Palestinian killed in Bilin protest
Ali Waked and Anat Shalev
Published: 17.04.09, 20:55
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31. #20, wrong!
Antonio ,   Haifa   (04.17.09)
It is not immoral to wish the worst on our vile enemies and occupiers of our homeland. And I wouldn't hesitate to say the same thing to this lowlife's mother's face. This enemy piece of garbage can protest whatever it wants. It cannot go and riot. It deserved what it got. Hope its mother follows.
shu ,   UK   (04.17.09)
this is the way and infact the only way they understand,ISRAEL FOREVER.
33. Palestinian killed in Bilin protest
AndrĂ©   (04.17.09)
Anarchists peacefull ?! ..EH....HUH??
34. Bilin Protest
Joe Charlap ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.17.09)
Why does the IDF have to attack protesters? Isnt non violent protest legitimate in a democratic country? They aren't threatening the army or the security of the country so why does the army have to shoot people? This is very reminiscent of what South Africa was in the days of apartheid and sets a dangerous precedent. We should allow everyone to stage non violent protests free of any interference and stop behaving like a third world country.
35. israel must expelled all this leftists in airports ben gouri
willi ayache ,   herzliya   (04.17.09)
I dont understand why bibi government no applicate the black out total on news because all israelis people voted for rights party wants israel cleanse our country against the leftist israelis too involved in medias pro palestinians and bibi must close all news team making too many problems in israel for take cause of bladdy pseudo palestinians people that must be transfered with all leftists israelis to jordania for eretz israel be in really in peace without all this leftists harmfull !! israel must as well expelled all leftist foreigners arriving in ben gourion airport must be on the grounds """ EXPELLED "" !! am israel hay
36. #26 Gazan
Jewish Refugee ,   U.S.A.   (04.17.09)
I did not want to shatter your dream but there is no Palestinian lands, there is no West Bank. What is there is Israel and occupied Judea and Samaria by the Arabs a.k.a. Palestinians. In 1967, Arabs LOST the WAR in which Israel reclaimed its stolen lands. As international precedent shows whenever you win the wars especially defensive wars you keep the lands. Not only Israel won but that land also belongs to Israel. Read HISTORY, by the way history did not start in 1947. Please visit and respond to my articles.
37. Hey Man! Nice Shot.
Laurence ,   Tustin, CA USA   (04.17.09)
38. great news...cover the enemy in pig skins
Dave ,   USA   (04.17.09)
39. #26 The Arabs want what the Jews have
Frank ,   USA   (04.17.09)
There is no such thing as the Palestinian land because the land is not defined and there is no and has never been a Palestinian sovereignity in the history of this planet. Your culture #26 is based on lies and you repeat your lies over and over again presenting your Palestinian lies as reality.
40. Israel's leniency toward the enemies is at fault
Bill ,   USA   (04.17.09)
What happened to that terrorist should have happened to all terrorists.
41. They hate the fence cause they love to kill Jews
Sam ,   USA   (04.17.09)
42. God Bless His Soul. The Racist Wall...
Nour ,   Palestine   (04.17.09)
is another instrument of land-grab used by Zionists. It uses "security" as a pre-text to snake and cut deep into Palestinian farmlands. It shall be resisted until demolished.
43. #36 Get a Grip
Nour ,   Palestine   (04.17.09)
You claim israel "got" the West Bank in '67 and that it had been "stolen" anyway. You can't claim it was stolen if it didn't belong to you. It was Jordan then, and the British Mandate before, and the Turkish Empire for centuries prior... But by virtue of population majority, it was and remains Palestinian, and Arab, regardless of your Zionist wet dreams. Get real. "Judea and Samaria" is a fiction, a biblical story, a relic of your history, which you use to justify the settlements built after '67, and you claims have no legal backing whatsoever! To us these settlements are nothing but pests to be eradicated asap for the sake of peace in the region. Otherwise deal with the thousands of Palestinian refugees who are bound to return to their ancestral homelands.
44. Gazan...Palestinians never own land and there's
Maria ,   MD   (04.17.09)
no such thing as Palestinians,there were called Arabs or Africans[Ishmael married Egyptians].
45. fence is for protecting Israeli
Maria ,   MD   (04.17.09)
citizens from suicide bombing. Suicide bombs and belts were invented by Palestinians in 1987.Why don't they invent something useful to benefit the world?
46. #36 Jewish Refugee....thanks for the link
Maria ,   MD   (04.17.09)
Jimmy Carter....hmm,a Baptist who doesn't support Israel.
47. Stop protesting in closed-off military zones!
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (04.17.09)
48. oh my goad..!!
aya ,   egypt   (04.17.09)
it`s repeated every day ; it`s happen more and more ; pleas let us and go ;try to be good people;our youth and our children die every day; you cry for shalit;for one man ;but we cry for hundreds and hundreds of mans ;womens and childrens ..we can still mute .. so stop your bombs and your guns................
49. He was my friend and liked Jews
Shlomo ,   Tel-Aviv   (04.17.09)
Bassem was a nice guy and my friend. Every protest he spoke to me in Hebrew. Every week he shouted at the police/magav saying - "Israelis are here too and we are friends." he never said anything anti-semitic and was nice. very nice. i will miss him
50. #2 the unspoken secret; soldiers followed ur advice
observer   (04.17.09)
tear-gas is strictly regulated by safety conventions, according to which grenades cannot be fired directly into a crowd. The soldiers cornered & shot 5 demonstrators, sitting ducks in touch with each other. tip of today: help yourself; click the photo with article.
51. "Soldiers fire at anything that moves"
Uzziel   (04.17.09)
And after all this the allmighty genocidal IDF only succeeds killing one? Pathological liars...
52. Thanks, Ynet posters
Radka ,   Athens, Greece   (04.17.09)
for restoring my inner balance. I was feeling a tad too philo-semitic for anyone's good today.
53. Joe, 34, these are not "non-violent protests"
Darren ,   Oakland, CA   (04.17.09)
These "protesters" are verbally and physically abusive to Israeli soldiers and they are, in fact, threatening the army and the security of the country. Will you now agree that the IDF acted appropriately in this instance? If not, ask yourself whether or not your condemnations are based on facts and logic or solely on bias. PS- You are either not actually from Jerusalem or you are really naive.
54. Stop this madness
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (04.17.09)
Quit using rubber bullets, stun grenades and tear gas. Use live ammunition and fragmentation grenades. That would end the leftist/fascist attacks on our troops.
55. #43 nour
please tell me as one palestinian to another. why didn't we ask for our own state from king abdullah when we were under him from 1948 to 1967? why was there need to not stop terror against the israilis before 1967 when israil did not have the west bank but jordan did. yet, we as palestinians never asked for our own state from jordan. why? please remember that jordan will of never given us our state also. mahmed sabouri ramallah
56. #40
stop your terror first. then we stop defending ourselves.
57. #49
if you loved your friend so much, you would have tried to protect him rather than defy the law and enter a dangerous situation in a no man's military zone. knowing the consequences from the past in biliin, you should have known better.
58. Palestinian killed in violent Bilin protest
Howie ,   Montreal, Canada   (04.17.09)
Excellent! All those who want to murder Jews or force Jews to die defenseless against terrorists should get a taste of their own medicine. These protesters should all be arrested, tried, found guilty and imprisoned, executed or exiled. Congratulations to the IDF.
59. war is war
Tzivi   (04.17.09)
The fact remains the Palestinian Arabs who immigrated to Palestine are just as foreign as all of the historical invaders and conquerors, Greeks, Babylonians, Persians, Arabs, Crusaders. The true inhabitants and inheritors are the descendants of the original people,the Canaanite and Israelite, who are today the Jews far and wide from every corner of the globe. Including the lost tribes which are being reconstituted to Israel. The Arab immigrants to Palestine never ruled, never held governance, they should respect a higher order of people to live under their rule, as they have every ruler before the Jews.
60. I know the history well
Gazan ,   Gaza city, Palestine   (04.17.09)
Palestine was ruled by the arab, and the Islamic empires for more than a thousand year. Palestine is an arab and muslim land and it has always been. We are the original citizens of it. you just are temporary in the region. You belong to (Russia, England,Tunisia,Iran,Yemen, Lithuania,Ethiopia). These are your origins. None of you has any roots in Palestine. If I were you, I wouldn't dare open my mouth and speak about "terrorism".
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