Arab leaders on Land Day: We're not afraid of Right
Sharon Roffe-Ofir
Published: 30.03.09, 19:41
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stude ham   (03.30.09)
all the lands of israel belong to the jewish people... and not to the descendants of its foreign medieval invaders.
2. "Judaization of the Galilee"
Arie ,   BaGolan   (03.30.09)
The comments: 1. The Galilee is currently part of the JEWISH State, hence its "Judaization." 2. The Negev is part of the JEWISH state, hence it "Judaization." As for the Negev, we have NEVER seen any of the 5th column condemn the daily barrage of terrorist attacks on the Negev, even when arabs are killed! 3. One option that has been presented is that the arab triangle be exchanged to the pa/hamass in return for the settlement bolcs, dunam for dunam. That would obviate the concern over "Judaization" and move the Galilee to pa/hamassrule. What the 5th column better understand is that with that and the new pa/hamass rule, they will be keeping arab rrule while surrendering their civil liberties, education, women's rights, and so on. I do, however, recall that when this was brought up before screams of racism were brought up by hadash and ual. What this simply is is a demand on the part of the 5th column to enjoy all the liberties of the JEWISH state without any responsibilities. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR..............
3. What a bunch of idiots
4. "WSF"
Arie ,   BaGolan   (03.30.09)
The alleged "world social forum" - who and what: 1.Socialist/Communist 2. Does not believe any one opposed to them should have a forum (one way "civil liberties") 3. Dedicated to "life after capitalism" - the leninist mantra 4. Includes most anarchist parties 5. They have locked out poor african states from involvement claiming the African states have nothing to offer 6. Known for their violence at world summits 7. A pet of noam chomsky, oft spoken kapo
5. Judaization?
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (03.30.09)
Israel is a Jewish state. Anyone that objects, is free to leave; the sooner the better. I note for the record that a similar march would not be possible in any of the 23 Arab countries. So those Arabs who protest in Israel should count their blessings and shut up.
al mann ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.30.09)
For thousands of years, the nations of the world have tried to erase the Jews. From the days of Babylon and Persia, to Greece and Rome, the Crusades and the Holocaust their attempts have failed. Even today they are afraid of the Judaization of Israel. It will happen in spite of the incessant hatred expressed throughout history. The Children of Ishmael and of Esau have failed in the past and will have to be satisfied with what they have and leave the Sons of Israel alone in their small land.
7. silly arabs.
vashDi ,   israel   (03.30.09)
they just cant accept the fact that this tiny weeny little land is OURS. they need to keep on marching not pick up the 200 hundred shekels and march straight back to gaza where they came from!
8. Thats like Tigerizing a Tiger, it's already that way!
The Dude   (03.30.09)
9. Dear World, maybe he was right after all
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (03.30.09)
10. Israeli Arabs were Arabized
Jewstin ,   Seattle   (03.30.09)
What we need is de-Arabization of Israel, the Arabs were invaders with no historic basis in Palestine. Palestine has no historic basis in Israel, Palestine never existed prior to the Roman expulsion of Jews from their homeland. The Israelites and Judeans brought the law of God to the holy land, they are the true inheritors of any long term cultural presence.
probaganda works always :) but ! you got to get the point :) brain brain ! its about that .) OHHH IDF GIRLS :) KILL MEEEEEE :)
12. MKs warned against Israel's Judaization of Galilee,
Daniel ,   Amsterdam   (03.30.09)
Are they crazy or what, Israel belong to Jews
13. Phase two has started
dmgold ,   pardes channa   (03.30.09)
Jews have no rigt to Judea Samaria and Gaza, so the Muslim narrative goes. Now that narrative has been accepted by the world and a majority of Israeli Jews as fact, the 5th column of so called 'Israeli Arabs are leading the charge on the 48 borders, soon we shall con ouselves into the ever growing super ghetto called Gush Dan/Tel Aviv.
14. What about Arab confiscation of Jewish land?
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (03.30.09)
Google the 1947 Aleppo Riot, the 1929 Hebron Riot or the 1941 Farhud in Baghdad. We should only allow "Land Day" protests when Jews in Iraq, Syria and the "Palestinian Authority" are allowed to have their own "Land Day" protests. Let's defend ourselves for once...
15. what olmert did not say
marcel   (03.30.09)
What ehud did not say to abbas is the following: israel is the ancestral home of the jewish people before, now and forever. palestine never existed as a nation and was a roman term. Arabs who live in israel are visitors and have to decide to be loyal to the jewish state to get the benefits. No more land days will be tolerated. if anything, arabs have islamicized the west bank and East jeruslame. If arabs are not loyal to the jewish state which includes national service,t hen they cannot be citizens. Olmert didn't have a core concept, he was vacuous, is nothing and stands for nothing other than grease and shmear. Israelis will never give him another chance as an MK or higher office. If they do, then israel is finnished and doomed.
Mohammed ,   Mecca, Saudi Arabia   (03.30.09)
Muslims are not the Israelites or Children of Israel but are the Ishmaelites. Muslims are from the bloodline of Prophet Ismail (Ishmael). The Jews or Children of Israel are from the bloodline of Prophet Ishaq (Isaac) and Prophet Yaqub (Jacob). Not only does the Quran acknowledge that the land (of Israel) belongs to the Jews but the Jewish Bible (Torah) and Christian Bible also make such acknowledgment. Also, Muslims were never enslaved in Egypt for hundreds of years by Pharaoh. Pharaoh enslaved the Children of Prophet Yaqub (Jacob). Allah then sent Musa (Moses) to save the Jews from Pharaoh's tyranny. When the Children of Israel were saved, Allah gave Musa (Moses) the Torah on Mount Sinai. The Ishmaelites didn’t receive the Torah. The Israelites received the Torah. Surah 44 Verse 30: "We did deliver aforetime the Children of Israel from humiliating Punishment," Surah 44 Verse 31: "Inflicted by Pharaoh, for he was arrogant (even) among inordinate transgressors." Surah 10 Verse 75: "Then after them sent We Moses and Aaron to Pharaoh and his chiefs with Our Signs. But they were arrogant: they were a people in sin." Surah 2 Verse 50: "And remember We divided the sea for you and saved you and drowned Pharaoh's people within your very sight." Allah promised the land (of Israel) to the twelve sons/tribes/chieftains of Prophet Yaqub (Jacob) in surah 17 verse 104 & surah 5 verse 12 (among others). Prophet Musa (Moses) and Prophet Haroon (Aaron) were from the Israelite tribe of Levi and are regarded as Levites. Muslims have no connection to the twelve tribes of Israel. Therefore, Muslims have no right to the land of Israel. Muslims can only visit the land of Israel. All of the suicide bombings and terrorist acts around the world are as a result of Palestinians' rejection of Allah's command. If "Palestinians" adhered to Allah’s word in the Quran, the world would be a more peaceful place. There is no real peace in the world today because of the actions of "Palestinians" occupying non-Muslim land. "Palestinians" have brainwashed the Arab world into thinking that they have a right to the land (of Israel). Allah promised the Jews that he would gather them amongst various nations and return them to their land of promise (Israel). "Palestinians" are leading the Muslim world into conflict with Allah. Surah 6 verse 21 states, "Who doth more wrong than he who inventeth a lie against Allah or rejecteth His signs? But verily the wrong-doers never shall prosper". "Palestinians" went against Allah by inventing this lie of "Palestine" over the holy nation of Israel and rejected Allah’s signs of the return of Israel in the Quran. As a result of Palestinians’ violation of surah 6 verse 21, Allah fulfilled his promise of making certain that "the wrong-doers never shall prosper". Today, "Palestinians" have one of the highest rates of poverty and jobless claims in the world. The "Palestinians" also duped the Islamic world into chanting "Death to Israel". Chanting "Death to Israel" is the equivalency of saying "Death to the Prophet Yaqub (Jacob)". The term "Israel" is a very holy name in the Quran. The Quran makes it very clear that the term "Israel" derives from the Prophet Yaqub (Jacob) and his twelve sons. I will also never say "Al mout li Israil" (Death to Israel) because the Jews just like the Muslims are descendants of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham). Our roots connect with Ibrahim (our Prophet and Father) and we are cousins. Every time "Palestinians" send rockets into Israel and conduct suicide missions in Israel, "Palestinians" declare war on Prophet Ibrahim because Israel is the homeland of Ibrahim as well as Prophets Isa (Jesus), Ishaq (Isaac), Yaqub (Jacob), Yusef (Joseph), Dawud (King David), Lut (Lot), Haroon (Aaron), Sulayman (King Solomon), Yunus (Jonah), Al-Yasa (Elisha), Zakariya (Zechariah), Yahya ibn Zakariyya (John the Baptist) and Ilyas (Elijah). All of these wonderful Israeli people are prophets in Islam.
Mohammed ,   Mecca, Saudi Arabia   (03.30.09)
I say once again, "Palestinians" are evildoers (kuffars) and are leading Muslims into confrontation with Allah. This is common sense and is a test of Allah. You have to think intelligently and not like a silly or delusional child. Surah 8 verse 22 states, "For the worst of beasts in the sight of Allah are the deaf and the dumb,- those who understand not". "Palestinians" clearly fit the profile that Allah references in Surah 8 verse 22. Muslims have to put aside any hatred for Jews and condemn "Palestinians" living on land that was not assigned to them by Allah. Just think for a second. Why was it that Arab nations were destroyed by a flimsy country like Israel in 1948, 1967 and 1973? Israel was outnumbered by the number of Arab soldiers and weapons it possessed but Israel was still able to simultaneously crush the massive armies of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq (48,67,73), Saudi Arabia (1948), Lebanon (1948), Yemen (1948) and Libya (1948) into submission in countless wars. How can this happen? Israel is a tiny sliver of a land with a small group of people. The Quran also acknowledged in surah 26 verse 54, "These (Israelites) are but a small band". Wasn’t Allah on the side of Muslims on this matter? No, No, and No. Allah warned the Muslims in the Quran in surah 17 verse 104 that he would gather the Children of Israel out of various nations and return them to their land of promise. Allah is not an aggressor. Allah witnessed the suffering of the Jews by the hands of dictators for thousands of years and therefore allowed the Jews to return to their holy ancient homeland. Allah knows that the Jews produced more than half of the prophets in Islam. How can Muslims overlook the fact that the Jews contributed a lot of its (Jewish) prophets from Israel to Islam. Prophets Isa (Jesus), Ishaq (Isaac), Yaqub (Jacob), Yusef (Joseph), Dawud (King David), Lut (Lot), Haroon (Aaron), Sulayman (King Solomon), Yunus (Jonah), Al-Yasa (Elisha), Zakariya (Zechariah), Yahya ibn Zakariyya (John the Baptist) and Ilyas (Elijah) were all Israelis. I say again, all these prophets in Islam were Israelis. We should be very thankful to the Israelis but what do the Arab nations do? The Arab nations endlessly condemn a holy country like Israel. A real Muslim can’t utter the words "Al mout li Israil" (Death to Israel). It is a slap in the face of all Israeli prophets in Islam. This is an act that can only satisfy Shaytan (Satan). If you commit acts that satisfy Shaytan then you are a follower of Shaytan. It’s that simple. It is because of "Palestinians" that Muslims from certain countries can't visit holy sites in Israel like the resting place of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham), Prophet Ishaq (Isaac), Prophet Yaqub (Jacob), Prophet Yusef (Joseph) Prophet Dawud (King David) and Al-Aqsa Mosque & al-Haram ash-Sharif (Temple Mount). Israel allows Christians from around the world visit holy sites in Israel. The problem that Muslims face today is with "Palestinians" not the Israelis. If "Palestinians" left Israel today, Israel would allow Muslims from around the world visit holy sites in its country. We, Muslims, want to visit these holy sites and pay our respect to these prophets but "Palestinians" block us from doing so. "Palestinians" are not Muslims. If "Palestinians" were Muslims then they would not be living on the land of Israel and fighting with Allah's words in the Quran. So, don't tell me that "Palestinians" are Muslims because that would anger real Muslims. Over the century, "Palestinians" have turned Islam from a religion to a political system. This has to stop. There is no "Palestine" in the Quran but only Israel and the Jews are the rightful owners to the land as it is said in the Jewish Bible, Christian Bible and the Quran. Sooner or later, all Muslim countries will realize this fact. Hatred of Israel embedded in the Muslim body will one day be cleansed and we will apologize to the Israelis for all the anguish we put them through. It’s a promise.
18. What a stupid statement
Steve from Raleigh   (03.30.09)
Stop being a Jewish state? What an idiotic thing to say. Stop being the Muslim Ummah !!!!
19. the Jewification of the Jewish state?
will edwards ,   dallas tx usa   (03.30.09)
I kind of thought that was the whole idea. There are many square miles of Arab land all around the middle east and one little piece of earth given by Ha-Shem to the descendants of Israel forever. I am not at all concerned with what the Arabic population of Israel wants. I view them as antagonistic immigrants at best. Because the Islamic leaders have chosen to lie about history and occupy a land they never can own is no reason to give in to the Arabic voice. Let them go where they are surrounded by their brothers in kind if they will have them. Leave Israel to the Jew. Liberate the Gaza strip and the West Bank from the grip of the murderous terroristic Arabic leadership and be done with it. I am by far a moderate but on this issue I do not sway. I am very much so a tolerant believer that all are children of G-d and should be respected...but it works both ways. If I were in charge I would go from door to door evicting the Arab and all his belongings to the outer walls of Israel and bless them on their journey far away from the ONLY Jewish state on the planet
20. thank you #16, mohamad!
oded   (03.30.09)
finally we come acros a reasonable, well- versed scholar who knows history and theology! good for you! with and your lke we all can live in everlasting peace and pros[erity! can you imagine them iddle- east's economic power if there 's coporation between israel and the rest of the arab world? this area of the world wil be a powerfull economic entity, with high-tech, alternaive energy, factoires and plants....
21. The guy is right
Jean-Pierre ,   Holon, Israel   (03.30.09)
This Zahalka guy surely does not understand what he repeats from his masters in Iran. Listen to him: "..The next step will be to file another bill proposal demanding we get back the lands that were taken away from us." Israel has been taken from us by the Romans about 2000 years ago. Finally we got the land back. How do these Arabs fit in the picture? They don't.
22. #11 - Atilla, Wise local Armenians...
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (03.30.09)
... stupid, foreign Turks. Get with the program and go back to Mongolia. See Turkey run, see Turkey hide- Turkey's guilty of GENOCIDE!!!!!
23. Someone seems to have left the door to
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (03.30.09)
the loony bin open. Atilla the Kangaroo is back! Oh brother!
24. to #22 hey atila is just a kid
ghostq   (03.30.09)
he doesn't know what he is talking about anyway.
25. to #23 no finally his mommy
ghostq2   (03.30.09)
gave him back the permition to use the pc again.
26. funny headline: "stop plans to judaize israel"
uli ,   jerusalem   (03.30.09)
what is israel and zionism all about except for reastablishing the national homeland of the Jewish(!) people. Other people who want to live in peace in this country are according to Jewish tradition very much cared for and protected. Not so - I would say - for people who want to destroy the only Jewish state.
27. i would agree that Israeli get more right wing, but...
uli ,   jerusalem   (03.30.09)
not for some psychological bugs, but for really hardware reasons from the Arab sector.
28. Land Day demonstrations
Cyril ,   Alumim,Israel   (03.30.09)
The State of Israel was created as a Jewish State. If the Arabs don't like it they ca make other arrangements!
30. "loyalty tests??" why are Israelis carrying Pali. flags?
lol ,   usa   (03.30.09)
If an Israeli citizen is Arab, he/she should still carry an Israeli flag, otherwise, he/she should move the hell out to the Palestinian terrortories (spelling intentional.)
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