Analyst: Pyongyang is Obama's pretest for Tehran
Dana Zimmerman
Published: 05.04.09, 15:30
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1. And what did Obama do?? Not a damn thing!
secede Texas & Okla ,   from fascist USSA!   (04.05.09)
Yes, it was a test of Obama's metel. Obama failed. North Korea is a wet noodle wimp compared to many of the other nations who will "test" things to come. What do you think he is going to do when Iran starts testing nukes? Ha! Yeah, he'll make more fine speeches
2. Please bring back Bush
Robert ,   Vancouver   (04.05.09)
I slept much better when Bush was in charge. Obama has no backbone
3. lol what leadership???
ghostq   (04.05.09)
he is just a gimmic that's all, he will do nothing just like his days as a senator. did nothing.
4. He makes great speeches with a tele-prompter. But take it
away,and he reveals ,   what an idiot he is.   (04.05.09)
5. We will,ahh,err,umm,tell the N.Koreans,that ahhh,errr,hey,
where the hell is my ,   prepared answer?????   (04.05.09)
6. The 78%....
Thomas ,   Hungary   (04.05.09)
of the American Jews voted for this Messiah; your dream has come through and this is great news for you - or isn't it? All the more so because you will get an extra benefit - or gift - in the form of King Saud's wisdom whose hands were (almost) kissed by His Majesty's servant, Obama. The Saudi design is upon you 78% -ers, make room for you kin from Israel who will show up at your doorsteps soon. It will be fun to watch your countenance when the time Hail the Messiah Obama!
7. ONE nuke explosion over the center of the USA 65 to 250
Rivkah   (04.05.09)
miles into space would put out the electrical grids and stop vehicles with fiberoptic wiring that is not hardened (metal around wiring), shut down applicances, etc. That is the greatest threat from North Korea launching rockets, not a simple hit on a target. (EMP or Electromagnetic Pulse attack). A suggestion on tv this week was for America to cause an EMP blackout on Iran and North Korea to stop their aggression that is electronics dependent. Put out the electronics BEFORE they attack Israel and America.
8. #2
Marilyn ,   USA   (04.05.09)
Must remember that North Korea has been our number 1 bad guy for a while now. The cries of the people have been calling out to us. With Bush he had the chance to go after this country when he was in office, but he did not pursue it. It could possibly be because they're armed with nukes and perhaps mentally unstable. Also comes into play about religious beliefs about war. So it has been an ongoing problem and no easy solution.
9. 2 I sleep better NOW Obama is in charge
because Bush was a fool and Obama is a clever and highly educated POTUS.
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