twisted torah law that commands Jews to kill non-Jews. The same kind of law that Yigal Amir used to kill Rabin,
11. #4 why dont you stick your polygraph
vashDi ,   israel   (03.30.09)
where the sun dont shine. g-d bless idf. prosecute the traitors who spoke against idf. long live israel.
12. Does any of the arab countries
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.30.09)
investigate terror attacks against Jews and others? The soldiers that testified about this heresy should be court martialed and removed from the army. That rabin school should lose accreditation and the manager fired and tried for libel.
13. #4 if we go by your logic...
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (03.30.09)
Then anything a Palestinian led group says about the death toll in Gaza lacks legitimacy as well.
14. #8 that secret eveidence....
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (03.30.09) evidence that keeps Israel safe.
15. #14 too secret to only ban him from traveling?
observer   (03.30.09)
16. #1 Stupid Soldiers
Terry ,   Chicago, IL   (03.30.09)
Yes, they should be prosecuted for tainting Israeli's image and making Israelis doubt their inhuman practices. Ah! The nerve...
17. #16 Tainting Israel's Image
That's the goal of your every post.
18. "Rights" groups won't be satisfied until get desired results
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (03.30.09)
Of course these so-called human rights groups aren't satisfied with those investigations that cleared the IDF. They *want* to believe the IDF is evil personified, and they'll keep insisting on an "independent" investigation that is more likely to give them the conclusions they seek. It is not surprising that the initial accusations emerged from a left-wing pre-military academy run by a convicted refusenik, or that this blood libel was actively disseminated by Haaretz. Few among them could tell you what "lashon hara" is (gossip, slander, an evil tongue), or the strictures against the "eid sheker" (the false witness). Their words rightly constitute blood libels, as their incitement to hate could well lead to the shedding of blood.
19. military: case of soldiers'
debbie ,   israel   (03.30.09)
TO TERRY OF CHICAGO, I usually don't bother with these idiot talkbacks anymore, but I am fed up with you, sick to my stomach, and would like to tell you that you sound like an anti-semitic, anti-western, f _ _ _ _ _ _ broken record, and a boring ignorananus in addition. Do you ever make a statement that isn't anti Israel? I don't believe you even know or care about the facts, or bother to read anything, you just spout out these rediculous statements one after the other. Whenever there is the slightest opening to spew your sick obsessive hatred of Israel, there you go again jumping on the bandwagon. I'm sick of you, and sick of your talkbacks that pop up like poisonous weeds whenever mention is made of Israel, or even when it isn't, you find a way to slip in an anti semitic, anti israel statement. Enough a'ready. If you're so bothered by "inhuman" armies, or governments, get on to talkbacks about Sudan, Darfar, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Somalia, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia or any other of the Arab countries where innocent people are raped, mutilated and murdered by the thousands. Until you do that we will know you are one big nauseating HYPOCRITE, just out to vent your sick obsession with Israel. You've become an big obnoxious yawning bore. No one takes you seriousy anymore. Get off it a'readyand get the hell off these talkbacks.
20. Is it normal that....
Mark Wilson ,   USA   (03.30.09)
a sensitive investgation like this one be done so quick? Smells fishy to me! This calls for an impartial international investigation. One that is supervised by the ICC.
21. Morrison #10:With all due respect
Arie ,   BaGolan   (03.30.09)
Take your Antisemitic histrionics and kindly pleasure yourself with it! And then watch out, that priest playing with your child just might move to deflower him, using the twisted interpretations of the new testament!
22. #3 #20 let me explain
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (03.30.09)
The investigators went to the two soldiers and asked them what they saw. The two soldiers admitted they saw nothing, were nowhere near the alleged events and only exagerrated gossip that they heard from others to give the impression that they were "tough guys". The investigators then identified the actual events that were the basis for the false stories, both which had already been investigated.
23. Who is lying? IDF investigators or IDF soldiers?
Polygraph   (03.31.09)
In any case, it's the IDF!
24. military: case on soldiers' testimonies
debbie ,   israel   (03.31.09)
TO POLYGRAPH: Why must you be so negative? Who is "lying?" This is not a case of someone telling the truth and someone lying. They were rumors that got blown up and passed on, by a few soldiers, as everyone knows happens all the time and especially during war. No one has yet to find a single piece of evidence that these Gazans were fired at on purpose and killed. I'm sure if this actually happened, there would suddenly and magically be "thousands of Gazan eyewitnesses." The fact that there aren't tells it all, Polygraph.
25. #24, because he isn't interested in the truth
Danny   (03.31.09)
just like the reporters in Ha'aretz and the Channel two reporters who offered a dramaticised version. All that happened is that the soldiers regurgitated a rumour which a left-wing man dressed up as if they were there and a lazy press didn't bother to fact check. If anyone is actually lying it is either Ha'aretz or Zamir.
26. #3, they didn't "testify"
Danny   (03.31.09)
they passed on rumours and a man trying to make a point passed it off as fact and Ha'aretz - as usual - uncritically accepted anti-Israeli propaganda.
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