Peres: Iran wants to take over Middle East
Ronen Medzini
Published: 13.04.09, 12:43
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1. Mr. Peres, it is Israel who is colonizing the West Bank
Nour ,   Palestine   (04.13.09)
Iran is not creating settlements, nor is it occupying and illegally annexing stretches of land. Moreover it does not subjugate 4 million foreigners. The world is bored out of its mind from your lies.
2. Much better than Jewish rule/occupation of Palestine/mideast
Lavon ,   USA   (04.13.09)
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (04.13.09)
What else is he capable to do?Having Egyptian President on his side was and is the only hope to somehow isolate Iran under one pretext or the other.The message to the Egyptians is......................DON'T FALL INTO THIS TRAP!!!!!!!!!!
5. Peres
freejay ,   Israel   (04.13.09)
What a hypocrite........he has helped Irans Shiites through his insistence on creating a bogus ARab Muslim Palestinian state! Remember, the term "occupation" was first coined By Peres during OSlo, and it has been stuck in ISraels side, like a thorn, ever since! Through this bogus claim of us occupying Arab lands, Iran is given a reason to attack and demonize us! Peres makes me sick to the stomach!
6. Palestine
Nour   (04.13.09)
When will this wolf realize that just as Jews have strategic interests/alliances well so do Palestinians? It's not like we're bound, hand-cuffed and gagged, and forced to submit to Abbas, Mubarak, and USA camp!
7. Wrong again.
Shimon ,   Israel   (04.13.09)
He is wrong. Take over the Middle East......Should have said "the world". That would have been more correct. But what is anyone doing. about it ? Nothing !! A world of diplomat clowns.......History repats itself once again. Does one have to remind one's self only just 60-70 years ago !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. Let's see Nour (#1):
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (04.13.09)
Your comments are always predictable, the kind of kneejerk unthinking statements normally found amongst the heavy litter of Israeli bashers in the Haaretz crowd. I suppose that your presence here on YNet is part of the formal Arab propaganda machine which you have all so become adept at. At any rate, just analyzing the term "occupation" which you utilize so unquestioningly, it indicates that Jews residing in what is now known as the Westbank do not belong there although we do have a verified and longterm history on this land whereas Palestinians residing within what is now known as the state of Israel have every right to be there although tthe Jewish nation preceeded them. I want to turn this around. You are the occupiers and the land on which we both reside originally belonged to us. Second, there is no such people as "Palestinians". For the most part, the Arab populace we are speaking of drifted in from Egypt, Jordan and Syria. So please try to analyze the situation more thoroughly so that we needn't waste our time reading them.
9. FREEJAY....................MANY TO FOLLOW.....#5
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (04.13.09)
Who will make you feel more sick!!!Attacking Iran is theoratically meant for election and selection purposes only.Don't be misled?
10. so says the man who still thinks oslo is a success story
zionist forever   (04.13.09)
Peres is the most politically active president we have had to date, he still thinks he is PM and its his job to make political speeches and say what the government needs to be doing. In tis case Iran is a problem but the bigger problem is the man who is fast becoming public enemy number 1 in Israel ... Hussain Obama. He id determined to protect Iran from political punishment or military action. The man wants to end sanctions now and is even starting to talk about Iran as some sort of potential ally. If the arab had any sense they would team up with Israel for once in a tempory military pact. Israel will do all the hard work but they will let it launch air strikes from their territory. . What better way to kickstart the so called peace process than the arabs letting Israel use their territory to carry our air strikes against Iran?
11. It started with the Oslo Agreements …
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (04.13.09)
After the horrible mistakes he commited as a result of his total lack of vision, Peres should keep away of politics and Media. Only a peace process with the acceptance by the Arabs to be resettled in other Arab countries had a chance to bring peace to the region. Financial compensations would be the main reason for the Arabs to accept their resettlement. The best solution for the Arabs would be to leave the borders of “greater Israel,” so that Israel could then annex the West Bank and perhaps Gaza. Advancing this solution, daily, at any occasion, might creat a new perception and bring peace. Any different solution presents a risk of an endless war. For more details :
12. Keep on dreaming, Iran.
cas reader   (04.13.09)
Thank God for Israel that there will never be a second Persian empire.
13. We're with you Israel!
Charly ,   Haifa, Israel   (04.13.09)
It is Israel and America, now with Egypt that are standing up against the terorist threat, if it wern't for these countries the Arabs would try to overrule the entire world with their 'ideology'. Iran will never rule the world, because there are some, (namely us) who will stand up for the rest of the world and protect it from Madmen. G-d be with you Shimon!
14. #8 What do you call this?
Nour ,   Palestine   (04.13.09)
"Second, there is no such people as "Palestinians"" Look, you remind me of a certain species called OSTRICHE. When terrified, usually out of paranoia and disbelief of what is actually happening on the ground and around it, digs a hole and burries its head in it. Nomatter how often you keep parotting that we don't exist / that this is not our land / we are squatters, etc. the more you expose yourself as a blind propagandist. Furthermore it doesnt matter what you believe, as the whole international community and universe is in agreement: Palestinians are here to stay and our state is coming. Capicce?
15. #9 MAhmood, the elections are over now!
freejay ,   Israel   (04.13.09)
Although i despise Peres, Iran must be dealt with.....The mad ayatollahs WILL use nuclear weapons against Israel given the chance! Attacking Iran has nothing to do with political aspirations like you falsely claim......its to do with the survival of Israel and democracy in the middle east.
16. the middle east is a jungle
zionist forever   (04.13.09)
Its survival of the fittest around here and Israel must make sure it stays at least one step ahead of all its enemies and potential enemies of the future. 1) No more peace process games in which we are come out of as the loosers every time. Oslo was died before it got off the ground just like we are still doing the whole world has been burying its head in the sand because we all want to believe it can still work. Hamas are probably the only ones who understand that. 2) We must stay ahead of the game on the military front, stop the annual budget cuts so we reach a point where we are just not able to win wars. One of the main reasons that Lebanon was such a disaster was because of constant budget cuts to invest in more glamerous projects & saying to ourselves we don't need to spend on the military anymore the peace process is going to mean we have no need for wasting money on defending ourselves anymore. Soilders were forced to buy their own body armour because the army didn't buy enough because of cuts. Reserve duty training had started to become a rare thing to save money so people got out of shape & forgot skills. Even the regular army were not holding enough exercises to save money. They might buy a tank but to save money they would not equip it with a system to protect from anti tank rockets, so a short term saving ended up a long term loss because a tank was either heavily damaged or destroyed. Netanyahu as finance minister even wanted to kill merkava and buy surplus Abrams from Iraq with military aid .. another cutback 3) We must not be afraid to take military action when needed and if we do start something we finish it otherwise a potential victory becomes a loss just like in Lebanon and Gaza because we ended the operation before its objectives were achieved. 4) We must be willing to stand up to the US and put Israels interests first especialy now more than ever when they are fast turning into our most powerful enemy with Obama telling the islamic world how much he hates Israel. He isn't going to do anything about Iran. Military action was never an option to him now he wants to end sanctions and make friends instead. Time to stand on our own feet and say we have no friends and we are the only people who are going to help us and get of our back and do something about defending our own interests for once.
17. Good answer #4, the problem with the Palestinians...
D   (04.13.09) they keep blaming everyone but themselves for their mistakes and instead of learning from them, they continue to blame the world at large. Gaza was given to them in a silver platter, what they do? They turned it into no-mans-land. Persians have always been into conquering and they won't stop until they take over the Middle East. Iran has one tentacle in south Lebanon and another in South America in the Tri-Border area via Hizballah, one tentacle in Siria under the pretext that they're "friends". Another tentacle in Sinai and desperately trying, if they don't already have one, in Gaza. There's also a report about Iran involved in Venezuela. So you #1, tell me who's conquering what? Stop crying, stop making explosives and make something good for a change, something your children would be proud of!
Halil ,   İstanbul Turkey   (04.13.09)
ur right there are arabs there living in west bank but they re not palistinians palestinians were not arabs they were a tibe way before the arabs came to this land.. the arabs living there is called palestinains now just because jordan and egypt who cant protect their own land let their civilians under rule of an other country... Palestinians== Egyptians+Joradanians thats all and before all that they were called arabs under ottoman rule... and jews of holly land were called palestinians by ottomans by europeans and before by romans who didnt want jews to be a nation.. if i were 'pal' in todays terms i would have rejected to call mysef Palestinian because it means Jew... not because i dont like jews just because im muslim not jew
19. Sooner or later Israel will see IRAN MUST NOT BE TAKEN ...
...AS IRAQ ,   Atilla Karagözoğlu   (04.13.09)
20. Read Zionist forever
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (04.13.09)
(Nothing else to add).
21. OH,REALLY?.........................................#15
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (04.13.09)
Your hype on the subject of Israel's survival is gone beyond the limit.Wiping out Israel has now become a household in certain areas,whilst the TRUTH is that Iran's progress is not tolerated.Monopoly for the last 45 to 50 years is causing people to get upset.Gone are those days,Freejay.Learn to live with new realities.I don't need to say much.Experience will teach you and silence you as well.
22. Nour #14
David ,   USA, exile   (04.13.09)
You speak of the whole international community. You don't even know what it is. Just because a bunch of left wing governing bodies speaks their political trash, don't believe for one moment that the people are behind them. Maybe some are, but you will find much to your dissatisfaction that the majority of Americans, British, Austrialian, New Zealanders etc. are firmly behind Israel. As soon as things get hot in this world with you islamo fantics we will see what the international community supports. Check out the most recent trends in gun sales in the US. Duh, I wonder why they have increased so much. So, you and mahood the maniac enjoy your talk while you can but be careful to watch your rear ends.
23. After 30 years of dealing with the United States and Europe,
Majid Saatchi ,   New York USA   (04.13.09)
After 30 years of dealing with the United States and Europe, the Iranian regime has mastered two qualities: How to achieve objectives by bullying and blackmail; and, how to recycle its political refuse and reuse it in the US. There is not much new to comment on regarding three decades of blackmail. The history is speaks for itself: The US embassy hostage taking, a decade of hostage trading in Lebanon, kidnapping the Middle East peace process in the 1990s and finally, with the fall of Saddam Hussein and the weakening of Palestinian authority, using the regional stability as a bargain chip. Mohammad Khatami's recent candidacy for presidency illustrates Mullahs masterful art in selling an archaic political system as an example of good governance and indigenous democracy. The United States has been so far one of the prime consumers of this Iranian "democratic" masquerade. In their endeavor to sell their mockery, the Mullahs have enjoyed the support of some American friends. Let's have a look at some comments by the Iran-experts: Suzanne Maloney (Brookings Institution): "Iran has been a functioning democracy - albeit very limited - since the revolution in 1979. There have been something along the lines of 21 national elections in 22 years, and they have taken place even at times of great tension." (Brookings Institution, June 11, 2001) Ray Takeyh (senior expert at CFR): "Iran's Islamic polity largely reflects fundamental features of democracy: free elections, separation of powers, freedom of assembly and a vibrant press." (MEPC October 2000) Ambassador Robert H. Pelletreau: "There are many who find the Iranian electoral system imperfect, especially the vetting role of the Council of Guardians, but we should also recognize the elements of democracy which are present: choice among candidates, public debate over programs and positions, and the secret ballot." 1 In addition to legitimizing the Theocratic regime, these Iran experts have also tried to fuel a permanent hope that the Iranian power structure is experiencing a self-transformation to a more pragmatic regime that will eventually accommodate international norms. For these experts, whatever happens in Iran, there would be an emerging pragmatic leader ready to have a deal with the U.S! It suffices to be "expert" and discover these genuine leaders with hidden qualities. After 15 years of presenting Rafsanjani as a moderate and Khatami as a reformist, it was Ahmadinejad's turn. Ray Takeyh found an original designation for Ahmadinejad and called him the "assertive nationalists."2 Gary Sick called him a prideful man with a sense of Iranian pride.3 When this pridful and assertive nationalist started to disgust the public opinion, it was time to find a new window of hope. It was Commander Ali Larijani's turn. Once again, the prize goes to Ray Takeyh who holds the record in discovering moderates in Tehran. In his testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on September 19, 2006, Takeyh called Larijani the leader of new generation of realists in Tehran: “Realists: One of the most important actors in Iran today is the powerful Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, Ali Larijani. As the leader of a new generation of realists that evolved in the intelligence community in the 1990s, this cohort’s has predominant influence over the direction of Iran’s international relations.” Then, Trita Parsi, the president of NIAC called Larijani a "former hawk-turned-relative pragmatist":4 This masterful art of recycling the former commanders of the Revolutionary Guards reached new summits of imagination when it was Tehran
24. Iran never dream
Phadil ,   Singapore   (04.14.09)
It's Israel who dream of taking over the whole middle-east. Iran are the only power with both strength and will to stop the Israel grand plan. That's why they were hated by the Israelis. along with Hezbollah and Hamas. They were the trio that kept the Israel hegemony in check and contain the Israeli threat.
25. #8 You are so right on.
Tyra ,   Lebanon, USA   (04.14.09)
Back to Iran though. Our Lord will take care of them. Be prepared Israel. Ezekiel 38 and 39.
26. David in exile
Sean ,   Montreal, Quebec   (04.14.09)
David, you mention to Nour from Palestine," that as soon as things get hot in this world with you islamo fanatics..." Really? On what basis other than prejudice do you apply such a moniker to Nour from Palestine? Possibly for pointing out that Iran has the same right as any other nation to have alliances? You aren't one of those Fox News lets vote for the Alaskan bimbo crowd are you? You wanted to make the point that Nour does not speak for the international community, well David only those who are exiled from reality would believe that Iran has aspirations to take over the Middle East. Suddenly Israel is giving up its nuclear arsenal and superior American weapons? Please. Strange how so many people here accuse Hamas, the PA and Iran of not recognizing the state of Israel and those very same voices denigrate people like Nour by saying they don't even exist as a people. Mr. Bernier even goes so far as to suggest that Israel buy out all the Palestinians to move to other Arab lands. To suggest that to Jewish Israelis would be taken as an undignified insult. Read up on Peres. He goes way back to the American Cafe in Cairo. Lied to Israelis back then and continues to this day with the suggestion that Iran is capable of taking over Israel. Instead of dividing up this world into left and right maybe try the dichotomy- reason and prejudice. Thanks for listening.
27. Sean from Quebec
Tyra ,   Lebanon, USA   (04.14.09)
David shares the views of still many Americans. The "bimbo" from Alaska as you call it, is a good Christian woman who stands by her beliefs and doesn't murder her child just because he had down syndrome. She represents what is good in this world. We believe in our Bibles and when the world smites the Jews in their land, God will come with great wrath to judge the nations. Hasn't anyone reasoned that when America took the Lord out of everything that our crime has increased to severe levels, our economy has crashed, children are disrespectful of their parents and teachers, environmental disasters have been staggering costing many lives and much money. The point is in the last days God says let the wicked STILL be wicked and let the righteous STILL be righteous. The lines are being drawn. By the way, I love FOX news and have highest respect for GOVERNOR Sarah Palin. Ironic how a good Christian women, married for many years, taught her children right, (Yes, right because her teenage daughter did not choose to murder her child, God Bless her), a husband who loves his wife and family, and woman who does what is right for people, yet others have the nerve to call her a bimbo. This is a disgrace to see what the world has become.
28. #14 in the 60s you decided you are a nation of palestinians
during the mandate arabs in palestinian wanted to be a part of greater syria. they didn't know about that nation before araft the egyptian told them. so they came from all these arab countries and are arab moslems exactly, but since the 60s... so as a nation since the 60s, what did you create? nothing? you just decided to come from all these arab countries to be in cities created by jews long ago? you want hebron with 3500 years of jewish nation people living there? jerusalem with 3000 years of jewish nation people living there? why? so that you could make then a minority again? you have no claim, only on what you created, and since you created nothing.... you are a new nation, wild and free, find your own place, it's too crowded in palestine, that's why you were given jordan.
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