Israel fears US budget cuts may hurt missile defense
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 06.04.09, 00:53
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1. What do you expect from a US president
rachel ,   chutz4now   (04.06.09)
who bows (LITERALLY) to an arab monarch and yet shakes hands with Queen Elizabeth?! If we do not stand for ourselves and ONLY for ourselves...then what? HaShem is our ONLY hope. We should this by now.
2. Obuma is out to strangle Israel any way, every way he can.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.06.09)
3. You are not beloved by Mosiach Zero
Gideon Reader   (04.06.09)
It would be wise NOT to trust in or take for granted the alleged "good will" of the current American administration. They have little use for either Israel, or Jews in general, notwithstanding the moronic Jewish majority that voted for the Zero.
4. Thanks alot US Jews
Joe ,   USA   (04.06.09)
Welcome to the Obama administrtion. What did you expect. It's only the begining
5. Finally !!! good news.. way to go OBAMA !!
USA   (04.06.09)
6. We all knew this would come....
Avraham   (04.06.09)
...I still say: "Don't worry, Hashem has His weapons ready to go."
7. Russia and Iran are celebrating
Oliver ,   Fort Lauderdale   (04.06.09)
If the Americans cut back on its military hardware, the Russians and Iranians will throw a grand party. This will be a sign of weakness to Russia and Iran.
8. Israel defense
Ely greenhut ,   Tzfat Israel   (04.06.09)
It is time for Israel to build it's own fighter bombers & missile system without relying on the USA. What happened to the levi fighter Israel built during the Reagan years? Israel has the know how to build a better fighter bomber that the USA any day.
9. When will Israel stop
Ely greenhut ,   Tzfat Israel   (04.06.09)
build it's own missile defense & fighter bombers without Us dictating what we can or can not build? Israelis is most technically advanced & capable to build it's defense systems better than any other country.
10. Security and independence
Alexander ,   US   (04.06.09)
Israel, if necessary, should complete development of its Arrow 3 on its own, to secure its continuing independence. If the project is now only 3 years from completion , then it is nearly down to the finish line. Further, Israel may then sell it to others -such as Japan & south Korea in light of north Korea ; and India re Pakistan, Taiwan, Ethiopia. Poland- and reduce the overall cost to the state. If Israel had completed its own airplane years ago it might now have an independent flourishing airplane industry, its own source of planes and additional sales to other nations, without begging from USA. Raytheon does not want the competition of Arrow 3. Cannot blame them. But Israel must take care of itself
11. Israel must not depend on the U.S.A,
e.m Jordan is Palse ,   s.f   (04.06.09)
When you have brains and technology than you don’t need to be depend on others beside when you produce yourself than there is no need sell permit from your partner, do not make the mistake Peres did for Lavey air craft.
12. Yet they can pony-up $900 Million for Gaza, hm?
L ,   Israel   (04.06.09)
...only $300-something Million of which is for "rebuilding Gaza" the rest is for rebuilding the Gazan government which is still bent on spending all available resources on 1) lining their own pockets instead of investing in the betterment of their own people and 2) amassing a large arsenal to aim at Israel. SO...there's no money in the budget to help Israel, hm? What a surprise. I think we're getting a clear picture of where the new US administration's loyalties lie and where they do not.
13. its not about saving money is about US big busness demands
zionist forever   (04.06.09)
Cuttin back on Arrow has more to do with American business who condemed the decision to provide further funding to the Arrow project instead of pushiing thre new US system onto Israel exactly like they did to the Lavi project in the 80s. The US companies actually condemed the Bush administrations decision to part fund Arrow 3 instead of pushing SM-3 Lavi was a fraction of the price of F16 and much more suitable for Israels needs and of course would haventualy led to becoming a a possible export So America started offering the F16 Israel previously wanted but rejected at an attractive price ( still more expensive than Lavi ) Israel was in a recession so short sighted thinking was why buy Lavi now in its final stages of development when we can get F16 with military aid. Kill Arrow and Israel will be coming to the US business .. kill Arrow, kill competition, make Israel further relient on the US companies for its security, put Israel onto the list of buyers of SM-3 increasing sales. Everybody is a winner except Israel as usual. With Bibi as PM & minister of finance he will soon get down to his favorite habbit of cutting the defense budget and Israeli developed systems in favour of Americam. For years the plan has been cut US military aid he worked out a deal with Bush for a cut in economic aid and an increase in military Gidion Saar has already said that there were no commitments made not to cut the military budget. As for the F35 its never been the right jet for Israels needs. It doesn't have the range to go to countries like Iran its the equivilent of F16 and external tanks comes at the cost of stealth. The US won't allow it to be converted to carry Israeli made missils ( damageing the domestic missile market ) and they won't allow installation of Israeli avionics. Its also much to expensive at current price Israel could buy about 2 F16 for the price of 1 F35 & the cost is still gowing. For its next generation of multi role fighters What Israel needs is a Europen 4.5 generation fighter like the Eurofighter of rhe Saab Grippen, not true stealth but modern fghters desgned with a low radar signature, much cheaper than F35 and are fine for Israels needs if not the US needs. As for the future air superiority fighter F22 should be the priority but if its not avalible there is a new stealthy version of F15 under development and a small number of them could certainly give Israel wiith stealth has the range to hit Iran & is compatible with Israeli weaponry & should probably not be any problems getting permision to instal Israeli avionics. It could certainly be a stop gap until the US is ready to sell and Israel is willing to splash out for something better like the F22 which could be years if ever.
14. Is the USA committed to Israel’s survival?
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (04.06.09)
The controlling powers of the USA are not committed to Israel’s well-being, let alone survival. Friends of Israel keep up a stream of reasons why the U.S. should be cognizant of the dangers that face Israel on 4 fronts, assuming that these hostile powers will suddenly come to their senses. The simple fact is that they already know about those dangers and couldn’t care less! The more they subvert Israel’s safety, the more gratitude they expect from the Muslim Arabs. It seems that the US want to get rid of its only faithful ally in the M-E, Israel, as explained at :
15. Trend is getting stronger!
Jewish Refugee   (04.06.09)
The new administration has been in the office for less than three month they are already progressed far enough within the context of ditching Israel. Israel should be prepared for a face off without U.S. support and possible U.S. interference.
16. Stupid US jews voted for Barry Hussein Obama
Roni   (04.06.09)
17. Arrow 3
USA   (04.06.09)
If Israel wants to develop the Arrow 3 then go use your own money. Don't go begging the USA for the money.
18. #17
Read the TalkBacks:everyone agrees with you. By the way, there are no threats Israel or the US face that need the F35. It is just about American jobs.
19. Depandance on US
Chaim ,   Arad   (04.06.09)
The time has come for the separation of the US and Israel. When we became a nation in '48, we didn't have the US to ship arms, aircraft, and the such. We, as a new nation, scraped together and stood shoulder to shoulder and fought for what has been given to us by HaShem. Now the time has come full circle. We must rely on HaShem to continue to keep us. He protected us then, and has never left us. Can we stop looking to other nations for our protection and look to our Creator, HaShem?
20. #1 Can Hashem fund our Arrow program?
Chaim   (04.06.09)
If not them leave him out of this. We need to look at issues practically, not expect that God will suddenly turn up and make everything better for us.
21. Time for Israel to stop being addicted to aid
jason white ,   afula,israel   (04.06.09)
We should build our own weapons systems and not depend on a hostile U.S. administration. We have our own hi tech businesses to consider and not the ones in the U.S. We can cut back on unemployment here by starting new military projects. We need to reorder our priorities. As for bibi,I think he will cut the defense budget at the expense of the security of our nation and the safety of both soldiers and civilians. The rest of the cabinet should stop him and the treacherous min of the treasury. We need to fund our defense,even at the expense of hara-di "yeshivas", elderly or non Jewish aliyah. If we build successful systems using only Israeli technology,then we can sell to whomever we want to.
22. how about that Israel
ghostq   (04.06.09)
sell Usa weapon that it's developed, I didn't hear you complain when Israel sold you Google.
23. Without US there is no Israel.
Israelis are all talk. We should do this and that. Why don't you people just give back to the American people 3 to 5 billion dollars a year in aids that you people take from the tax payers of America and then let see if you can defend yourself and develop your own equipments.
24. 9
zionist forever   (04.06.09)
Israels problem is not lack of ability but the politicians are only interested in balancing the books while they are in power so why spend the extra on defense & cut other areas. Nobody wants to think about profts that will come after I have left office Israel is still very much a socialist system with a left wing majority. Say to them should we take a couple of million from another sector so we can build our own plane or missile defense they will say take the US handout instead don't develop our own. Nobody thnks long term that we could eventually export and recover the costs but because of short term costs the thinking is get America. America originaly part financed Arrow because there was no American equivilent. As a result of it being part funded by the US they have final say in its export thats fair but then the rules change. Both India & Turkey wanted to buy Arow but now there was patriot to compete so the refused Israel the right to export arrow and tried to sell patriot.. Sharon was even pushed into agreeing to giving the US a power of veto over the export of any Israeli weapon that included thing that were not financed with American money or had any American technology inside. Israel wanted to sell the Phalcon AWACS system to India the US tried & failed to block the sale at first and sell Boings version. India is where Israel should be looking to for programs it can't afford to fully fund. It means more control over our security and it also increases export oportunities. The more countries are usng a system the better the export chance and it doesn't matter if its Israel or India building the thing because its a joint project both sides earn money from it. If a country wants it but can't buy from Israel because of politics, they buy from India but Israel gets its share. We don't have to ignore America. if they make the best at the best product and for the best price price buy from them but lets decide ourselves whats best not what military aid or US politics will allow. Unless we stand on our own feet the economy will always be limited by how much it will grow or how much politcal independence we will have.
25. So it is good news and we should celebrated,
e.m Jordan is Palse ,   s.f   (04.06.09)
When the U.S.A have refused to sell the satellite to Israel some of Israelis politicians started to begs but the likud have ignored and instead have invested on Israeli technology which today Israel is one the most successful nation in any kind of satellite systems , this time also Israel will do it Thank to Barrack Hussein Obama
26. Not as bad as it sounds
Jeremy ,   Boston   (04.06.09)
First off, Obama isn't really taking anything away from Israel per se. Remember, the United States has its own priorities to worry about as well. Israel can definitely find the money to continue the Arrow-3 project if it is as essential to the defense program as the experts claim. Secondly, the IAF will do everything in it's power to get the F-35. It doesn't matter how much they cost. It is worth it for Israel's security. These planes really are that good.
27. to #26 you right of course nothing is
ghostq   (04.06.09)
going to totalt wast Israel will offer the tecnology to highst bidder, russia and the chinees would not be left out. that's bussniess.
28. # 23,You are ignorant,
e.m Jordan is Palse ,   s.f   (04.06.09)
Since 1948 till 1967 Israel didn’t buy any kind of U.S weaponry after the 6 day war and defeat of 5 Arabs nations from Israel U.S have realized that how Israel is important for U.S.A beside for your information U.S will get back from Israel much more than the aids will give to Israel, 5 years war in Iraq have cost for U.S.A more than $ trillion but Israel have secured the U.S interest in M.E much less, Israel is the loyal and greatest U.S ally in M.E.
29. 23 - US tax payers are the biggest winner from military aid
zionist forever   (04.06.09)
I wish we did refuse the military aid and stand on our own feet develop what we are capable of developing if there is a will to do it. Americans shouldn't be complaining about military aid given to many countries because it keeps Americans in work. The arms trade is very expensive and needs government subsidy at times but the US law doesn't allow direct government subsidy so you do it through the back door and a way thats even profitable. The government spends money subsidising US weapons, creating jobs developing the next generation of weapons for the US military. It garuntees future business for the US because the aid is only part of the spending but if a country gets an F16 on military aid, its going to need to buy parts for that F16 from scratch. A condition of military aid is that virtualy all weapons that country buys either cash or aid must be American so even most of the weapons they buy for cash have to be American even if they would prefer to buy from somebody else. Its basicly a win win situation except for foreign arms suppliers. The reciepient of the aid gets weapons free of charge The companies get garunteed contunued orders from these countries and they get a government subsudy. Americans are kept in jobs and paying taxes instead of claiming welfare.
30. so 29--
USA   (04.06.09)
i agree, you jews in israel quit bumming USA aid... TODAY !!! USA cuts ties with Israel ... today !!! BEST thing that could happen to the USA in a long time.. tata!!
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