Netanyahu: Nukes greatest threat
Amnon Meranda
Published: 31.03.09, 18:09
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1. Walking backwards
Observer ,   Brazil   (03.31.09)
Bibi will walk alone on this way. Unfortunelly all israeli citizens, supporters or not, will be dragged to isolation with him. I´m very worried about the future...
2. Some Advice
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (03.31.09)
Bibi, please don't wimp out when obama turns the screws on you. He has already sent ominous messages thru his advice to seek rapprochement with Syria and flirting around with Iran. He will be no friend of Israel. That he has clearly demonstrated. Curious how the Left in both Israel and the US are still in denial about their Messiah and probably will be until The Bomb falls on your tiny country. even then - those that haven't fried - will say you had it coming! I's tough for an airheaded Lib to confront the fact that their god is EVIL. hussein obama IS a Muslim and will forever be one. Forget this at your peril. You will only rue the day you allow his threats to influence decisions you MUST make in Israel's self interest.
3. I'd rather walk alone in isolation
Winston Churchill ,   The World   (03.31.09)
rather than perish in the midst of acceptance.
4. PA statehood can wait. Iran war cannot.
Daniel ,   Los Angeles, USA   (03.31.09)
5. Sorry Daniel of LA
דניאל ,   Tel Aviv   (03.31.09)
Iran war can also wait Sderot can not! Let's deal with the bombs falling on our State before we attempt a war with Iran. Besides how would we get there? The US has denied Israel the ability to fly over Iraq
6. #2 - you're an idiot.
7. Do we trust Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ?
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (03.31.09)
Missiles with a range of 6,000 km, launched from Iran, can hit not only any Middle Eastern countries, but also any target in Europe, including targets in Britain, China, Russia, and India. Iran has installed centrifuges for the purpose of enriching uranium, but continues to deny it is trying to develop atomic bombs. However, there was "no logic" in Iran working diligently towards producing long-range ballistic missiles unless it planned to couple such missiles with nuclear warheads. As to nuclear Iran and Islam see :
8. #6, That The Best You Can Do?
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (03.31.09)
Here we see the brightest among dim Lib bulbs who digs deeply into his well of profundity to reveal the extent of his learned scholarship upon the matter under discussion.
9. Bibi! The way to protect Israel from nukes is to read Isaiah
Rivkah   (03.31.09)
chapters 1-5. What is described is a nuclear attack on Israel that I believe can be prevented by God protecting Israel if the reasons God fails to protect Jerusalem are addressed. The three reasons given are flaunting sodomy (homosexuality), wanton eyes in women, and cheating the poor. Keep the sodomites out of Jerusalem or prevent them from flaunting their liefestyle that offends the Lord. Require women in Jerusalem to wear sunglasses when outside and variant adjustable lenses when inside when men are present. Listen to the poor when they say they have been cheated and try to correct such wrongs. If the three things that upset the Lord in Jerusalem are corrected, then the Lord will protect His holy mountain, Jerusalem. Failure to secure the Lord's protection from nukes will mean the mighty men will die and the women will be bald and raped. It will mean two thirds of Israel will die according to the Prophet Zechariah. Who are the third who are protected? Those who are not swine eaters or eaters of unclean foods (Isaiah chapter 65 &66) and those who try to follow God's written commandments and repent whent they fail to. The atheists and sodomites and scorners of God, God will judge. They will not live to see the Messiah. Rabbi Michael Rood said the seven years of the Nazi holocaust sufferings gave birth to the nation of Israel. Another seven years of suffering will give birth to the Messiah's earthly Kingdom of a thousand years of peace.
10. Look at the two love birds!
Marco ,   Spain   (03.31.09)
Bouche a bouche Olmert and Netanyahoo. How sweet!
11. #6 u r the idiot, obama=the evil that will destroy the worl
ex Us   (03.31.09)
chicago   (03.31.09)
13. We CAN DO Something ...
Christy ,   Boston, US   (04.01.09)
Hold this government up in our daily prayers. Other governments too that could use it.
14. Only Rivkah #9 - GOT IT RIGHT!!!
Avraham ,   Los Angeles   (04.01.09)
15. #10 Marco
Bandar ,   Lebanon   (04.01.09)
I agree with you friend. Looking at the picture of Olmert and Netanyahoo, you would think that a french kiss is coming! Are they gay? Dont censor Ynet, by looking at the picture above, its a legetimite question!
16. #5 correct
ben Ish   (04.01.09)
US has denied codes for IDF to use airspace, even under GWBush. This makes air strikes very difficult. The problem Iran should think about is this: Israel needs permission for aircraft to use airspace, but not our missiles. What missiles? The ones we don't have, along with the nuclear warheads we don't have.
17. 14 Avraham: Thank you. If only others would listen, too.
Rivkah   (04.01.09)
18. Where is my coment ?
Mike Van Harris ,   Antwerp Belgium   (04.01.09)
Why you hide the truth ?
19. #17 take your pills dear
Leah ,   Ramat HaSharon   (04.01.09)
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