Palestinian fishing boat explodes near Israeli coast
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 13.04.09, 12:52
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1. Can Israelis accept this situation for themself
Palestinian   (04.13.09)
Check points, illegal settlement, surrounding , blockading & controlling in West Bank. Gaza is surrounded from the see, Air, ground borders and under siege, but the determination cannot be shaked to end the injustice. Can Israelis live under this violent occupation then be asked to be happy people.
2. botched? it exploded, not be exploded, is'nt it!
observer   (04.13.09)
3. Hamas should be totally destroyd.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (04.13.09)
Israelis know that Hamas is totally dedicated to their personal and collective destruction. The group will not moderate, cannot be bought off, and will not respect any agreement it makes. As a result, the usual kinds of diplomatic tools — concessions, confidence-building, agreements, moderation resulting from having governmental responsibilities, will not work. Any solution short of Hamas's fall from power will bring more fighting in future. Hamas shouldn’t exist :
4.  Destroy Iran in Gaza! Terrorists showing goodwill!
Jewish Refugee ,   U.S.A.   (04.13.09)
What would happen if an atomic bomb detonated of off the cost of Tel-Aviv? Can we afford that scenario to come to reality?
5. #1 you got that backwards.
gadi ,   sayeret   (04.13.09)
BECAUSE you make terror, we need to treat you like little naughty children who dont behave. thats why there are checkpoints and walls in first place. it's as simple as 1+1. when u denounce terror and accept our existance, you might even (finally) have your own state and peace. good luck
HAD ENOUGH OF ,   IMBECILES   (04.13.09)
7. yes # 1 palistinian ya ahi
rashid ,   palistinian   (04.13.09)
we dont want this situation with israil in the east and egypt the calbs in the south and sky above and earth under our feet we will continue to fight believe me until we have iran on our east and amrica to the west of us and norwigianland to the north of us and we have sky made of money yaanee dalars and the ground under our feet made of humus believe me we deserve it we are the palistinian boys the most important people in the world
8. To # 5 Gadi
Palestinian   (04.13.09)
First the violent & controlling occupation started in 1967. Second 15 years of ongoing and going negotiation(s) , + more of the same (illegal settlements, checkpoints, wall and so on) Third when would israel recognise it self and declare its borders so you might even(finally) have your own state and peace. Good luck also.
9. no. 1 thank goodness for all these precautions
tel aviv   (04.13.09)
there would be shahids here every minute.
10. #8
gadi ,   sayeret   (04.13.09)
it's funny how u try to turn it. first of all, there was never place, city, country called "palestine". the romans called the jews who lived in israel "the filistines"... yeah, you actually dont exist! ur just another arab living on a nomansland. we don't need "good luck" we already got it. we have a country, a currency, thriving econnomy, exporting goods, the worlds highest standard invetions, etc, etc... plus we thrive for peace. if we'd really want you to be gone, trust me you would be writing here talkbacks. enough is enough... its about accepting the fact that we won in every aspect. and when you dont, you will keep losing. it even came so far that you ask for 1000 of your own for 1 of ours... thats how you value you own people... i'd be so embarassed. and about you saying so many years of ongoing negotiations. thats only because when both sides agree on a ciesfire, it's always your side that breaks it with terror attacks. so first of all, control your own people, maybe then we'll talk ;-) cheers
11. #9 all these precuations?
observer   (04.13.09)
vigilant watching for a whole one hour till self-explosion; do you that less than that? what about IDF inflicted explosion would you call it, then, a miracle. Well!, Hamas success in testing the IDF is not miracle at all.
12. to # 10 enough is ...enough
Palestinian   (04.13.09)
Biblical references to Philistines living in Canaan before the time of Abraham, the Bible contains roughly 250 references to the Philistines. There were some battles also: Shephelah, Aphek, Eben-Ezer and Goliath "Jalut". Yes there are some Arabs also. There are some Jews who are converts and have nothing to do with Jacob's 12 tribes, so it is mixed up, we can all live together or 2 states in peace.
14. To #12 well said ... enough is enough ...
EST ,   Miami USA   (04.13.09)
1.-The original Palestinians were the Jews in the area so named when the Romans tried to destroy the Jewish nation by changing their apellation. That is a historical fact, live with it! 2.- You and/or your immediate ancestors were eithe Egyptian or Jordanian citizens before the 1967 war. That is also a historical fact. Live with it! 3.- The Arabs, of which you are a part, rejected the 1947 UN partition and refused to accept a modern day Jewish homeland in our historical homeland - in Palestine, the home of the original Jewish people ,,, which have been in the area for thousands of years, persecuted, and attacked over and over by other peoples. That is also a historical fact. Live with it! 4. The so called modern Palestinians (Arabs, formerly of Egypt and Jordan) held democratic elections and elected Hamas to government. Hamas does not recognize the existence of the Jewish State of Israel. Their charter calls for the destruction of Israel. They twist the Koran to exhort the masses who elected them to commit genocide against the Jews. That is also a historical fact, researched over and over. Live with it and the consequences! 5.- Your own brothers and sisters, in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon have fought you tooth and nail when you tried to take over their governments in violent uprisings throughout the decades. Remember Black September? That is also a historical fact that shows all Palestinians are is a bunch of violent criminals. Live with it and the consequences of your actions!
15. it is not over
palestinian also   (04.13.09)
even the 12 tribes of yaqoub peace be upon him were causing problems with yousef they disobeyed moses and jesus so God send the roman to them signal of change and times up. wondering for 2000 years because the love the land which one 2000 years
16. Palestine?
J K ,   NYC, USA   (04.13.09)
That's rich! Arabs are NOT the Philistines either and should not be using them to lay any claim to any part of Israel or 'Palestine'. It's known that the true Philistines came from the areas around and near Greece and have nothing to do with the migrating Arabs from the Arabian peninsula. The Jewish lands of yore were named Aelia Palestina by the Romans who wanted to erase the Jews from memory after the uprising from CE 66-70 to show the world what happens to anyone who defies Rome. Anyhoo, they never could erase the Jews from existence as we kept hope alive in the West and in the East. Any Arab who considers him or herself a 'Palestinian' might want to hop a boat back to Greece.
17. to #12
g. ,   jerusalem, israel   (04.13.09)
What in the world are you talking about? The Palestinians and the Philistines (who disappeared over 3,000 years ago), historically, culturally, genetically (etc), have absolutely nothing to do with each other. The Philistines were sea people who most likely came from Greece. The only thing The Palestinians have in common with The Philistines (besides some similarity in the name) is that they are both invaders of land that doesn't belong to them.
18. sink the fishing boats in Hamastan
zionist forever   (04.13.09)
We need to go sink all the fishing boats in Hamastan. They will moan about loss of livelihood ( Hussain Obama especialy ) and at the same time we can drop leaflets saying this is because of a terror attack launched by the sea. You want fish then get a pole and sit on the shore and catch a fish or you can always buy a fish from the supermarket and buy frozen fish. No crime goes unpunished must be the attitude otherwise it will be done again and this time an Israeli might be killed. These other stories are also examples of the growing need of unmanned technology. The navy now has some unmanned boats equipped with a weapons station. More use needs to be made of things like this.
19. #8
Oz ,   Ramat-Gan, Israel   (04.13.09)
You learn to say "occupation" without a true meaning to it, it's part of your sad repertoire. Fact is, the only occupation going on in the Gaza strip is the occupation under the Hamas rule whether you like it or not. Instead of establishing a country while Israel pulled back in order to satisfy you, so was the general thought, you shot missiles and mortars in return. When suicide bombers were at max, and the wall was built, the rocket flew above it. Each time you just think of a new tactic in your attrition war against Israel. Hamas and Fatah were busy killing each other, what now? two entities? Gaza is well free from any Israeli rule, no matter what you chant. You might feel something is wrong there, I don't blame you, you are under the Hamas rule.
20. Palestenians... ehh..
Da Man ,   USA   (04.13.09)
21. #18
G Eaton ,   E Palestine, USA   (04.13.09)
Bravo! Many here in the USA see inaction as a door opening up to invite more of the same terrorist action. For every wayward rocket launched into Israel two should be indiscriminately launched into Gaza or Lebanon. My greatest regret is that I cannot fight by your side. I am Protestant at church but I am Jewish in heart. Stand up and unwind your flag stained with the blood of those that stood before you. God be with you.
22. Love thy neighbor as thyself
Overwhelmed ,   U.S.   (04.13.09)
No ones life is worth more than any other. Whether Israeli or Palestinian. All Care for and mourn death of loved ones. Most in the world do not approve of Israel's lack of concern for anyone who is not Israeli. They steal lands and kill innocents with impunity. But, given the means many Palestinians would act the same way. Those who live by the sword, Die by the sword. Until the causes of hatred are removed this is all we will see from this area of the world.
23. lazy palestinians don't even want an end to any occupation
michelle ,   jerusalem   (04.13.09)
they got SO mad when we got out of gaza....who knows what they might do if we get out of the west bank? good thing they don't have nukes. palestinians don't want peace because they'd have no further excuses for not working, for destroying their own factories and greenhouses and means to earn their own living. they love the settlers in the west bank bc they justify the international welfare checks. in truth, palestinians are kahanists.
24. #1 - Your people could be given all Jerusalem andTel Aviv...
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (04.13.09)
and you would still: 1) be miserable; and 2) blame somebody else for your misery. Decide to make peace and you'll be amazed at how happy you will be. Compromise and state building is so much more rewarding than maximalist positions and killing. Trust me - we know alot about state building - just look at the gorgeous country we've built in only 60 years.
25. Israel
A palestinian   (04.13.09)
We are dumb. What can I do? My people love violence, hate Jews... We couldve had a land years ago had we been peaceful and non violent.
atilla karagozoglu   (04.13.09)
but he can only have it in Israel !
27. Just wipe Gaza clean of all boats, they don't need them.
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (04.13.09)
To prevent terrorist attacks like this, Somali-style piracy, or especially the extensive documented use of Gaza boats to pick up smuggled weapons in containers dropped off by Iranian motherships - IAF should destroy the entire Gaza boat fleet with precision airstrikes, declare the Gaza coast a "no-sail-zone". The contribution of 50-100 small boats to Gaza food supply is totally insignificant, just ship them "Mrs. Paul's Fish Sticks" or the like in aid convoys,or cans of sardines, much cheaper then patrolling/inspecting Hamastan so-called "fishing fleet". Just destroy it all.
28. #1 one way or another ,you will always be loosers
rachel ,   usa   (04.13.09)
because you are full of hate (fault of your parents and your society), its just the law of nature ....Hate will destroy you inside and outside of yourself .Look at all the condition of all the Arab countries ,its all a result of bad ethical values , stop accusing the jews of causing your problems.....Take a deep breath , and think a little about your hate ftorward fellow human being .Do you really believe you are superior to others?( I am writing all this in case you might have any sense in you , but I think it will go in one ear and out the other .....)
29. #1
Confused ,   USA   (04.13.09)
If Arabs want peace, why are they the ones who constantly start wars? Why did your wise and peaceful people reject the partition? The Arabs have always sought to destroy Israel and the two state solution is just the latest plan. When they couldn't defeat Israel in 1948, 1967 and 1973, they turned to a new strategy. Don't let them fool you: the Arabs won't be satisfied for a SINGLE DAY with a state in Gaza, Judea and Samaria...they chant "from the river to the sea" because they mean it. Any Palestinian state is just a prelude to Israel's destruction!
30. #22 before making comments first learn what is going on ....
rachel ,   usa   (04.13.09)
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