Senior officer suspected of beating girlfriend
Eli Senyor
Published: 06.04.09, 07:41
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1. He is really lucky she only reported him for hitting her
Rivkah   (04.06.09)
when he wanted to return to his ex-wife. A banker girlfriend told me about a hapless fellow who had an affair who faired far worse when he wanted to go back to his wife and cut off the girlfriend. The girlfriend enticed him to have sex with her and then took his semen from the condom and put it inside her and a girlfriend who roughed each other up and went to the police, saying he raped them both. He was tried and convicted and sent to prison for a long time. The wife he went back to visits him.
2. She lost out
ADI ,   Haifa   (04.06.09)
So she downed him and dropped him in it. She had nothing to lose anymore!!
3. Dont be so harsh on the Colonel!
Bandar (Hezbollah) ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (04.06.09)
Its an after effect from the war of 2006. He needs psychiatric help. He is having flashbacks and he thought she was a Hezbollah fighter coming to get him. It happened to American soldiers coming back from Vietnam too.
4. #1 Rivkah
Waleed ,   Lebanon   (04.06.09)
You have such a wide imagination. I would not want a girl friend like you for you are too dangerous.
5. 4 Waleed: The story is true. I trust the woman who told me
Rivkah   (04.06.09)
since I have known her for 17 years and know her character to be first rate. Her name is Erika Navarro Barrios and she lives in Visalia, California, and works in Porterville at a bank. We were discussing tragedies in the American injustice system and Erika shared some pretty horrific knowledge. Her brother was wrongly convicted of robbing a sandwich shop when the clerk said in court he was not the assailant. The all White jury convicted him, anyway, when the judge should have thrown it out when the person who was robbed said Erika's brother Chickie Navarro was too short to be the person who robbed her.
6. 3 Bandar: Post traumatic stress and flashbacks do happen
Rivkah   (04.06.09)
to traumatized people even long after the war is over. One Viet Nam war veteran I knew who managed a sports shooting range said he still had horrific flashbacks and nightmares and became combative when that happened. He survived three helicopter crashes as the gunner when all the others, his friends, died. His wife divorced him after he said he wanted to "tag em and bag em" on teenage intruders who provoked him. In wars, the dead are tagged on their big toe if they still have one and then put into body bags. His rough talk was a part of the heritage of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
7. the arm wont be confiscated
gisele ,   Beirut   (04.06.09)
if this gentleman abused a palestinian .
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