Netanyahu's 2nd chance
Alon Ben-Meir
Published: 09.04.09, 13:06
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Atilla Karagözoğlu   (04.09.09)
lets talk direct. I dont know anything about his first term. If he was great I would have heard. I HEARD NOTHING ABOUT HIM. that must mean he is not much than ordinary. ordinary PM well ! even to be an ordinary leader is a lot ! he could have working in a company as a engineer. No ! I dont like my points above. IN SHORT : HE SEEMS TO ME A TIRED MAN WHO IS TIRED AND OWE A LOT TO SOME PLACES FOR the 2nd chance, today.
2. Status Quo: Disaster. War: Disaster. Israel is losing...
Nour ,   Palestine   (04.09.09)
on all fronts. Even the demographic reality is slapping it in the face. The window is closing, and all Israelis are hoping for is to keep the status quo and occupation. Bravo.
3. stop the insanity!
oded   (04.09.09)
how can nayone talk about peace with the arabs, when you hamas, hizbulah and the plo, all 3 aiming for the destruction of israel... who are we gonna make peace with? obama and the rest of the dillusional left, both in israel and the usa, think that by playing nice we will all hold hands and have a sing along... peace comes from strength and victory. until these organizations and thier master are beat to a pulp, there cannot be a true peace in the me!
4. Ben Meir: total idiot.
I bet you are a moron that voted for obama. Totally disagree with you. Israel should ignore obama and see him for what he is: a stupid and ignorant muslim egomeniac that will not be in office long. Even americans started seeing what a lousy prez he is not to mention that america is bankrupt and a worthless paper tiger. Israel/Bibi ought to just ignore him (he is at best 1 term prez) and not agree to any american proposal. Best wait for a real american prez. Israel needs to stands firm. FYI, what peace talks? We don't talk to terrorists! Palis so called "problem" doesn't exist, the palis go back to Jordan (that is if jordan doesn't kick them out again). What is there to talk about?! There are no issues to be addressed. Another leftist idiot heard from!
5. It looks like freshman paper in community college
Jim ,   Chicago   (04.09.09)
This guy is extremist left-winger who is poluting USA.
6. To: Nour at No. 2
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (04.09.09)
You are correct about the demographic reality -- that's why, sooner or later, Palestinians will be deported from Israel and the West Bank. When you're right; you're right. But it's really rather easy to fix the problem. Since Palestinians have demonstrated that they have no desire or intention to live peacefully with Jews, you'll all just have to leave. Ta Ta. Don't let the door slam your butt on the way out, okay?
7. #2 More delusions, take your meds while u still can
Are you really that stupid?
8. What peace? Where the hell do you live?
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (04.09.09)
The author of the article is supposed to be a professor? No wonder people make fun of international relations studies. A new education department should be opened, named something like 'Reality studies' where disilussioned people like Ben-Meir and other know-it-all types would learn the hard way what's it like negotiating with murderers.
9. It's so confusing
Yossi ,   Toronto   (04.09.09)
Talks with syrian arabs?? Didn't Israel capture the Golan Heights in a defensive war started by the arab enemies? Why is Israel the only victoirous country that is pressured to return territory? Hey arabs you lost! In every single battle whether it's a war, an intafada or any thing at all, you always lose but NEVER LEARN. I know, as in hezboolah and hamass, despite getting hammered you declare victory. (general rule of thumb - if any arab is left standing then he has the arab oblgation to declare victory.) A few more arab victorties and......
10. Ben-Meir, another in a long line of false prophets
Steve   (04.09.09)
The surest way for Netanyahu to be a temporary fixture in Israel is to follow Ben-Meir's dangerous advice. Careers of right-wing politicians lie in ruins when they capitulate to dangerous, immoral pressure, the likes of which Netanyahu did before Bill Clinton and Yasser Arafat at Wye River. One wonders if Ben-Meir knows the definition of insanity. Netanyahu only emboldened political enemies like Ben-Meir when he brought Labor into his government coalition rather than form a solid, right-leaning nationalist coalition in order to withstand immoral pressure. Thus Netanyahu is off to a bad start. Nevertheless, I am hopeful he will reject the failed sort of advice men like Alon Ben-Meir put forward. Ben-Meir does not have Israel's interest nor her security in mind here.
11. author has a second think coming
Steve ,   San Francisco   (04.09.09)
politically correct leftist drivel
12. Long article & not a word about PA hate education ..........
HT ,   Tel Aviv, IL   (04.09.09)
state supported terror, Abba's rhetoric about destroying Israel (no different than HAmas). You may be a professor but you don't live here and you don't have a clue.
13. #2, Deluded Arab, what is Israel losing? what arabs gain?
David ,   Boston, USA   (04.09.09)
You make no sense. Israel is as strong as ever demographically (Jewish demographics are growing, (Arabs growth is shrinking, already below average Jewish levels for some factions and emmigration of Arabs from Judea and Samaria and Gaza is increasing), economically (Israel GDP is very strong and grows (recessions withstanding), lowest unemployment ever, militarily (top 3 exporter of weapons, project iron dome will be complete in a year). These are facts that are easily viewed. The Arabs are in danger of never having another Arab Palestinian state (constant infighting, emmigration, no national ambition, no economy) ever created. The likelihood of only 2 states, Israel and Jordan Palestine, are as close as they have been in 60 years. This is why there isnt peace. You arent looking at facts, reality. When the Arab world wants peace, it will have it. But know this, Israel was there first, and will be there long after the current made up Arab states are gone. Live at peace with Israel or suffer the consequences. Arab leaders should be ashamed at the conditions they have kept your children in for decades, just for a lie. You need some introspection.
14. #6, Sarah, actually #2 Nour the Arab is wrong
David ,   Boston, USA   (04.09.09)
Demographic momentum is in favor of Jews west of the Greenline, an even including Judea and Samaria. Jewish births have increased in Israeli hospitals from 67%? 10 years ago to 74% in 2007 and 75% in 2008. There is a slow but natural progression towards Arabs having fewer children and later in life and Jews having more children (FSU family adherin to the norm of other Jewish families in Israel) and ultra orthodox still having 8 or 9 children. If this trend continues Jews will make up 70% of population including Judea and Samaria in 20 years and probably 80% in 50 years. These are my estimates, not scientific. Of course its hard to predict the future, but the current trend is very positive for Israel. I just wish Jews in the diaspora had more children. I have 3 so far.
15. No second chance...
Pierre C ,   Paris France   (04.09.09)
No second chance...for Alon Ben Meir. Lost forever in nomindsland. Requiescat in pace. Amen.
16. Transfer
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (04.09.09)
A century ago, some Zionists believed that Arabs would voluntarily leave if they were offered sufficient monetary incentive. In the 1930s, this idea was revived as part of the Peel Partition proposal. That proposal would have given the Jews in a tiny area, less than half the size of Israel within the green line borders. It made sense to think of transferring Arabs out of that tiny mini-state if they would be willing to go or if someone (the British) would do it for us. The idea does not die. Now it is applied, by some, to proposals to transfer not a few tens of thousands of Arabs, but several million Arabs, who would supposedly be enticed to leave the borders of the Land of Israel, so that Israel could then annex the West Bank and perhaps Gaza. If we want to reach a lasting peace in the M-E, this option should be faced very seriously. More about transfer of populations during last century at: http://xrl.us/bjcgx
17. to 6 sarahhhhhh
sara ,   jerusalem   (04.09.09)
ben meir is better than you in his article he said may security lead to peace and may the peace leads to security but you said it as if it is a fact but i want to tell you one fact you do not know palastinians have no doors to open or shut and can not slam any butt they have only one way to stay and stay and stay
18. to yussi tooooroooontooo
sara ,   jerusalem   (04.09.09)
where is that toooorooontooo
19. to 12
sara ,   jerusalem   (04.09.09)
so you think that you live here and have a clue .... it is not my problem but not yours do you think it is
20. typical
scmuel ,   ny usa   (04.09.09)
obama has been slapping bibi around so much in public that he is SHELL SHOCKED......now he has his tail between his legs and will be begging obama to stop urinating on israel
21. #8 Where the hell do YOU live? Slovenia
Dave ,   Jerusalem   (04.09.09)
Leave our people alone and go have life or take a medicine.. you are far from reality that anyone here!
22. When will they ever learn?
Sidney ,   USA   (04.09.09)
There is no peace partner. Syria will sign a "peace treaty" in exchange for the whole Golan. Once it gains the Golan, Syria will be "offended" by something that Israel does to "innocent" Palestinians and nullify the treaty and rain down explosives on Israel as it did before. Israel will make to concessions to Abbas in exchange for another piece paper. Hamas will either take over the government or have a veto in it. It has said that it would never recognize Israel. Iran will arm and finance it. All the peaceniks like Ben-Meir are very good at negotiating with themselves.
23. To: David at No. 14
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (04.09.09)
That is heartening news, David. I thank you. Sarah
24. To: Sara at No. 17
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (04.09.09)
Kindly point to one thing that might support your argument that Palestinians want peace. I'm a pretty darn good student of history, and all I see from Palestinians is over sixty years of violence, war, terror, suicide bombings, missiles, tunnels, recalcitrance, lies and abandoned promises and agreements. Oh -- and the big one: Two (count them) -- TWO (not one) rejected offers of a two-state solution. Make no mistake, Sara. If Israel decides you must leave, you WILL go. It doesn't have to be voluntary. So you can stay and stay and stay wherever you like -- it won't be Israel.
Jae ,   Lynn US   (04.10.09)
as you foolishly remonstrate.
26. Sarah from NYC; are all the Jewish females as "right on" as
Jae ,   Lynn US   (04.10.09)
you? Are you single :) ? lol :D
27. #6 Sarah The Emotive... You got it all wrong
Nour ,   Palestine   (04.10.09)
It is you as settler colonizers who refuse to live in peace in this neighborhood. You have not repented from land robbery and history re-writing. It's precisely because of this that you jews must be put back on the same ships that brought u here. We are not going anywhere, despite your genocidal fantasies.
28. #14 What are you smoking?
Nour ,   Palestine   (04.10.09)
All your "estimates" might as well have been prepared by a 2nd grade student. Wake up and smell the coffee. Even Sharon acknowledged Israel is losing demographically. The latest census on both sides of the greenline also points to an Arab majority within 15 years. END THE APARTHEID!
29. #16 Forget it, "Transfer" is a construct of your...
Nour   (04.10.09)
imagination. It will never happen, simply because Palestinian links to this land are deep-rooted and we love our country to death. Besides, it's a racist term that assumes Palestinians are cattle. The sooner you accept that we are not going anywhere, the sooner there will be peace in the region. An alternative is for you to voluntarily reverse Zionism and return to your homelands elsewhere. Herzl lied to you. "A Land without a people for a people without a land" was one big fat lie. Think about it, the standard of living in places like New York, Moscow, Krakov, and others is not too bad is it? Why not set sail?
30. Sarah, The Whole World Knows Best who...
Nour ,   Palestine   (04.10.09)
exactly is breaking agreements. Oslo was signed in 1991. Since then the settlements and settlers have doubled. You as a corrupt nation of mafiosos have apparently schemed this 'piece" process scam all along. Make no mistake Sarah, you will be held accountable for your leaders' deceit and short-sightedness.
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