Report: US may not try AIPAC officials
Published: 22.04.09, 08:07
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1. Seriously stop!
AR ,   USA   (04.22.09)
Look this is to all jews who are afraid of anti semitism spreading. Stop screwing with our gov. They are bad enough as it is we dont need israelis coming in influencing them. Your situation is by far the most screwed up situation visa vi (i dont care how its spelled) palestine and the arab world. Israelis have already screwed us over in there short history by giving secrets to china, USS liberty etc etc. Stop. You are giving ppl with low iq's in the states the needed ammo to express there bigotry. Not to mention were sick of your interferance in our elections. Its really annoying that we cant elect someone who dosnt think the sun shines outa israels bum. I am an american who dosnt like your nations policies (im not anti semetic) and honestly i dont care much for israel. I dont care about whose book says what. I dont care who you call a terrorist, I just want yall to mind your own Fing business. AIPAC is doing its part to ruin the US (Im not stupid enough to say ALL our problems come from israel) it is a very powerful lobby in washington (as evidence by this case) and its got to stop.
2. In other words...
Danny   (04.22.09)
They aren't guilty of any actual crime.
3. hatred for aipac is antisemitism
matt ,   us   (04.22.09)
there are hundreds of lobbys and advocacy groups in this country, to attack the american israeli lobby, which supports the shared interests of israel and america is antisemitic because israel is the only jewish country in the world, and anti american. lobbys are a part of american politics, if u dont like it, leave america. you say america is being influenced by israel, i believe america is interferring with israeli security, and hence the security of the jewish people. thank god you will never run anything in america or hold any important political office, because you sir are an idiot.
4. To #3
AR ,   USA   (04.23.09)
I dont care if there are hundreds of lobbys in washington that dosnt make them right. No lobby is more powerful than aipac. Aipac supports its own interest it could care less about america. I dont see how me telling AIPAC and Israelis to mind there own business makes me un american? How is america interefering with israeli security? Is it by express shipping israel weapons everytime she starts bombing gaza or lebanon? Or is it when we block any meaningful resolutions against israel in the UN? Or was it by destroying israels biggest threat (saddam hussein)? You dont know what your talking about.
5. no abuse of power
annie ,   usa   (04.23.09)
harman was not the targeted subject of the legal authorized wiretap. she was discussing the subject of the trial with someone under survelliance. perhaps as a member of congress she should not be discussing dropping spy charges in a quid pro quo arrangement w/people representing spys. also it is the height of hypocricy for harmon to complain about being wiretapped since it is her who was instrumental in her support for the bush administrations illegal wiretapping scandal.
6. aipac should be required
annie ,   usa   (04.23.09)
to register under the foreign agents registration act. it is actually against the law to fund congress members on the behalf of a foreign country. "During the 1963 Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings on the activities of registered foreign agents American Section - Jewish Agency for Israel, Inc. executives testified under oath about funding flows, corporate structure, payments to US entities such as the American Zionist Council for grassroots development, lobbying and public relations. American Section - Jewish Agency for Israel, Inc. executives testified under oath that they had no subsidiary relationship to the Israeli government. However when Rabbi Elmer Berger and George Washington University legal scholar William T. Mallison Jr. filed a complaint with the Department of Justice, the American Section - Jewish Agency for Israel, Inc. was forced to file the Jewish Agency's 1953 "Covenant" agreement with the Israeli government. The American Section - Jewish Agency for Israel, Inc. subsequently closed down in November of 1971 and quickly reorganized operations under a new corporate shell: the World Zionist Organization - American Section, which claimed no foreign government principal." aipac is a foreign agent and should be treated as such. this is not anti semetic, just common sense. the legal shinaegans aipac has continually gone thru to evade acknowledging it represent foreign interests is available to anyone who is curious. why should israel not be treated like any other country? all the other foriegn agents have to register and obey the law here.
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