Palestinian killed in Bilin protest
Ali Waked and Anat Shalev
Published: 17.04.09, 20:55
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1. You moved.
Brad ,   USA   (04.17.09)
Why does the fence bother them so much? The answer is obvious. The fence is a huge barrier to their terrorist activities. If you are not murdering muslim terrorists, then the fence won't bother you. Why protest? Get a job. Start a business. Do something other than jihad. The IDF is not shooting at people who are not causing trouble by the fence. If you get shot, then you got what you asked for.
2. Shoot to kill enough is enough
Al   (04.17.09)
This weekly outrage is due for a closing. No county would put up with this BS. It doesnt matter if Jews are part of the viloent gropu...shoot to kill with no excuses. This must stop...
3. Rest in piss! IDF, encore, please!
Antonio ,   Haifa   (04.17.09)
4. when playing with fire, expect to get hurt!!!
anat   (04.17.09)
al mann ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.17.09)
This incident is just another example in the history of Sons of Ishmael, in their attempts to rid the world of the Sons of Israel.
6. Play with matches and get burned
Dani ,   Tel Aviv   (04.17.09)
Good shot, chayal!
7. Why was ONLY one terrorist killed?
eli ,   haifa   (04.17.09)
Demand an official investigation. Why was ONLY one o fthese terrorists killed!
8. Riots at the fence
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (04.17.09)
You leftest are not sitting ducks, we don't fire at everything. However, since each week you want to riot then you risk injury. Stop rioting and the army won't fire tear gas, or maybe you prefer live ammo
9. the prying palestinian was shot while prying?
10. if jews and arabs could live together in israel
!)there wouldn't be an israeli side to terrorize 2)arabs & jews wouldn't want the partition and no 2 state solution. 3)israel wouldn't build a wall against terror to fence jews and arabs, as jews on the israeli side also don't like that wall view.
11. Bilin
Mike ,   Fort McMurray, AB   (04.17.09)
God bless the Jewish Nation. Death is the only sentence for terrorists and their supporters.
stude ham   (04.17.09)
with all the explosives in their hands the palis could oh so easily get rid of that fence ... if they wanted to do so... they were certainly very good at blowing up buses and restaurants and hotel dining rooms not so long ago. instead they think these fence demos are more useful as propaganda ... and that's it.. anti-israel propaganda. what complete losers.
13. you are sitting ducks????
then leave the area and do not cause violence against troops. if you do, you have yourself to blame.
14. How long does it take to build the fence?
Jameel @ The Muqata ,   The Muqata   (04.17.09)
This marks 4 years of demonstrations outside Bilin -- how long does it take the IDF to build a fence there? Everywhere else took weeks to months...Kalkilya, Jenin, Tulkarem area...but in Bilin it takes 4 years? Finish it already or stop building it and the stupid demonstrations will stop as well.
15. what's the chance of tear gas canister to hit the heart?
observer   (04.17.09)
in random shooting, the chance may be 1 for every 10,000. but when when you use sharp shooting and special projectile, the chance steeply rises to 99%. Of course, a disciplined soldier is a catalyst.
16. Dead Ducks are good ducks!!!
Yechezkel ,   Herzliya   (04.17.09)
If you dont want to be ducks then stay away form the fire!!! The protestors deserve to be target practice .They only have themselves ot blame. Only hurts me that I am paying good tax sheckels for every tear gas canister when a bullet is a much cheaper option.
Muba ,   Egypt   (04.17.09)
18. Just mine the area around the fence. . .
John ,   Houston USA   (04.17.09)
I'd like to see them try to riot in the middle of that. And enough with rubber bullets and tear gas. . . .just shoot them if they enter a closed military zone (which you guys should do for the area 100m on the east side of the wall.)
19. Another dead Useful Idiot
Mongo ,   Paris   (04.17.09)
Stay home and eat a falafel. Boy how stupid these people are.. No wonder they┬┤re still refugees.
20. You bring shame on the Jewish people and the land of Israel
John ,   Jerusalem   (04.17.09)
Stop. Just for one second. Do you really believe what you have typed in this feedback. Do you celebrate the death of an unarmed young man? Do you believe that it would be better if more unarmed young men were killed? Really. Really? Or is this just the sort of hot-headed stuff we write on the internet. I believe that Brad or Al or Antonio or Dani or Eli would not actually say to the mother, wife or child of this man, face to face, what they say here. I hope that they would be ashamed. And I have to believe that in them burns some kind of common humanity and basic decency. Because the hate-filled rantings seen here are of people who have lost all contact with God and with morality. Defend the wall if you want. That's your right. Just as this man had the right to protest against it. But when you celebrate death in this way you become the mirror image of the murderous Hamas. You bring shame on the Jewish people and on the land of Israel.
21. oh, well!!!!
oded   (04.17.09)
22. Jewish occupation gotta be removed from Palestine
XY ,   USA   (04.17.09)
23. Roni Barkan
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron-Israel   (04.17.09)
May his parents be ashamed for raising this stupid traitor! For sure he lives in north Tel Aviv and enjoys doing nothing on his parent's account. Deport him together with all the not Israelis who believe they have the right to come here and insult our country!
24. The danger of whitewashing the crimes of the extreme-left
Ari   (04.17.09)
Violent riots involving rocks, bricks, chunks of concrete, firebombs and lynch-mobs should be - and indeed would be - dealt with using an iron-fist in any other country in the world. We do not need to excuse the actions of those members of the security forces charged with protecting the citizens of the State of Israel and it's property. That these thugs and vandals are whining about getting hurt whilst rioting is ridiculous enough, but why the the Israeli media continue to make light of this sustained campaign of violence by the extreme-left? Why do their terrorist acts not make it to the front pages, but rather only when they get hurt trying? If it were right-wingers using such violence on a weekly basis, the media would not be so kind...
25. where is his bullet proof vest?
observer   (04.17.09)
don't tell us he was armed because he didn't put on the vest.
26. To #1 Brad
Gazan ,   Gaza city, Palestine   (04.17.09)
Since you are in America, you don't know much about the "fence" not more than you read on ynetnews. The palestinians are protesting it cuz it lies within their lands (the West bank) and it cut off more than 30% of their lands (and that includes their homes,villages,farms,etc). As a matter of fact not any part of the fence lies within Israel or even close to the 1967. We have no single problem with the fence but Israel should build it in Israel to protect Israel!!
27. When playing with fire, expect to get hurt!
Anat   (04.17.09)
28. #3 Antonio, why should the brave IDF rest in urine?
observer   (04.17.09)
29. When you start a violent demonstration, you get violence.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.17.09)
30. Mr Lieberman...kick foreign instigators out
Daniel Richter ,   Canada   (04.17.09)
These people are worse than Pal demonstrators. No other country would tolerate this BS. Pass a law about it already.
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