Beware our American friend
Elyakim Haetzni
Published: 15.04.09, 13:37
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1. We SAID NO!
Jewish Refugee   (04.15.09)
The history treated those harshly that treated Israel unfairly. Beware! http://israelactnow.blogspot.com/
us   (04.15.09)
3. blacks in the us were NEVER friends of the jews
4. US=friend only is Israel obeys their orders
obama, as a muslim, as a black, an incompetent extreme leftist idiot, Israel, Bibi and the Israeli citizens have to question and stand against him. To little obama: you don't tell Israel what to do.
5. great analysis!
oded   (04.15.09)
obma wishs to continue to appease america(and israel's ) enemies by offering a"" palestine' to undeserving and unsatisfied arabs, as a token . it will come at an ever increasing price israel will pay, and pay dearly. just say nobama! btw- that's is what the 78% of u.s jewry should have said in the election , and not vote for this prez.... history will judge it to be a collosal mistake!
6. #3 Be careful!
Jewish Refugee ,   U.S.A.   (04.15.09)
Jewish and Blacks Americans have strong connections. After all these were two groups that were persecuted by KKK. These were two groups that were denied basic human rights. Jewish people helped during the Civil Rights movements. I would have to say that you are wrong in assuming that Black Americans and Jewish Americans are not friends. Furthermore, Jewish people who have a history of being persecuted because of being Jews should not become racists. I can proudly say that I have a lot of good Black Americans friends. http://israelactnow.blogspot.com/
7. # 6 Jewish Refugee perhaps but,
petra ,   uSA   (04.15.09)
Farakkhan and Jeremiah Wright are both muslims. If Obama learned about "christianity' from these a holes, we're all in trouble. Obama is no friend to Israel. Jews did finance the NAACP and died along side the Selma marchers then, the muslims took over. The Nation of Islam, a true terrorists organistion. Obama their "star."
8. # 4 Right on yeeeessss!!!DON'T TELL ISRAEL WHAT TO DO!
Petra ,   USA   (04.15.09)
9. Good Cop
zechariah   (04.15.09)
The President of the United States of America is giving Islam a chance. Till 2012.Otherwise Hell Will Break Loose.
10. Petra #7 (Fair Enough)
Jewish Refugee ,   U.S.A.   (04.15.09)
11. What planet are you living on?
Fake Jew ,   USA   (04.15.09)
You know I tried to post this on jpost, and they are so involved in their world seen through a toilet paper tube. Just yesterday I heard a democratic strategist in talking about Obama "waffling" on Iran, that he believe Iran anti-Israel Jew stand, is just to generate money for Iran and Arab nations? Folks DON'T BE DUPED. They are not your FRIENDS.
12. I completely identify with those brave,
Vardina   (04.15.09)
admirable words.
13. What happened to the commom sense of the Americans ?
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (04.15.09)
American pressure on Israel to destroy Jewish towns, exile their residents and give up land has resulted in "Hamas control over Gaza, catastrophe for 2,000 families, and allowing our enemies, Islam, to become stronger and present a major threat to millions of Jews... and the West. It is not acceptable for the US, at the same time that it fights terrorism on one front, to pressure Israel to give in to terrorists on another front!" It seems that the US want to get rid of its only faithful ally in the M-E, Israel, as explained at : http://xrl.us/i4sge
14. Ynet.....BE PREPARED...this will be administration
Fake Jew ,   USA   (04.15.09)
that will be coming down on Israel as a racist human rights violator. I am not making up what I heard being said on the radio. This person affiliated with a certain party said that Israel had human rights problems. Some groups within certain churches believe "white Jews" are persecuting black palestinians.
David P. ,   USA   (04.15.09)
do not acquiesce to suicidal suggestions from new friends with bad advice
16. The Obama Administration is more open to suggestions than
Rivkah   (04.15.09)
the Bush Administration...so far. I am finding a receptive website for suggestions and cautions if you Google "White House website". The Bush Administration not only did not listen, they blocked many email web addresses that were Bible based. The devil gets enraged at the words of the Lord, but not his Administration...so far. The ELS Bible codes at www.arkcode.com say an enemy from the ends of the earth will attack Obama and he will have to go to war. North Korea, Iran, Red China, Russia? There is much to pray about. If the people would stop sinning, God would repent of the evil that will be allowed to come in the form of droughts, floods, natural disasters, plagues, famine, and war attacks and invasions. In fact, if the people who are called by God's name would repent and forsake sinning, God would heal the land. So, it is up to the people in America and in Israel to determine if good or bad times are ahead.
17. Drivel...
True Zionist ,   Tel Aviv   (04.15.09)
From a man who lives on the edge of reality in a place peopled by misfits. Why does Ynet give him space?
18. Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.
FO ,   Belgium   (04.15.09)
President Obama, you cannot ignore that a former president of your country, Woodrow Wilson, went to Paris in 1919 to create the League of Nations, with special attention on creating new nations out of defunct empires. Largely for his efforts to form the League, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1919. President Obama, you cannot ignore that the 24th of July1922, the League of Nations, in a unanimous vote by all its 51 members, and joinded as 52nd nation, your nation, the United States of America, voted the "Mandate for Palestine". This Mandate recognized in its Preamble "the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and to the grounds for reconstituting their national home in that country". The Mandate survived the demise of the League of Nations. Article 80 of the UN Charter implicitly recognizes the "Mandate for Palestine" of the League of Nations. The Mandate granted Jews the irrevocable right to settle anywhere in Palestine, the area between the Mediterranean Sea and the River Jordan, including the Golan Heights, a right unaltered in International Law and valid to this day. President Obama, you cannot pretend to ignore the League's Mandate, recognized in International Law, and erase it with a wipe of a hand. President Obama, imagine for a moment (pure fiction) that the "Thirteenth amendment to the United States Constitution" (abolishing slavery) would be put again into question, how would you feel? Well, Mister President, trying to ignore, to avoid or worse to negate the League's Mandate, would give the Jews the same feeling of injustice, as would be for you the negation of the Thirteenth Amendment. And last but not least, let's not forget that on the same 24th of July, the League of Nations adopted the Referandum of the British delegate, to put all the West of Palestine, the area between the Jordan River and the Desert of Arabia (75% of the total of Palestinian territory) under exclusive British rule. This part of Palestine became later the Arab Palestinian country, called Jordan, with a 75% of Palestinian inhabitants.
19. A-frigging-men. Amen to every point here- BUT IT WOULD BE
Jae ,   Lynn US   (04.16.09)
GREAT to emphasize that Jordan is Palestine and thats the 2 state solution. Jordan is 78% of palestine mandate. Its population is 78% palestinian too. 1+1 does equal 2...
20. LOL! Rivka....
Fake Jew ,   USA   (04.16.09)
You mean the same people who put returning veterans on homeland securties right wing extremist list with actual terrorists? Okay.....I got some ocean front property in Kansas real cheap if your interested?
21. Obumma is a friend...of the arabs.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.16.09)
22. "Beware our American friend" sounds like a threat
arik ,   usa   (04.16.09)
One must ask if the author and his rightist ilk have the intention of offering their American "friend" an all expenses paid express trip to a spot next to Rabin on Har Herzel. Saying no is fine--just don't expect the US to blindly fork over $3billion/year (plus $2billion/year to Egypt to play along) or to do Israel's bidding at the UN. I am hopeful that the day will come when it will prove more difficult to for lobbys to buy off our politicians.
23. Friend Indeed!
B,E, ,   Whangarei, NZ   (04.16.09)
For safety sake, tell Barry you need a new border for Palestine - just east of the Euphrates.
24. #17. Haetzni More Of A Prophet Than A Misfit
Wisconsin Marshall ,   USA   (04.16.09)
#17 Drivel. Why? Be Specific. Haetzni could have added Shamir to the list. George Bush senior was advised by James Baker and Brent Scowcroft, whose attitudes toward Israel could be described as cold as ice. After generations of American Jews have fought for the civil rights of Afro-Americans, it does hurt to see those who have risen to power here, like Rice, Powell, and Obama, side with or identify with Palestinians instead of Israelis. They will say they are simply carrying out policies in America's interests. But the identification factor rankles. Obama might feel he is identifying with the underdog. However, viewing the wide world of Islam, from Morocco to Indonesia, tiny Israel is very much the underdog. Holding out the Arab-Israel problem as an urgent one which must be solved, I agree with Caroline Glick that it is not urgent and cannot be solved.
25. See tea parties
Susan ,   Kfar Saba   (04.16.09)
Has anyone seen the tea parties on tv? Obama is likely to be a one term president. Not because of anything Israel does, but because their own people are getting sick of tax and spend policies.
26. We shall see
American   (04.16.09)
27. to be or not to be ourselves
MICHEL ,   france   (04.16.09)
Is always the old tale of being accepted only as they want us to be.So to us to make them realize that we are a souvereing people and not a banana republic and that we don't want to commit suicide either. Friends like this are more dangereous than our enemies because they pretend to be otherwise.
28. To #22: Laughable
Frank ,   Canada   (04.16.09)
The so-called Jews experts hired to make anti-Jewish propaganda are ridiculous in their pathethic attempts to manipulate Jews.
29. obama has less love for us than olmert
lovely personality? ,   here we go again   (04.16.09)
both of them are sweet talking used car salesmen till they unload their junk on you and then watch out when you realize too late that you bought a lemon .why are the hellenists amongst us so gullible ? no wonder antiochus epiphanes had such an easy time butchering us. everytime you hear the name obama just think antiochus epiphanes . the american government has joined britains in trying to mastermind our destruction just as our prophet isaiah 9:21 warned us they would.
30. come on frank--you can do better than that...
arik ,   usa   (04.16.09)
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