Chavez: No plan to restore ties with Israel
Associated Press
Published: 30.03.09, 21:48
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1. chavez, we DONT want ties with u
matan ,   tora   (03.30.09)
dont u get it already? go back to your hole which you call office and smoke your cigar you low life!
2. Warm bucket of spit
Sidney ,   USA   (03.30.09)
Hardly any Americans remember FDR's first vice president, John Nance Garner. When asked how he liked being vice president, he said that "it isn't worth a warm bucket of spit". That's about what relations with Chavez are worth.
3. Venezuela = Mierda
4. It is pitty that Obama has not given him a call yet ...
Ak ,   Bahrain   (03.30.09)
It seems like the US has got plenty of reserve oil in their tanks.
6. Now Chavez is a man of principle!
Marco ,   Spain   (03.30.09)
7. Chavez ! Castro wannabe
Ariel ,   Canada   (03.30.09)
8. two comments for Chavez
withheld ,   Copenhagen, Denmark   (03.30.09)
1) what could Israel possibly gain by having relations with Venezuela 2) look who's talking I think Israel should give Chavez and his regime of horrors, the cold shoulder. What good could this guy/state possibly have to offer?! We live in a time where vandals, criminals, terrorists, dictators and political extremists are politely respected as a cultural sensitivity. It sickens me the most, that the UN of all, practices this sickening display og appeasement. An organization that was created in order to set a stop to the very same type of dictators and tyrants and geopolitical criminals that they are now giving influence and speechtime in the assembly(i.e. Chavez, Ahmadinejad, Arafat), The world has indeed changed since 9/11... For the worse.
9. #3 Wrong
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (03.31.09)
Correct: Chavez=Mierda
10. Chavez
Brad ,   USA   (03.31.09)
No relations with Chavez is like a thousand years without bullcrap. I'm sure Israel is just crying in her beer because the despot Chavez won't have diplomatic relations with her. Hey moron, if you want another nation to change their policy, you need to offer them something of value. Relations with you, ain't it.
11. Marco, Chavez stole the land of private owners...
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (03.31.09)
There is nothing honorable about Marxism. It is quite Barbaric. Venezuela will fail under Chavez if he continues to be re-elected.
12. One of the real men in the world
Goliath   (03.31.09)
Chavez is one of the real men in the world in facing Israeli-American arrogance and crimes. Others are just women.
13. Marco from the land of
Jose Luis ,   Catalunia   (03.31.09)
The inquizition,the land of the ignorants(all the brains were kicked out 1462) the land of Terrorist suporters,The land of the cowards( want to change the election outcome in Spain?..blow a couple of trains ) the land of nothing.
14. Pity Foreign affairs PUNISHING Venezuelans tourist
Dudu ,   Caracas strip   (03.31.09)
It’s a Pity, Venezuelan who wants to visit Israel are being punished by late embassy workers and Foreign Affairs office, with a news blackout of how to get visa. Jews as well are having a hard time to get visa or visa renewal. It’s easier for a Venezuelan to get visa for Australia (with no embassy too in Venezuela) than to Israel.
15. Good god, Venezuela hates us
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (03.31.09)
We're screwed now, I'm telling you.
16. Never rule it out, Ak.
Cameron ,   USA   (03.31.09)
Patience has been known to run out for peanut dictators who go out of their way to push operate as a threat. One way or the other, bad actors have been known to make an exit.
17. chavez
arent you talking about yourself here? aren't you the little poor and corupt, totalitarian south american latin state that is subordinated to iran?????? hamed aboughaze iran, los angeles
18. Chavez is a nobody. (except if mediocrity is important)
Australian Guy   (03.31.09)
19. chavez=antisemite notoire
rachel ,   usa   (03.31.09)
20. #11 Chavez can't be re-elected, he is President-for-Life,
usa   (03.31.09)
just like Saddam Hussein was. Venezuela is now a totalitarian Communist dictatorship a la Castro. Democratic nations like Israel are better off without diplomatic ties to this evil regime.
21. genocide
solemnman ,   israel   (03.31.09)
has genocide come to mean the exponential expansion of population??
22. Time for a new Operation Moses!
Roscio ,   Rome, Italy   (03.31.09)
Israel was able to airlift over 24,000 Ethiopian Jews to freedom and safety in one weekend. I think it is time the Jews of Venezuela plan to their exodus while they still can!
23. David vs.
withheld ,   Copenhagen, Denmark   (03.31.09)
Hey Goliath you crack me up. Are bikers with tatoos and criminal records better men than say, those who can produce and think? A dictator like Chavez who needs absolute supporters in his public in order to say what he is saying, is neither bold nor strong. And certainly not right...
24. The mullahs connection to this dictator:
Red Temple ,   White Mtns.   (03.31.09)
Iran’s proxy Hezbollah is already heavily involved in Venezuela. For Iran, Venezuela is an important base of operations. Hezbollah also has links with Mexican drug-smuggling cartels. Hezbollah is in the drug business, we all know this, but the greater danger is that it is attempting to smuggle something much more catastrophically into the U.S. by referring to the Mersin incident back in January. Be very careful of Venezualla and this dictator Chevez. What has Iran shipped to Venezuela already that customs officials didn’t catch? The mullahs' are using Venezuela as a clandestine cover for terrorist activities in the Americas while Iran itself is continually going bankrupt and these fascists go against Iran's national interests as well as Venezuela's. Meanwhile, Chavez has managed to undermine the democratic apparatus of his own country in little less than a couple of years and has basically set up a far leftist national socialistic state .
25. Dear lord. What would we do without Venezuela?
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (03.31.09)
That loon Chavez never fails to crack me up with his stupidity.
26. #25-Is this funny?
Red Temple ,   White Mtns.   (03.31.09)
"While the world offers riches to all, minorities such as the descendants of those who crucified Christ have become the owners of the riches of the world." Hugo Chavez
27. #20 usa
Marco ,   Spain   (03.31.09)
Do you really believe your stupid propaganda? Chavez is not president for life. He is allowed to conteset future elections but he is not president for life.
28. if he takes Cuba
ghostq   (03.31.09)
as a raw model he is in big big troble, they still drive viecles from the 60's, and horse power, he will face what all Communists leaders face eventually and that is sleeping with one eye open, paranoya, and mass murders of innocents, just to save is back (after he won't be able to bring piece of corn bread to the table of the masses)
29. #27 Marco, I guess you missed the news report where Chavez
Marco SUXX ,   usa   (03.31.09)
and his crones backed a referendum to make him President for life. He also has harassed Opposition candidates with threats and jail. You should really try reading something besides Al-Jazeera, loser.
30. #26 Excellent!
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (03.31.09)
I would put it right up there with the Spanish king telling Hugo to shut the hell up.
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