Olmert bids farewell to Knesset
Amnon Meranda
Published: 31.03.09, 17:44
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1. Good
ben ,   singapore   (03.31.09)
2. 'I did it my way.'
Arie ,   BaGolan   (03.31.09)
You lost the lebanon war - your way; You lost the Negev to the islamonazis - your way; Gilad Shalit is most probably dead - because of your way; syria has some fantasy of getting the Golan, because of your way; Tzahal was not allowed to finish the job in gaza - because of your way; the 5th column riots at will without repercussions, because of your way; And we voted for Netanyahu - because you did things your way. Now, keep the promise, stay out of politics, and don't let the door smack your backside on the way out. You will be remembered as the jimmy carter of Israeli politics. Lose lose, and when you're finished losing, lose some more!
3. Your Way
Ellen ,   Israel/USA   (03.31.09)
Kol Hakovod # 2--you said it all beautifully!
4. Good riddance. Don't look back!
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (03.31.09)
5. Thank you and farewell - welcome oversized government!!!!
Sheila ,   Jerusalem,Israel   (03.31.09)
stude ham   (03.31.09)
7. Why isn't OLMERT in prison?
GET REAL ,   USA   (03.31.09)
8. the fool is (finally!!!) gone, but the stench of olmertism..
dante ,   uk   (03.31.09)
the stench of olmertism and the consequences of a stupid, conviction-less, feckless gov't will remain until they are, with great effort, purged.
9. Correction: " I did it my cowardly way"- Olmert
Zohan ,   Tel Aviv   (03.31.09)
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (03.31.09)
What a most irritating PM olmert has been. Constantly flapping his gums at the most inopportune times. We will pay the price in the long term for his failed policies , weakness , inappropriate actions and just plain blunders on many fronts. It is one thing to be tired of winning, but to leave us with our pants down for the rest off the world is embarrassing.
11. Frank Sinatra he isnt..more like Bozo the clown
Al   (03.31.09)
12. Israel had the bestselling PM since 15 years
Chris ,   Heidelberg/Warsaw   (03.31.09)
it's a pity that most of Israelis do not see that... Now it is time for the other side of a moon - Mr Lieberman as a Foreign Minister. No comments...
13. Now, Let enjoy the money in a New York flat
14. he did it his way
alexi   (03.31.09)
Olmert did it his way and will be going to jail. Danny Zamir suggested and concocted a series of lies and should join olmert in jail along with barclay, ginsberg,denise, hirshson and zaken. Olmert is an absolute liar, a fraudster, a weakling. His greatest accomplishment is producing 2 cowardly sons who ran away from idf and reserve duty.
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (03.31.09)
Thank God normal people with spines are in charge now. Olmert you were useless. Go be ashamed.
16. Good riddance, I don't want to hear his name again
17. Thank you Sir
Yohanan Levi   (03.31.09)
Dear Mr Ulmert, on behalf of my family, I thank you for your service to our country. You performed couraguously and efficiently in-spite-of the malicious campaign to demonize you. I sincerely believe that the interest of Israel was your only motive. You gave the Arabs a lot of lip-service and no concesions in reality. Again, we appreciate your leadership.
18. Original text: I did it His way.
Jo ,   Amsterdam, Holland   (03.31.09)
19. Did he turn in his key?
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.01.09)
20. Not a single regret at all, really? sheesh
Pioneer   (04.01.09)
what a maroon. Olmert you failed the country during the Leb2 war because you and the other two stooges thought your vision was flawless. You, Halutz and Peretz should be turned out of the country for what you did.
21. Olmert
Elizabeth Forno ,   CO, USA   (04.02.09)
Olmert is the worst Prime Minister Israel has ever had. Under his watch Gilad Shalit has been held captive by brutal Hamas. Gilads kidnapping took place not on a battle field but on a cross border raid on sovereign state of Israel- Gilad Shalit's capture is a WAR CRIME under Olmert's watch. There are no RED LINES when it comes to bringing GILAD SHALIT home. I don't know how Olmert sleeps at night. I pray for Gilad and the Shalit family. Gilad must come home and the outrage must be heard in every headline around the world!
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