Russia signs deal to buy Israeli drones
Published: 10.04.09, 11:23
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1. Israel selling drones to Russia
dafnordad ,   Haifa/Washington DC   (04.10.09)
What is next? Selling tanks to Iran? I am urging my congressman to stop any further military and financial aid by the US to Israel unless this abomination is stopped.
2. #1 were you dropped on the head?
ben Ish   (04.10.09)
3. Are they mad?
Daniel ,   Auckland,New Zealand   (04.10.09)
Gee let's see how Russians are going to use the drones: (a) Resell back to the Middle East to be used against Israel. (b) To harass their neighbors whose lands they covet (e.g. Georgia) (c) To reverse-engineer and sell for less. (d) All of the above.
4. With Obama in the White House...
David ,   Norway   (04.10.09)
Israel should also play other cards...
5. the mighty Russia buying Israeli
zionist forever   (04.10.09)
I would have thought they would be buying their own. This is great news now lets hope that Israel hating Obama doesn't step in and say cancel that contract The latest poll of countries supporting Israel put Russia at 50% while the US was only at 2% Hopefully contracts like these will increase Russian support and they will be more interested in considering Israels issues with Iran. We especialy need to find new friends, especialy powerful ones like Russia considering we are starting to loose any friendship with America since Hussain Obama came to power and his obsession to make friends with the islamic world and hatred of Israel. Friends are where you find them not who America saus we are allowed to be friends with.
6. china russia?
thomas ,   germany   (04.10.09)
why is israel selling weapons to china and russia theyll anyway end up in the arms of hizbullah iran and hamas
7. Agree with Daniel #3: Its not a good move.
Australian Guy   (04.10.09)
8. 1
zionist forever   (04.10.09)
Why should America have any right to stop Israel selling domesticly developed weapons to anybody it wants to. We didn't say the US couldn't sell weapons to countries like Saudi Arabia who have F15s within striking range of Israel. We don't want Jordan and Egypt ( Egypt especialy ) to have all those American weapons it means in a battle they are using the same superior weapons as us. All those things are good for Israel because its making American companies alot of money but its not good for Israel because it has stronger enemies. Israel is an independent state and its policies are supposed to be made Jerusalem not the White House. If Israeli taxpayer want to earn money for their country then why the hell should America decide if we should sell those weapons and why should America decide who we are allowed to be friends with? With the Hussain Obama administration Israel needs as many friends and business partners as it can get not be told America is the only country your allowed to be friendly with.
9. Its by Time
ronald ,   South Africa   (04.10.09)
The old cabal running Israel, lived for far to long in USA pocket, its long overdue that Israel become self sufficient & stop relying only on the West.Play all cards & become a sovereign independent self sufficient power. AM YISRAEL CHAI
10. Good for Israel!
petra ,   uSA   (04.10.09)
she'll sail through this economic downturn w/ becoming a bigger seller of arms than the USA. That's what it's all about. Arms sales. They never go through a 'bad period', war is a constant and no one wins wars like Israel. Obama, beware. I doubt Israel would see weapons that she couldn't control.
11. # 4 David, Israel is becoming a grown up
petra ,   uSA   (04.10.09)
and less dependent on the USA for everything. Bush kept one bill from Israel over this settlement issue. Israel already paid for the privilege. So build baby build!! The best thing for Israel is independence and w/ Obama, that's a certainty. Israel knows he's a muslim, just as they knew Bush was a mental case.
12. # 8 Zionist forever your right forever.
petra ,   uSA   (04.10.09)
Israel is breaking away from one of her greatest supporters and America will suffer for it. They've pushed Israel into a corner, very bad for America. I'm certain Israel will surpass American arms sales and wowee! watch out. No one does war better than Israel. They are chosen for this. Victory to Israel, forever.
13. # 3 or it could be
petra ,   uSA   (04.10.09)
that Israel and Russia now need one another and isn't Russia's president a Jew? Times are a changing, thanks to Mad Bush and muslim Obama. Don't worry about Israel, she knows "America has the best politicians money can buy". She's breaking loose from the dictates of our American state of confusion. Soon, she'll top USA arms sales. Watch out America, an independent Israel. She will dictate the terms of the war that face her, not America, not britain, not any one but Israel alone.
14. # 6 Germany so the Americans and Germans wont make arms sale
petra ,   uSA   (04.10.09)
duh, dude. Israel will soon over take all arms sales due to their superiority. Geesh, where's your brain? America blew it by forcing Israel to make this decision. Israel will NOT bargain away Jerusalem or any part of the 67 war land won for war . America may end up begging Israel for her arms, they're much better you know. It's arms sales stupid! Or money.
15. Russians are cats in war.Beware jews!!
john abrahams ,   UK London   (04.10.09)
Be careful jews for few dollars don't sell your monopoly warfare style. Russians have no moral character they will buy from jews and sell the technology to Iran for the twice the price. Putin is smart to invest now in this recession so that after 6 months he will get twice from arab world what he invested now. So stop the trade if jews want to be upper hand.
16. This is a warning to the West
dmgold ,   Pardes Channa Israel   (04.10.09)
Israel is not going to commit suicide as most liberal and left wing liberals believe. The US and Europe are flaunting their weakness in the face of the ever onward march of the Islamic world. Obama and the EU are clearly making noises of offering up Israel as a sacrifice to appease the forces of Islamo facism. There are other super powers in the world who would be happy to partner with the Jewish State. Watch out people an Israel Russian or Chinese understanding could be just around the corner. Chag samayach
17. petra uSA
Bob O'Really ,   Australia   (04.10.09)
Hey petra, I am assuming you are a woman by your name. But I know by your comments, that you are a war-mongerer. petra who lives by the war, will die in a war. And I know why the Russians are buying the Israeli drone-check out the nose on it- lots of olfactory capabilities!!
18. To #5
Rick S. ,   Florida   (04.10.09)
Are you insane? Do you trust the Russians who are helping Iran with their nuclear plans? The same Russians who are arming Israel's enemies? What's wrong with you?
20. Russia to buy Israeli drones
Ger ,   Raanana, Israel`   (04.10.09)
So they can resell them to Iran.
21. drones
marcel   (04.10.09)
don't sell drones unless russia does something to thwart iran.
22. Russia signs deal to buy Israeli drones
Arthur ,   Houston, Texas   (04.10.09)
Let’s not forget. In 1948 when Israel fought 6 Arab armies, America had arms embargo due to its Neutrality Act. The only country which supplied arms to Israel was the Soviet Union through Czechoslovakia.
23. Russia is not an enemy of Israel
Valdi   (04.10.09)
USA is selling also weapons to Arabs. Russia is helping Iran with peaceful Atom, not the military part. Russia is very important and Israel better has good relations with all important countries. Russia and USA are not enemies. It is USA who is challenging many countries around the globe and is loosing friends, instead of gaining. Obama is the right approach so far: We, the West, have to respect all cultures and countries, without bowing to human rights violations. Europe is challenged not to give in to growing Islamic population - Religions are our private business; Human rights NOT.
24. As long as Russia arms people trying to kill us
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (04.10.09)
We shouldn't help them in anyway. These were the same people that invented the 'Palestinians'. Countries like Georgia are our friends, Russia is not.
25. My God, the world grows more crazy by the day
Cameron ,   USA   (04.10.09)
Damn fool times for damn fools.
26. Isreal better have something up their sleeve
RWD0612 ,   tampa   (04.10.09)
This reminds me of the late 90's, isreal sold tech to china . Everyone got Irate the Isreal would do such a thing. Turns out the technology was purposely sabotaged. I hope and pray someting similar will go on. Isreal and America have a special relationship that must continue for years to come.
27. Reason won
Damir ,   Russia   (04.10.09)
What should we do if our existing means do not match our goals? The Israeli drones are best in the class, they are exporting into many countries and license-built in a few. No war is going between Israel and Russia.
28. Well now, isn't that just special!
doesn't matter ,   who cares   (04.10.09)
Hmmm, looks like drones from Israel to Russia; from Russia to Iran; from Iran to (fill in the blank) terrorist group will soon be back in Israeli territory flying around spying on the Israelis. Who knows? Maybe firing rockets, too! Yow! Will people ever learn???
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