Poll: Government's top priority should be recession
Published: 08.04.09, 13:56
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1. Misleading title
Frank ,   Canada   (04.08.09)
For a clear majority of the Israeli public, the economic crisis is the most important issue facing the new government (62% put it in first or second place). Trailing far behind are the security and political issues-the Iranian threat at 39% and the negotiations with the Palestinians at 27%.
2. Stop the denial, two states are the only way
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv   (04.08.09)
sometimes, I get annoyed about the political discourse in Israel with people so addicted to vacuous speeches about how the arabs hate us and so on and the futility of the peace process. It does matter how the arabs feel or how we feel about them, clearly both side hates each other to "death". What matters is what is achievable. Let me say this to the jews and arabs alike " it is the demographics stupid". That means both peoples have to share this land even if they hate each other's guts! The arabs can not destroy israel and israel can not get rid of the Palestinians (or indeed win any war decisively anymore!) hence, both sides need to compromise and stop the blame game. evidently, Israel can defend itself against any outside existential threat but there is a potentially more sinister threat from within, no not the israeli arabs, but the extreme religious right who wants to destroy my way of life and that of millions of secular jews!
3. Priorities correct
winston ,   London   (04.08.09)
Food on the table first, that makes sense.
4. figures
colin   (04.08.09)
Statistics an surveys are taken and ajusted to how the person paying needs. Most are outright lies and falsehood. What IF ?? Where are the age figures??? How many females??? Are the answers leftests???How many unemployed were asked??? TO MANY QUESTIONS
5. #2 would you still think that if missiles were hitting TA?
freejay ,   Israel   (04.08.09)
Its not the religious that want Israel destroyed....its silly selfish leftists like you, that refuse to admit the consequences if a 2 state solution is enforced and Hamass controls the West Bank. Just look what happened after we gave them Gazza!
6. #2 you can't be serious. and probably not a jew
re:froadsters   (04.08.09)
living is israel thinking that any jew wants to destroy your way of life somehow? it's impossible besides, if your way of life is to love those that really want you dead or gone (or both), how do the jews disturb you? even if you live amongst arabs to love them, how exactly does any jew disturb your life?
7. #2 wise jew a think exactly as you think
George ,   Canada   (04.08.09)
8. #2 wise jew ,I think exactly as you think
George ,   Canada   (04.08.09)
the policy of grapping palestinian land for settlements will sooner or later fire back in Israel itself when only one state solution will be the only option left.
10. To #2 Yes, watch 4 those Ultra-Orthodox Jews
winston ,   London   (04.08.09)
I fully agree that the extreme religious right are a threat to the mainstream secular Jews, especially the Ultra-Orthodox Jews whose religious teachings are perverted.
11. #5 while you talking about hamas
saher   (04.08.09)
let me remind you with two things 1- your sederot and other settlement has pure safety life for about 5 month in what called HUDNA even they could secure the border more the PA did,hizb allah control the south of leb but i didn't hear about any missle in two years,you know why ??coz they have state and agreements 2-the right always needs an empty heads to fulfill with empty noisy thoughts, take hamas as example the last election they got a majority 60% but now polls give her less than 25% coz u live in real life not logo's life the rights always need bloody situations to be survive they can't live in peacfull atmospher look to the history france occupide lebanon but now the relationship between them stronger than any relation between leb and any other arab state (egypt & england ) (irland&england)(lebia&italy)(india&england) but no the rights logic does not confess that i wish i have good language to say more
12. Build undegroung from Gaza to Jaffa
Ruth ,   New York   (04.08.09)
Barak, not the one named after horse, has this idea.
Walley ,   fincastal USA   (04.09.09)
Dont worry about the world economy the anti-christ will fix it after the rapture .
14. #12 what a stupid idea. besides, barak said nablus and gaza
re:froadsters   (04.09.09)
15. daniel, tel aviv, winston, london, george, canada, you write
re:froadsters   (04.09.09)
exactly the same opinion. seems you never met religious jews. you read more into the news about religios jews then you should, because you don't understand they are not like religious arabs.
16. #10.#8 #2 i have news for you
a secular jew   (04.09.09)
jews don't threaten each others way of life in israel. people on ynet have all sorts of opinions, but fierce opinionism doesn't mean jews are actually being disturbed by other jews in any way. you have to be a jew to understand the meaning of making a point to another jew. since you are neither a jew, or live in israel, you can't possibly understand. most religios jews in west bank are doing their best not to disturb arab way of life either, even though they believe it's their land as jews preceed arabs in the west bank too, and had lived in hebron 3500 years as a community. most clashes in WB and israel are instigated by arabs. when i say most i mean 30 to 1ratio. seems you don't understand the situation at all
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