Body of Israeli missing since Italy quake found
Roee Nahmias
Published: 08.04.09, 17:42
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1. Condolences to the family
chaya ,   bat Yam   (04.08.09)
2. Hussein? def not a Jew
Eli ,   Brooklyn   (04.08.09)
3. #2 what purpose?
London Eye ,   London   (04.08.09)
What possible purpose could the writer of #2 have in his statement? A tragedy happened. A young man died - and the implication of the message #2 is that this is not important because he was "def not a Jew". YNET editors - you should show some discretion and not post every single foul-smelling message - particularly after a tragedy. You obviously have no moral judgment whatsoever.
4. #2
Eli what does that have to do with anything? Israel is a land of miracles with many (20%) non-Jews in her population.
5. Eli, Brooklyn? you're an idiot. Does it matter?
gali ,   tel aviv   (04.08.09)
Show you're love for Israel and be in Israel not USA.
6. very sad to lose anyone, but a child at 23...
truth   (04.08.09)
Condolences to the family...parents are not supposed to bury children...
7. 2. some thoughts are better kept to yourself
truth   (04.08.09)
He was an Israeli and we can only hope a proud and loyal Israeli...that is what is important.
8. How Sad.
Aviva. ,   Israel.   (04.08.09)
What a terrible tragedy. Which the family all long life.
9. fragile creatures..
Canaan ,   Jericho, Cana'an   (04.08.09)
May God bless his soul ,,but out of all the people of the world..we get our "own death"..we have enough "things "killing us. When someone shoot in the air we get killed, when an earthquake happen in Italy we get killed, when we drive we get killed, when we stay at home we get killed...we are a very fragile creatures..we should be preserved By the way No.2 is not a fragile creatures..
10. @ 2....
female ,   TA   (04.08.09)
Eli from Brooklyn, you should be ashamed of yourself, it shouldn't matter which religion someone have, I wish his family strength during this difficult times. He was a student trying to make a future for himself.....and Eli do us all a favor stay in Brooklyn, people like you that can only spew hatred, we definitely don't need in Israel....
11. The number of responses here
IRAN#1   (04.08.09)
along with the jab from #2 tells outsiders a lot about how Israelis and their supporters really feel about the non-jews and the zoinist mentality that rest of the middle east has to deal with in this age. Hate is dangerous to haters too. My condolences to the victim's family!
12. Eli # 2
Ed ,   Boston, USA   (04.08.09)
Eli - you are definitely NOT a JEW either. You sicken me.
13. My condolences to the family...very sad, indeed.
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (04.08.09)
14. my prayers for his family
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (04.08.09)
15. Everybody but #2
Dabosshog   (04.08.09)
sensitive or not it was an opinion. Where are all of you when Jews and israelis are labeled some of the most insulting and disgusting names here? It is exactly this mentality that is the problem. So what I agree I don't think he is Jewish. What hatred What disrespect? Your attacks are what is full of hatred and disrespect. Grow up.
16. earthquake İS BAD.
17. Very very Sad - all condolences to the relatives
18. Arabs are human beings too.
winston ,   London   (04.08.09)
#2 is one of the reasons why there is so much hatred between Jews and Arabs.
19. Mother Earth > Humans
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (04.08.09)
We are weak compared to nature.
20. #5 I am in Israel, I agree with #2
TA, ISRAEL   (04.08.09)
21. London YOU, #3
Mike ,   SomeWhere, OverHere   (04.08.09)
Although I find #2's comment callous and inhumanely inconsiderate towards a mourning family, don't be too hasty to blame the YNET editors for their lack of discretion, after all, they always publish your anti-Israel comments. It's called freedom of expression. Nevertheless, the majority of reactions from Jews and Israelis so far on this forum has been one of sympathy and sorrow at the tragic early death of a young man who appears to have had a brought future ahead of him. My condolences to the Hamada family and all the victims of the Aquila earthquake.
22. Iran #1--comment number 11.
Mike ,   SomeWhere, OVerHere   (04.08.09)
You wrote "the number of responses here along with the jab from #2 tells outsiders a lot about how Israelis and their supporters really feel about the non-jews and the zoinist mentality that rest of the middle east has to deal with in this age." Actually, just reading through the vast majority of the comments, with the exception of #2, who may not even be a Jew for all we know, seem to be from Jews worldwide and Israeli Jews who express condolences to Mr. Hamada's family. Additionally, the Israeli government has done its utmost to locate the deceased's body and bring it back home to his family, as it does for all of its citizens who die in tragic circumstances abroad, regardless of ethnic background or religion.
23. #2. Who removed the manhole cover?
Persian CAT   (04.08.09)
I had heard about rats in the Brooklyn sewage system, but I did not know they could post on ynet forums too.
24. I live in the village of the deseased student
me ,   here   (04.08.09)
and I thank the writers of all the condolences and well wishes I have read here on Ynet during the last few days for their kindness and concern, although they are not Arabic as the deseased... Your kind thoughts are very much appreciated and you are worth all respect and kind thoughts in return.
25. #20 TA, ISRAEL
Moshe ,   Israel   (04.08.09)
So, we have two idiots instead of one.
26. Our condolences.
Avi ,   Israel.   (04.08.09)
Wish the family condolences for the lost of their son.
27. #2 G-d bless his soul.
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (04.09.09)
#2. So what if he is Arab. Not all Arabs in Israel necessarily hate Israel. He seems like a good person from a nice family. G-d bless his soul.
28. 18. what a cop out...they want us dead
truth   (04.09.09)
that's why there is hatred...and I did not support #2
29. 6 truth: At least at age 23, he was younger than the age
Rivkah   (04.09.09)
for the Aaronic priesthood in the Bible, regardless of his religion. Hopefully, that puts him under the cutoff line so that he may be allowed to live out his life during the Millenium of the Jewish Messiah and to make a choice for or against God at that time. That makes the young who die in war less tragic. At the end of the thousand year Kingdom of the Lord, there will be another rebellion of those who do not accept the Lord's authority. The usual countries will attack Jerusalem: Gog of Magog, and all his bands, Togormah, Persia, etc. listed in Ezekiel chapter 38,39. In fact, there are many people who believe the Gog/Magog attack on Israel will not occur UNTIL a thousand years after the Jewish Messiah takes control in Jerusalem. That will be interesting to watch unfold.
30. #5 & deserve each other...
miri ,   ashdod   (04.09.09)
you are a pair of pathetic losers. My condolences to the family of Hussein Hamada and to all the families taken by the earthquake.
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