Spanish judge asked to suspend Israel probe
Associated Press
Published: 02.04.09, 17:00
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1. I wonder why Haaretz hasn't reported on this?
Arie ,   BaGolan   (04.02.09)
2. Cut diplomatic relations with Spain.
I. Barr ,   USA   (04.02.09)
Spain judges have nothing to do. They do not worry about Madrid bombings that killed more than 120 Spaniards. They do not worry about Bask separatists. They do not worry about illegal immigration to spain. But they worry about what Israel was doing in Gaza. Well, we Jews have problems with Spain too. The Inquisition is definitely a human rights violation and the forced emmigration of Jews out of Spain. We can dig all kind of Spanish violations. Spain arrogance should not remain un answered. Oh, they have claimes against Americans too including ex prosecutor general Gonzales. No need for Spain.
3. "Investigating" ?
Tev ,   Colorado springs   (04.02.09)
Israel isn't "investigating" the attack, it's trying to cover it up.
4. How come the ...
EST ,   Miami USA   (04.02.09)
Spanish judge has not opened an investigation into the well documented and photographed "genocidal incitement" by Spanish citizens against Jews? After all happened in his own country, where he has jurisdiction and the events have been well documented. Is he truly a judge? or an anti-Semite masquerading as one?
5. #3 have u seen Palis investigating the Park Hotel massacre?
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (04.02.09)
Or to the Sbarro Pizza parlor massacre? Or the Cafe Moment massacre? Or the Matza restaurant massacre? Or dozens of other massacres in our buses, restaurants and markets, by their homicide bombers? Well, actually they HAVE investigated these incidents - but as examples of operational SUCCESSES, hopefully to be repeated. That being the case, I don't think we need too thorough an investigation to the elimination of a senior terrorist who was involved in some of these massacres. Those innocent people who died with him, should have known he uses them as a human shield. I guess that eventually, this strategy didn't work out for him... It is sad, but what can I say, human shields are not immune from Israel's right to eliminate those who want to destroy it.
Semper Fi! ,   San Diego, USA   (04.02.09)
We're starting a Spain boycott in the USA. That country which is trying to lead Eurabia for personal interests is most antiamerican, antiisraeli and has always been antisemitic. To the moron Marco, check out how many american tourists will visit Spain this summer. Hoping to find you in a train going off and giving you access to the 72 friend's whores!
7. "Universal jurisdiction" is a legal crock and we all know it
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (04.02.09)
"Universal jurisdiction" is a legal fiction created by human rights activists who are obtuse to its unintended consequences. It is a slap at national sovereignty and an open invitation to those who would politicize it in support of a partisan agenda. Israel was absolutely wrong to legitimize this travesty by providing documentation to abandon this one probe. It should have rejected it outright as an illegal and immoral attempt to put Israel on trial.
8. yeah sure,
jerusalem   (04.02.09)
let the perpetrators "investigate" their own crime. very smart
9. #2 As if Spain needs Israel !!!
10. No. 9
NYC Girl   (04.02.09)
Don't get too cocky because now America may be dragged into this Spanish kangaroo court with the charges being brought against some members of the Bush administration. I can assure you that these days Americans have very little patience for your government after it's capitulation to the terrorists during your last election and there have already been calls for a boycott over this attempt to put Americans on trial. Rest assured if that boycott takes hold, Spain will be up the proverbial shit's creek without a paddle.
11. Boycott Spain?
Manolo ,   Madrid   (04.03.09)
OK, so it's going to be Israel, the US and... who else? Palau? Or maybe the UK will finally give up pretending and quit the EU...
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