From India with love
Itamar Eichner
Published: 03.04.09, 23:18
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1. From India with love
mike ,   USA   (04.03.09)
Yeah sure, did you all show all the facts or just showed the one to the israeli advantage, tell the true facts then show the real response by the world, you can't hide the truth for ever, show your true colors.
2. Now we need the Foreign Ministry to implement it
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (04.03.09)
They have a good idea who and what to target, now just do it. We need to counter the extreme leftist views that have become the norm and show that we have extended our hands in peace only to be attacked over and over again. Make use of this valuable information.
3. "B" wasn't the answer, that's for sure.
Ypip ,   Canada   (04.03.09)
4. The Bottom Three
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (04.03.09)
I really think that what Britain, France and Spain need are more Arabs and Moslems. I think Israel should deport all residents of Gaza, the West Bank and the Triangle -- equally distributed, of course -- to each of the bottom three. Perhaps we can get their respective neighbors to sprinkle their civilian populations with daily missile fire for eight years. The odd suicide bombing, smuggling tunnels and IED devices would be a SPLENDID idea, too. Then let's take another poll; see how we stand.
5. god bless india and usa.
mira ,   israel   (04.03.09)
6. They too suffer from Radical Islam!!!
Shua ,   NY   (04.04.09)
7. to #1 Show your true colors!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (04.04.09)
Red, white and black like the nazi flag. Is your real name malik?
8. obama's america is a joke. obama is a muslim
Israelis must understand obama is as anti Israel as it comes. Heck, he anti america, he has his own personal evil agenda that will make the whole world pay for it. He is a ruthless SOB, hell bent on promoting his communist ideas and Israel is not in the picture. Stop believing the US is a friend, IT IS NOT, just an opportunistic paper tiger.
9. #1 No foolin' you, fella
Shaul   (04.04.09)
Ok, ok, you got us... Next time we will show a movie of murdering children with axes, tearing palestinians limb by limb, blowing up buses, cafes and discoteques... and the old standbys: gentile baby blood for our matza, poisoning wells, killing cattle, spreading plague, sacrificing virgins...everything to rule the world. mike, you know us so well. You must have a PhD in Jewish studies from Brandeis, or something. We might have managed to fool some gullible Indians and Russians, but not a brainiac like you, oh no! Where, oh where can we hide our true evil nature, now that mike from USA has got us all figured out? Oy vay!
10. India
David ,   United States   (04.04.09)
I think sympathy for Israel in the United States used to be higher before certain corners of the left began promoting "diplomacy" above militarism against the enemies opposed to Israel's existence, and dissociated themselves from our mutual plight-- a plight in which their country was involuntarily enlisted, though memories sometimes fade. With regard to India, I have long noticed a high degree of openness towards Israel among Indians in general. Their understanding of Israel's predicament is surpassed by few-- which I think reflects quite highly upon their society and the achievements of their government, given that their populace includes the single largest Muslim population in the entire world. I do not doubt that the Muslims of India harbor many of the viewpoints of their co-believers around the world, but it says a lot about their nation as a whole that many of their fellow citizens are able to look past that.
11. It was uncalled for.
suv ,   India   (04.04.09)
Indias always sympathised with the Israelis, now I am sure that 56% figure was before showing of ANY videos. The reason we like them is because we face similar problems, and therefore empathise with them.
12. Long life India
Gabs ,   Montreal,Canada   (04.04.09)
Just love this Country, Amazing Culture, Food, Thinking,Brain & More what a Great Nation, may God Bless India, may God Bless Israel for EVER. Am Israel Hai
13. My Mike # 1
simple man ,   usa   (04.04.09)
what is the true color, depended your eyeglass. if you wear your current pessimistic eyeglass, of course you do not see seven years of rockteing, and see only the "Gaza War", you do not hear the clear genocidal rhetoric coming from Hamas and Iran, you do not realize what is Jihad, and neighter able to grasb what jihad has done and currently doing to the world, even your sense of conscious being affected, and missed the major historic points. Mr friend do you undrestand three major civilizations have been destroyed by Jihadism?
14. Reason
Giora Me'ir ,   USA   (04.04.09)
Large segments of both India and Israel hate Muslims.
15. Or Could it be...
Ben ,   Chutzlaaretz   (04.04.09)
That both our countries suffer from the same fundamental enemy! It can't escape the average Indian that the very people who attack their population, the fanatical Muslim extremist are the same who attack Israel? Nothing like the same enemy to make great friends. I would even go so far as to state that if it weren’t for the enemies surrounding Israel, most Israelis wouldn't get along with each other. Arab/Muslim extremist aggression is the most unifying force in Israel. Conduct this poll in Great Britain after the next Subway bombing and see it go up in value.
16. Help
SRRIAM ,   INDIA   (04.04.09)
We need your help in technology we will give help in manpower. In all true Hindustani likes Isarel as we also suffer from Muslim country like Porkistan and Bangladesh. Be our friend till last long
17. Great Similarities between Israel & India
Daniel ,   Israel - India   (04.04.09)
Both countries have majorities of world's oldest religion people. Both countries are spiritually on very highest level Both countries have got independence (almost) the same time. Both countries are divided by Churchill. Both countries are attacked by Muslim countries. Both countries are still on Islamic terrorist hit list. Terrorists sponsored by Islamic governments. Both countries are surrounded by Muslim countries. Both countries have oldest history. Both countries are self controlled. Indian public love Israel from first day of her existence although Indian leaders did not show that courage for fear of Islamic states.
18. Who knows Moslem terror better than India?
meir elazar   (04.04.09)
India has suffered enough from Moslem terrorists to understand what Israel is also suffering. Mumbai was not that long ago. They also remember the hundred that were burned alive on the trains set ablaze by Moslem terrorists. With Pakistan next door, Kashmir, and all the Moslem terror attacks, it is no wonder that they sympathize with Israel. We have a common enemy and we understand while Britain, France, and EU cave in to the cancer which is infesting their borders.
19. england, france, spain
caleb ,   sandpoint usa   (04.04.09)
i agree wholeheartedly
20. Thanks India.
The World ,   Everybody.   (04.04.09)
In the end of time, America will go against Israel. Obama will also be very bad to Israel.
21. Shalom
God bless the nation of Israel!! From an Indian living overseas.
22. Just one more item you will NEVER see in haaretz
Arie ,   BaGolan   (04.04.09)
23. I Feel Comfortable Among Many Indian People
Adina Kutnicki ,   Israel,new olah   (04.04.09)
All I can say is that when I was in business in the US I employed several Indian people over the years. They were warm, gracious and very happy to be working for a Jewish employer, especially one who was pro Israel. Whenever Israel came up in discussion they only had warm words and concern for Israel's plight.
24. #16 Shri Ram
Sure , and thank you :-)
25. God bless Israel.
Rick Camren ,   Roanoke, AL USA   (04.04.09)
I pray everyday for the people of Israel.
26. #22 Arie, Don't go near Haaretz without rubber gloves
meir elazar   (04.04.09)
and full protective outer wear. Haaretz is a filthy breeding ground for Anti-Semites like Dutch, Marlene of NY and others. Make sure you take many baths and showers to get all the filth off of if you ever wander near Haaretz.
27. diplomaticly India is way above US as an ally
zionist forever   (04.04.09)
Individual Americans might support Israel but as far as the idea of alliances go India ranks way up above the US. The US treats Israel as a puppet on a string but India treats Israel as an equal in terms of trade and diplomacy. With the US Israel does not have a relationship of equals.
28. To #20. YAHWEH is the MOST Powerful.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (04.09.09)
You say :” In the end of time, America will go against Israel.” IN order to avoid the above -- all Jews should pray to YAHWEH, the Supreme Lord, for the protection of Israel. Starting today -- on a daily basis, for the rest of one’s life. Each Jew should be firmly convinced, should factually know, should be absolutely certain that YAHWEH the Supreme Lord is the MOST powerful and MOST intelligent Person. IF one doesn’t has that kind of conviction -- the result (of praying) will be less then satisfying, less then expected ; the result (of praying) will be a big disappointment.
kapil singh ,   delhi,india   (04.20.09)
30. India & Israel
Kapil ,   USA   (04.23.09)
Without doubt, even with a sparce population of Jews, Jewish values an culture are celebrated and honored by Indians.
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