Sur Baher: Man shot dead after running over officers
Efrat Weiss
Published: 07.04.09, 17:16
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1. I like that: "terrorist murdered in cold-blood"
Nobody can twist reality and logic like these turkeys.
2. road accedent
jerusalem man ,   jerusalem   (04.07.09)
I cant belive how things turm on in this country , whenever a road accident happens or a paralized arab do anything even if by mistake , its always a terrorest act , but whenever a jew kill arabs its a matar of mental health and even if proved its a minimum sentance , i dont know about the above driver but hay accidents happen
3. when someone is
ghostq   (04.07.09)
hot headed the results r catastrophe, the problem is people stop thinking.
4. Murdering Jews while making it look like a traffic accident
GZ ,   USA   (04.07.09)
is method of choice among Arabs. Many, many Jews are being killed in Israel by these kind of "accidents" committed by Arabs.
5. duality
gsea   (04.07.09)
east jerusalem palestinians see a killing of a murderer as a "cold-blooded murder." and yet that murderer killed unharmd innocent people and by their own eyes it's ok,
6. #2 Why is it ?
Don Saliman ,   Nahal Oz, Israel   (04.07.09)
That after all terrorist attacks,you and other like you,always have an excuse that the terrorist is innocent and the Israelis are the bad ones. When a tractor or car goes after Israelis and contiunes to go after them,that is not a road accident,no matter how yo look at it. Hay terrorist attacks do happen.
7. #2
Amih'ai   (04.07.09)
Hundreds of accidents happen every week. Mostly committed by arabs, as shown by inquiry. They're not called "terrorism".
8. To #2 - learn how to spell and move to Jordan
Billy the kid ,   Jerusalem Highlands   (04.07.09)
It's about time they knocked down this piece of garbage's house. Next time, maybe these goons will think twice about killing Jews. Driving a bulldozer down a busy street and killing a newborn baby's mother is cold-blooded murder. Defending yourself against a reckless jihad-crazed lunatic is just smart. #2, you're an idiot, and if you want tio live in a Palestinian state, move to the first one - Jordan.
9. could've used a little anger management
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (04.07.09)
but he made his little point. and he's dead. point noted.
10. The security of the Jewish population of Jerusalem.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (04.07.09)
Jerusalem suffers from problems of lawlessness among its Arab residents not unlike the problems that affect all cities with mixed Jewish and Arab populations. This Arab lawlessness is facilitated on a national level by the government's refusal to order the police and the State Attorney's Office to enforce and apply the law equally to Arab citizens. More as to myths and facts about Jerusalem:
11. Sur Baher mukhtar:"cold-blooded murder."
Translating Arabic ,   Mecca   (04.07.09)
What he said: "cold-blooded murder." What he meant:" G-d damn Zionists!!!!! How dare they defend themselves? It is against the laws of the quran, the new testament, barak obama and hillary clinton. The world must rise up before Jew dogs come to believe they have a right to exist and be free." Allah Akhbar! محمد الخنازير
12. he must have been very clever driver
observer   (04.07.09)
to stop the car before its front just hit the wall, and all that while accepting a shower of bullets in his own body.
13. Good shoot....
Al   (04.07.09)
I suggest that Israel start extensive sharpshooting as a standard army practice. At my shooting club long distance shooting up to 50M with handgun is being taught. Its more than marksmenship, it is needed in these very trying times. Also replace 9mm with 45's or 44 mag..Its a confirmed show stopper. Again good shoot..Congrats...
14. #2 rate of terrorist attacks in israel&WB 60 arabs to 1 jew
60 TIMES HIGHER   (04.07.09)
15. Actually he was not terrorist - It's a lie.
André ,   Brussel, Belgium   (04.07.09)
He was cold-blooded murderer! He treated group of the Border Guard officers as ants! Israel should provide each ex-jordanian with aditional driver's test and psychiatric test(especially buldozer drivers)!
16. to #7 what's wrong with you
gsea   (04.07.09)
it's still wrong accident or no accident killing or tring to run over someone else is wrong it's consider a murder either way, even when it's not on purpose it's still considerd as attempted murder, what kinda morals you got?
17. "murdered in cold blood"
jason white ,   afula,israel   (04.07.09)
Was his air conditioner on?
18. "G-d is Great" but it is Hashem not allah.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.07.09)
19. Looks like the demolishion crew is
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (04.07.09)
gonna be busy again soon. Hope they take out the whole house next time, then deport the extended family to Gaza.
20. Baklava and Candied Almonds, anyone?
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (04.07.09)
21. Freedom-farter
GM dealer ,   NYC   (04.07.09)
Had he been driving an armoured Cadillac, he'd still be alive!
22. murder....
jkovacs ,   europe   (04.07.09)
Im a law student in a country far from this place…….im shocked from these incidents……Im shocked because in this land what some people call Israel and some other Occupied Palestine they solve criminal problems with murder…I think this method dates back the times when there were no LAW and ORDER in this world..When i started to study Penal/Criminal Law one of the first senteces of the book was „ the birth of the penal law dates back to the birth of the STATE…to the concept of law belongs the being of a federal/centre entity that is able to force the plaintiff to put away the revenge and leave the impeachment to the administration that is created for this aim „………….under the administration i mean the COURT!!!
23. I do not know what the mukhtar of Sur Baher wanted to happen
JO   (04.07.09)
what would he do if a car at high speed was heading for him? Would he have let them run him over? Did the police have a choice. Or would he have prefered that the three policemen died and the man trying to kill them live? That is not cold blooded murder. And it is very sad indeed that this twenty year old man decided to do this. Had they been able to spare his life it would have been better but in such situations when your life is in danger you do not have the luxury of time.
24. The Palestinian perspective
SL ,   NY   (04.07.09)
The U.S. president claimed today that Jews have to see things from the Palestinian perspective. Should we therefore view this situation from the perspective of the terrorist who reportedly drove his vehicle at a high speed directly at police officers carrying out their legal responsibilities? Also: will they now raise the room he was living in? After all, they are not raising the whole house of the prior terrorist, but rather only a portion of the house.
25. #18 - right!
Amen, Amen ,   Amen   (04.07.09)
Surely God of Israel is God Almighty, not Allah! To God Almighty, God of Israel be glory forever and ever!
26. not all bad(the incident)......
jerusalem\   (04.08.09)
have patience, fellow palis, "Isarel's" true nature is emerging slowly to the world. Tampering with evidence and faking murders...Please, Carry camcorders, cameras, phones that can record and take pics at all times in case of events like this. May the guy rest in peace. I think with murders like this that he is considered a shaheed.
27. why wasnt my talkback published?
jerusalem   (04.13.09)
there was no use of incitment, slander nor racist slurs let alone inappropriate language used. Whats wrong with reporting from other eye witnesses? if that was the way it happened, which is in sharp conrtast to the article, then let the audience decide and research if it is a lie or not. I hope footage was taken of the whole incident. this is annoying: stop shutting the people and twisting things! you (who ever you are) are incriminating Israel's image!
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