Knesset passes biennial budget bill
Zvi Lavi
Published: 07.04.09, 09:53
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1. iran and lieberman
mohson   (04.08.09)
Since lieberman became FM, iran has not said one word about destroying israel, not one workd. They are scared of lieberman big time. With the weakling olmert, they used vicious rhetoric against israel which was demoralizing to israelis and the jewish diaspora even with barak sitting as defence minister. The rotten ayatollah regime has good reason to fear lieberman and that is why they are quiet. If he even becomes PM, you know what he is going to do and kameini does not want to go to allah no matter what he says.Lieberman has done more for israel in 100 days than rotten olmert and tamir in their entire lives. Shut up the both of you.
2. Budget, Smudget! Bibi, what are you going to do NOW?
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (04.08.09)
People haven't got food NOW! People are losing their livelihood NOW! Crime, due to poverty, is increasing NOW! But NOW the government has 105 days to pass a budget which, no doubt, will alleviate the suffering of the rich and hurt the lower and middle income groups the most. God help the elderly, the handicapped and the sick! The Seder at the homes of Ali Netanyahu and the 40 Ministers will be lavish but what will it be like for those who survive on the handouts from Magen David Adom, Latet and other charities? This is the TRUE Bibi Netanyahu and, yes, we told you so!
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