Police prevent entrance of Jews, Muslims under 50 to Temple Mount
Efrat Weiss
Published: 16.04.09, 11:50
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1. Third Temple
Yehudi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.16.09)
I am a Jew and I do not object to Muslims praying on the Temple Mount. I believe that most Jews would agree. However, you Muslims must remember that the Temple Mount is the most Holy site of the Jewish People. Our Temples stood there long before there was an Islamic religion. The time will come when the Mashiach will arrive and the Third Temple will be rebuilt. Perhaps when that happens we can all join together in praise of the Almighty.
2. "never abandon Al Aksa"
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (04.16.09)
All the Jews want is equal rights to pray. On the other hand, the Muslim leader wants to deprive the Jews of equal rights. Hopefully Obama will be inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and support the Jews against the apartheid racist muslim supremacists.
3. Al Aqsa just for Muslims
Muslim ,   Al Quds   (04.16.09)
Keep dreaming ... but simply Al Aqsa is for the Muslims and not for anybody else, neither to pray nor even to visit.
4. Muslim nincompoops will never abandon stupidity either
Islam has no hold over that place. Go to MECCA!
5. Temple will be rebuilt
Arul   (04.16.09)
The Third temple will be built as per Bible prophecy. Jews will believe the anti christ who will make an agreement between Jews and Arabs for 7 years . as part of the agreement he will give allow the rebuilding of the temple. But half way through the 7 years, he will break the agreement, go and sit in side the temple and ask every one to worship him. This will also surely happen like the other prophecies that were fulfilled.
6. Ahmed Tibi and freedom
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron-Israel   (04.16.09)
This Tibi guy should be kicked out of the Knesset and deported! As per rights, the big mistake was to give the Wafq control over the Holy Mount, they should be able to run the mosques no doubt, but being very conscious that the place belongs to US. If they can pray, so we can pray, if we cannot, let them rot.
7. No one is asking them to abandon Al Aqsa
JO   (04.16.09)
So what is the beef? Jews just want to pray a little. The mosque grounds are huge. The are visiting what is also sacred to them. Al Aqsa is a muslim mosque and will remain such. Why all this noise????
8. Reply: To muslim
Carolina ,   ohio   (04.16.09)
You people always amaze me, I am married to a muslim and he believes every body has rights, you claim to have a religion of peace and tolerance but you prove to the contrary! The Jewish people are the rightful owners of Israel and everything in it, a day is coming where all of the enemies of The God of Israel will perish for there wickedness.
9. freedom
gary ,   yad binyamin, israel   (04.16.09)
i guess banning jews from wherever muslims see fit , while allowing muslims access to anywhere they wish, is what the leftist israelis and rest of the antisemitic world consider fairness and freedom -- but the attempts to stay above the fray and not harm innocents while palestinian citizens freely murder israeli 13 year olds with an axe is proof of israel's racism
10. Saudi peace plan to include temple
Bill Staar ,   Chicago USA   (04.16.09)
Would Israel accept the Saudi peace plan if it included the rebuilding of the temple? I think so, Israel will not be complete until the temple is rebuilt. We are all aware of the emotions behind such and endeavor, any action on Israel's part to do this, would cause riots throughout the Arab world, so the Saudi's need to talk to whoever they need to talk to, to get this rebuild in their plan to the point where they fund and initiate the construction. This would be a gift from the Musilim world to the Israeli's as a peace offering to seal the deal.
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