Mitchell: Push for two-states begins now
Roni Sofer
Published: 16.04.09, 17:44
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1. Two States
Arik Silverman ,   Milwaukee USA   (04.16.09)
I don't think this is a good idea...two states...there should be one state where muslims and jews can live side by side in peace and harmony as brothers and sisters and cousins. We are all human beings after all, why cant we all just live together?
2. Groundhog day in Israel
hog   (04.16.09)
3. Two states and right of return
Abu Jihad ,   Yaffa, Palestine   (04.16.09)
the arab peace plan requires the withdrawal from all lands occupied by Israel in 1967 and the return of the forcebly expelled palestinian refugees to their ancestral homeland. Only full compliance with this peace plan may achieve peace. Even then, it will be a hard sell for hundreds of millions of arabs who see the occupation of palestine and the persecution of its people as the greatest injustice of our times.
4. Go home already, Mitchell, Livni's delusional
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (04.16.09)
5. Mitchell is a loser
Frank ,   Canada   (04.16.09)
Putting pressure on Israel won't change the fact that Arabs don't want to be at peace with Israel. The only acceptable solution for Arabs is the zero Jewish state solution.
6. To #1
Frank ,   Canada   (04.16.09)
The problem is not the number of states, the problem is that Arabs don't want to live at peace with Jews.
7. Election
Jackie ,   Florida   (04.16.09)
I think Mitchell and Livni are both delusional. They seem to think the leftists who wanted to give Israel away to Arabs won the election. Maybe, Netanyahu should be talking to John McCain.
8. How about michell going to lebanon?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (04.16.09)
His mother's homeland and trying to set up a two state solution there. One state for hizbollah and syria/iran and another for the christians and druze. We need to re move arabs from the Jewish land that they are occupying. We need a real Jewish state for us, the druze, the beduin and christians that are loyal. All others out.
9. There is a place called Palestine
karen US/Australia ,   Australia   (04.16.09)
Someone please let Mitchell know that the only real Palestine is Palestine TEXAS. Send them there because I'm sure the Texans will know how to handle the fakers. If Mitchell likes the two state solution what's next since there are so many illegals living in the southwest is he going to say let's divide California, Texas, Arizona and New Mexican and give the intruders their own state?
10. Livni is definitively a very unclever person.
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (04.16.09)
"When it comes to Iran or terrorism, in Israel there is no difference between the coalition and the opposition. It is no secret however that when it comes to the Palestinian issue there are disagreements between us." Iran,terrorism and "palestinian issue"can not be disconected. Only a disconnected mind could think that the two issues(Iran and terrorismX palestinian issue) are different in nature. Only a disconnected mind can't see the result of past essays to "two state solution".Only a disconnected mind can't read the history,her own history. I am afraid Livni is going to turn into a tyrant,an executioner to her own people.A mentally sick,deluded self hater and an a*** kisser to foreign interests is what she is. An idiot,indeed...
11. Pals need a state? How about offering them California.
Bennie ,   Jerusalem   (04.16.09)
Mitchell is nothing but a Replacement Theology EuroChristian descendant devoted to destroying Israel as a free, independent Jewish state.
Marcella   (04.16.09)
WITH THEIR LAND. And when they show up full of bluster and threats, present to them the conveniently forgotten documentation going back to the League of Nations determining the borders of Israel. That original Jewish territory was partitioned already to make way for Jordan. Now they want to partition what's left to make way for Gaza and Palestine. Will the demands ever end? NO. As long as Jews exist in this world, there will be hating individuals endeavoring to deprive them of their property and then their lives. It has happened again and again. So Israelis, take courage and respond to this new challenge. Remember that nothing will ever make them happy. To them, all of Israel is an illegal settlement.
13. #8 jason
lawrence ,   phila. usa   (04.16.09)
Good points but i might add histoy tells us that Jordan is the palestinian state. stupid history books. what do they know.
14. An Oxymoron.
Asher ( truth hurts) ,   Jerusalem   (04.16.09)
"committed to achieving peace in the Middle East based on the solution of two states for two peoples. A recipe for the coming of WW3
Danny Simon ,   London, UK   (04.16.09)
I am abandoning my long standing two states theory as a solution for peace. It won't happen. A joint Israeli/Palestinian administration should be trialled as an interim solution. Slow transferral of power should be earned, but the Arabs cannot deliver any sort of permanent peace, but Israel needs to prove this to get Obama off their backs.
16. What time does his plane leave?
Nito ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.16.09)
Are there any earlier flights?
17. Another stupid western politician.....
Doug ,   Chicago, Illinois   (04.16.09)
in the pockets of the arabs.
18. Mitchell!, the only way to deal with a nightclub bouncer is
observer   (04.16.09)
to bounce first.
19. All arabs should have right of return
Yosi M. ,   GiloJerusalem Israel   (04.16.09)
to their original homeland, Syria, Egypt, Lybia, Albania, Circassia, Algeria etc. This would of course empty even 75% of all the "arabs" living in Israel right now. Then we won't have to worry about any second state. In fact under the original mandate that was never nullified, Israel would get back what is now called Jordan, because that is part of Israel legally.
20. #3 - Abu Jihad, What about the occupation called Palestine?
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (04.16.09)
What about the fact that you are continuing a brutal, illegal, 2000 year old occupation of Jewish land? If you think 60 years of occupation is an "injustice", what about 2000 years of occupation? Go back home to Syria, Egypt or wherever your colonialist ancestors came from already and give the land you occupy back to it's native inhabitants.
21. bibi netanyahu
just basically told mitchell right now (it's in the papers in israel), that a 2 state solution presently is out of the question! bibi reiterated to mitchell that despite pressure israel is now looking for its own political and national security interests and that in view of what occured in gaza, there is no way he will cede any of the judeah and samariah regions now, or possibly never! becaue as he says, "we are not about to let it become another hamastan.." way to go bibi. there is a very nice diplomatic way to tell our "friends" in eu and usa that we will not be committing suicide to please the usa administration in their frantic attempt to screw us and thereby exist from iraq and afghanistan quickly. israel is not for sale to anyone, ever. israel and sharon warned bush not to go into iraq. we begged them not to engage in toppling sadaam because we knew that once this is done, the region will be inflamed. sadaam posed no threat to israel and israel didn't need , nor supported the invation of iraq by bush, contrary to what the antisemites and israel bashers may think. we opposed it because we knew that the invasion will indeed give iran, our real trouble maker and terrorist foe, a hand and opportunity in destabilizing tyhe middle east, creating divisions amongst arab suni nation and eventually opt to "invade" hegemonically, the entire mid east and its oils and water ways, create an atomic bomb and begin the act of a shia califate and chocking usa and european interests in the region by threteaning them with an atomic retaliation if we don't "behave" or "respect" them enough. invasion of iraq by the usa created the monster in iran and gave iran freedom to do as it pleases in that region. bush was an idiot and obama is double the idiot for not looking at the region from israel's point of view. no matter how much you bow on your knee to the saudi's, obama, you will never stop their terror or plans with dihimitude and bowing mentality. understand arabs first, then attempt, while you are in a strong position, to deal with them. israelis know arab mentality. better listen to them before you are screwed. no two states solution for you hussein obama. we will not committ suicide so that you can squeeze us to satisfy the iranians and arabs so that if you screw us, these enemies will make sure you can exis iraq and afghanistan as a succesful president and claim mission accomplished because we israelis will have to live with your mission, not the usa citizenry!
22. Palestinians already have a State.
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (04.16.09)
It's called Jordan.
23. Arab Right of Return to Mecca
Mike ,   Haifa   (04.16.09)
It is not Israel problem that Saudi King don't want them. Return to Mecca.
24. #3 Abu Ji-ASS
jb ,   Canada   (04.16.09)
The Muslims regard the Jews as the greatest injustice of all times! Your comments are typical Arab hyperbole. The UN resolution never said "all lands" A-hole, READ IT! And if Israel allows only the"focibly expelled Palis" back- no big deal. If you subtract the ones who are dead, it only leaves a few hundred anyway. The rest left to get out of the way of your Arab armies bent on genocide. So good luck with that! And your implication is that the Arabs don't need to agree to anything. Here's a news flash Abu A-hole. Your arab brethren don't give a flying f**k about you except the Iranians and that's only so they can use you in their grand scheme. The Jews were only the only friends you ever had, but you were too stupid to realize that. it has a lot to do with your religion. Well you blew that too. Here's a suggestion, try the rest of Palestine... ie Jordan!
25. Livni
jb ,   Canada   (04.16.09)
I think Mitchell shouild wipe the lipstick off his butt before he heads back to the US!
26. Mitchell in lalaland - just ask the Pals
JPS ,   Efrat   (04.16.09)
If you think Mitchell has a hard sell with the Israelis, don't forget that the Palestinian government has already rejected a two-state solution. Yea, Abu Mazzen is the titular head of the West Bank, but everybody conveniently forgets that Hamas won the elections and Hamas has already rejected not just the 2-state solution, but any peace with Israel. It's ludicrous that everybody is pinning the big task on the Netanyahu government. What about the Pals? Takes two to tango, and everybody is blaming Bibi and Lieberman because it's simply more convenient. The Pals are just too impossible a task to deal with right now. Bibi should play the bluff, say he accepts a two-state solution but won't negotiate until the PA government accepts the same and agrees to negotiate. With a Hamas majority, it'll never happen and the pressure will be off of Israel,.
27. #19 last time I heard Israelis bubbling was
observer   (04.16.09)
immediately before the 1973 war.
29. In other words: Israel should commit...
The 11th Man ,   London   (04.16.09)
SUICIDE. Obama & Mitchell are enemies of Israel. Livni is wrong, wrong, wrong. Long live Israel.
30. #16
heck, i am a taxi driver. i will drive him to the airport free of charge! how about that?
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