Netanyahu: We don't want messianic cult controlling nukes
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 01.04.09, 07:36
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1. Prevent Iran? How by Kissing Iran muck, muck, muck?
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (04.01.09)
USA simply kissing Iran's ass because US army is snookered in Afganistan, and it seems your ally jundullah will be sacrified for friedly US and American relations because premier issue started as drug smuggling through Iranian afganistan border and Jundullah Israeli ally (also Al-queda ally) will be sacrified first so you cannot find any to get Hamas and Hizbullah leaders killed.
2. obama won't
ghostq   (04.01.09)
do anything, he is a nice gimmick but as for actions he will do nothing he never even initiate no laws during his senat years, behind his empty words there is nothing, and he is trying so hard to get the republican mad, the fortcast of his sit is not secure, he will abandon the world diplomacy in the futur to fight his personal battle for his futur political career.
3. Israel needs to start
hakim ,   usa   (04.01.09)
taking care of her own problems...Like the article says "The problem is not military capability, the problem is whether you have the stomach, the political will, to take action" and I think Isreal has no STOMACH and no WILL to take any action.So sit down and stop crying wolf.....
4. Hakim
Dabosshog   (04.01.09)
Normally I don't agree with types like you but I find myself on the same side of the fence. until today. Yes today israel has a new stomach. Yet it has not been tested. I ask you Hakim do you really want to find out if he is crying wolf? Your type would know far well about crying wolf. so tell me do you want to find out?
5. to #3 hakim israel
ghostq   (04.01.09)
allready knows that long time ago, y do you think Israel act militery wise without waiting for green light from the US. Israel officially warn in un forum before a strike but Israel don't wait for the US trust me.
6. Dabosshog
hakim ,   usa   (04.01.09)
You Normally dont agree to types like me, but today you do, so I suggest you stay on my side of the fence for your own sake. And as the crying wolf story goes As you should know the story as well as knowing how the story ends...So lets find out
7. Obama's great mission is fixing the economy
observer   (04.01.09)
whose economy? Israel's?
8. Bibi, Iran's nukes and the, U.S
DT ,   TA Israel   (04.01.09)
No Bibi YOU HAVE TO, The U.S is still in the world of fear, ignorance,uncertainty with a trembling Sec of Def, State and a useless Chief of Staff - Mullen. Forget the consequences as the consequences of doing nothing and pretending that sanctions will work will be cataclysmic
9. What Bibi needs to say
Concerned Israeli   (04.01.09)
Bibi must take a harder stance on Iran than Obama. Otherwise, Obama will never do what Bibi is saying. If Bibi promotes sanctions, Obama will promote diplomacy. If Bibi promotes a military attack, Obama will promote sanctions. The question is if Bibi understands this, and if he has the political will to ramp up his rhetoric.
Netanyahu: We don't want messianic cult controlling nukes I THINK THEY ALREADY DO. .Israel expects Obama administration to stop Tehran from acquiring atomic bomb. 'How you achieve this goal is less important than achieving it. HIGHEST SPIRITUAL LEADER IN IRAN HAS SAID THAT NOW NOBODY CAN STOP IRAN. THE IRANIAN PRESIDENT HAS TOLD SYRIAN PRESIDENT THE ASSURED VICTORY OF THE ISLAMIC NATION. THIS CAN ONLY MEAN THAT IRAN HAS THE SECOND STRIKE CAPABILITY TO DETER ISRAEL OR ANY OTHER NUCLEAR NATION IN THE WORLD USING NUKES AGAINST IRAN OR HER ALLIES ?, EXCEPT FOR THE US. "The Obama presidency has two great missions: Fixing the economy, and preventing Iran from gaining nuclear weapons,” Netanyahu stated, referring to the Iranian threat as a “hinge of history” and adding that “Western civilization” will have failed if Iran is allowed to develop nuclear weapons. THE US WILL FAIL IN BOTH CASES. THE US HAS TO SACRIFICE THEIR ECONOMY IN ORDER TO HINDER IRAN TO GO TO CONVENTIONAL WAR AND INVADING ISRAEL, WHICH THEY CAN NOT DO WITHOUT THE NUKES. ISRAEL !!! - PREPERE FOR A MILITARY FIRST STRIKE FROM SYRIA AT ANY MOMENT NOW. UNCLE SAM - !!!, JEHOVA DEMANDS YOUR SACRIFICE. Orao.
jonh ,   miami   (04.01.09)
i agree 1000% with bibi,intel info suggest that isreal is geting ready to confront iran,hamas and hizbula at the same not sure if obama is going to help israel,but god willing israel will stop this crazy mesianic cult from geting mid january the military launch an air strike on SUDAN so it means that israel is CAPABLE TO STRIKE IRAN without U.S. help.WATCH THE NEWS IN COMING MONTHS
12.  You can bark as you want
Mike Van Harris ,   Antwerp Belgium   (04.01.09)
13. #12 I'm with you Mike. Israel wont do anything but bark
Woof! Woof! (of course I hope I'm wrong..)
14. This is news? Vanunu told us this in the 80s!
Shlomo ,   Jerusalem   (04.01.09)
15. # 12 time will tell
petra ,   uSA   (04.01.09)
and I'd say time is against Iran and their ambitions to destroy the west and democracy. I'll bet on Israel. Iran has had it, financially, spiritually and morally. In fact, Iran is devoid of humanity, over one million heroin addicts, unemployment at record highs. Oh yes! he mullahs heritage.
16. # 10 Orao too much vodka again?
petra ,   uSA   (04.01.09)
pretty soon you'll see pink elephants... If you truly think Iran and Syria will strike first or second, tis a fantasy. Israel hasn't lost a battle yet and all your side does is lose. amazing. have another drink idiot?
17. # 3 care to wager n that?
18. ah the smell of A bomb in the morning.
petra ,   uSA   (04.01.09)
suited well for Iran It's coming, Iran's destruction, brought upon them by their own bellicose noises about trying to "wipe Israel off the map." You signed your own death warrant, stupid. Now, try and get over 1 million junkies off heroin before the battle begins. And, what's the unemployment rate in Iran? Perhaps a good war might fix Iran's problems w/ one or more well placed bomb? Adios Iran, hello peace.
19. #15
Sam ,   ME   (04.01.09)
You can't help not being a m#r#n don't you? "Iran is devoid of humanity" you just made a judgement on the whle country without knowing anything about IRAN. How many addicts you have in the States?
20. To number 15 Petra
Mike Van Harris ,   Antwerp Belgium   (04.01.09)
No one should have nuclear wepons,and that includes Israel. If Israel has so Iran must have it also. And if you think you will hit Iran, be sure that Israel will be digging its grave by there oun hands.
21. Israeli airstrike at Iran starts Wednesday Passover morning
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (04.01.09)
Be carfull when it both barks and slobbery, Indications 1. Israel believes it achieved a Missle defence system last days-which will be soon to be tested against Iranian missles after attacking Iran 2. Israeli president addressed to Iranian people possibly as a prepartion for attacking iran and to blame Iranian governmet before Iranian public in future attack 3.Israel do not expect a positive result from Iranian elections, Ahmedinejat already won the elections, therefore waiting after elections will only give more chance to Ahmedinejat but attacking now, even if it is partially sucess would shave off a large voting base from Ahmedinejat 4 USA started purposefull approach to Iran to gain some prospect and distance himself from Israeli attack and play a bad police good police game with Obama's new face (it is new face on Bush's head) Therefore(with other some indications need not to count here!) ISRAEL WILL ATTACK SOON AND MOST LIKELY WEDNESDAY MORNING THE FIRST DAY OF PASSOVER.
22. "Obama to fix the economy"??? Hahahaha!
secede Texas & Okla ,   from socialist USSA!   (04.01.09)
WELCOME TO THE COLLECTIVE, COMRADE!! Obama's method of "fixing the economy" is like a fire department trying to put out a house fire by dosing it with petrol! There is already too much paper, fiat currency floating around the world. Obama/Bernake/Geitner's method is to expand the money supply on an exponential scale! That will only drive up the prices of all commodities, which will eventually drive up the prices of all consumer products. Then they propose to "shrink" the money supply to bring prices back down. Hahaha! Yeah, right, like that is really going to happen! Today... stagflation. A little later...inflation like you ain't seen before! Much later... DEPRESSION!
23. #10 Ahem! Orao, old buddy...
secede Texas & Okla ,   from socialist USSA!   (04.01.09)
Sorry, I ain't heard G_d demand much lately.
24. to #20
ghostq   (04.01.09)
Israel must defend itself especially from people like you who calls for its distrucion, your racism prevent jews from having their own stat, you hide it not so well behind your haterd to israel.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (04.01.09)
Netanyahoooooooooooo will cool down.Refering the Iranians the way he has shows what he thinks of the powerful Iranian people.Nothing new.............he is just demonstrating what the media has been saying about him.Very soon,though,the approach and words will beging to shrink.
26. #20 ghostq
Mike Van Harris ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (04.01.09)
Let me tell you why we hate Israel. In Belgium we have a negative popultaion growth. The state encourages large families by paying an allowance to each and every child below 18. Jewish families multiply like rabbits. You would see a Jewish woman walking down the street with a kid in her hand, pushing a triple baby carraige with three kids strapped in while another two kids holding on to the woman by her skirt. Why should we pay our hard earned tax euros so that the keep multiplying like rabbits and abusing our welfare programs that was intended for Belgiun christians?
27. Belgian stupidity
ben Ish   (04.02.09)
To Mike: Thank you for demonstrating what I have been saying all along. To Everyone else: This is the kind of stupidity the rest of the world thinks, because they cannot get past what the news feeds them. Arab plans include intentional overbreeding, to deliberately overpopulate against Israelis. Not only in stated purpose and written strategy, but proven in population studies. Arabs have a far higher birth rate than Jews. BUT EUROPE BELIEVES THE OPPOSITE. So much so, that Mike here is oblivious to the stupidity of his statement, and actually believes himself. Islamic fundamentalist scream and incite for world destruction while Israel sacrifices its own nation for the sake of peace. BUT EUROPE BELIEVES ISLAMIC NATIONS SHOULD HAVE NUCLEAR WEAPONS THE SAME AS ISRAEL. No one bothers to think about the fact that 1984 was written in 1949, and the premise is a society -already- long in subjugation to "big brother". Realize for once that Orwell (and Aldous Huxley) was writing about systems already in place at his time. Orwell & Huxley = ben Ish Newspeak = "Political correctness" Re-education = "sensitivity training" Thought crimes = "hate" crimes Revisionism = "positive re-phrase" Surveillance = "security" perpetual wars used to manipulate public opinion = "The war on:" poverty, drugs, terrorism, and the new kid on the block "economic meltdown" This is why people like Mike think like they do.
28. #27ben Ish
Mike Van Harris ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (04.02.09)
Nothing to do with Arab over breeding. Its Jewish Ovrbreeding. Come to Belgium (for a visit only, we dont one people breeding like rabbits here) and see for your self. These scenes of one woman draggng 6 or seven kids can only be seen in Jewish Ghettos. We love you people but stay away from our tax euros ok?
29. Netanyahu
Michael(UK) ,   Oxford UK   (04.02.09)
I'm sorry to say that Netanyahu appears to be insane, Iran doesn't have any nukes, Iran doesn't want any nukes, there's no evidence to suggest otherwise. Iran hasn't attacked another country for over 300 years, not 3 years as in the case of Israel. Finally Iran has never threatened Israel, the "wiping off the face of the map" concerned Zionism not Israel.
AS TO MY COMENT NUMBER 10. Assad: Day will come when we will free Golan – through war or peace Published: 04.02.09, 10:02 / Israel News Syrian President Bashar Assad said, "There is no escaping the fact that the day will come when we will free the Golan, through peace or through war." In an interview with Qatari newspaper al-Sharq, Assad added, "All the Israeli administrations are the same: Ariel Sharon carried out a massacre in Palestine, and Barak aided the war in Gaza such that there is no difference between Right and Left in Israel." (Roee Nahmias) I REPEAT - ISRAEL !!! , PREPER YOURSELF FOR A SUDDEN MILITARY ATTACK FROM SYRIA. SYRIA IS NOT FOR PEACE. Orao.
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