'Chastity squad' man charged with attacking computer store clerks
Aviad Glickman
Published: 02.04.09, 22:06
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31. Dispelling the myth is right
Mad Zionist   (04.03.09)
Torah law forbids one to "learn for a living" as a welfare whore. Torah law forbids Jews to reject serving in wars of milchemet mitzvah so they can "study". The Hareidi frauds who are abusing the system and debasing Judaism so that they don't have to work, don't have to serve and defend the Jewish people from arab attacks, and are willing to concede Eretz Yisroel to the enemy in exchange for financial benefits, are cherem who have NO place in the world to come..
32. The purpose of studying the Torah
Yonason Herschlag   (04.03.09)
Just like some wealthy members of society give financial scholarships for the study of medicine or medical research, so to do others support those who dedicate themselves to the study of Torah. And they have a right to support Torah, as the study in itself is a mitzvoh, and only via the Torah scholars is the community at large knowledgable of the Torah and capable of its observance. The system of businessmen (Zevulon) supporting scholars (Yishaschar) goes back to biblical times. For those that spew hatred against Torah scholars for not "working", the question is raised; have they any other occupation other that spewing their hatred?
33. Weisfish the hypocrite
Grant Thomas ,   Brookfield, WI, USA   (04.03.09)
The ultra-orthodox and orthodox Jews are the hypocrites that Jesus denounced. I have no doubt that after having observed the rudeness of them on a recent trip to Israel that they are not pleasing to God.
34. So, your defense is that they're not lazy?
jv ,   LA, USA   (04.03.09)
Just a bunch of welfare and tax cheats and draft dodgers? You seem to think breaking the law in numerous ways is acceptable. It isn't. How wealthy individuals donate their money is their business. But you want tax paying citizens to fund welfare for people who either refuse to work or are lying about the work they do so they can still collect welfare or dodge the army. That's criminal behavior. There needs to be a crackdown on the goons that assault and intimidate people and those who live off the sweat of others and who neither need nor deserve it.
35. Shanda to steal for Torah
Mad Zionist   (04.03.09)
The hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of NIS dollars that are going to Hareidi every year to "study" rather than work is not the "gift" of a wealthy man to a bright scholar, but state sponsored theft from working Jews to the schnorrers, who sponge shamelessly without so much as a thank you. They sell out Jewish principles and violate fundamental Jewish laws to perpetuate a system of military deferment, free housing, and monthly stipends just so they can stay insulated and shun their responsibilities as Jews to work and contribute to society. All of the great Jewish scholars throughout history have held important professions. The welfare whores in Israel are shanda that causes harm to the Jewish people by conspicuously defrauding Torah and making Orthodox Jews appear to be a pariah in the eyes the outside world. I am an Orthodox Jew, I do make every effort to live a proper halachic life, but I am ashamed and embarrassed of the greedy, lazy, cowardly Hareidim who publicly sell out God for a welfare check. Note: Of course not all hareidim should be defined as schnorrers, and I want to clearly make a point to say that those who do what is right are to be complimented and recognized as tzadikim.
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