Opinion  Sever Plocker
The Ahmadinejad doctrine
Sever Plocker
Published: 22.04.09, 17:36
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1. History always repeats
Proudly Israeli   (04.22.09)
We al remembered the Holocaust recently, when a crazy man with an idea started a hate campaign against the Jews , now another, armed with oil dollars and bought"allies" started a campaign against Israeli's/ Zionists/JEWS....and yet the world believe this....Awake and Return to your home!
2. need to protect from rain, go to the pool...
cordier   (04.22.09)
3. He's right
ezra toronto   (04.22.09)
we need to make peace now and regain world support, or defend ourselves by the sword with everyone against us.....
4. Farewell UN....
Franklin ,   Paris   (04.22.09)
Good morning SHARIA... By the eminent humanist : Ahmadinejad
5. Canada
Joe   (04.22.09)
There are a lot of valid points in Sever Plocker analysis. But there might be some hopeful signs that his bleak outlook might not become reality. Iran as the main source of current hostility to Israel, being ruled by a fanatical minority in the Moslem world is bound, as are all dictatorships, to make self destructive errors. Its first important blunder was the recent interference in Egypt through its Hezbollah proxy planing terrorist activity against Egypt economy & regime. This is reawakening the Arab century old mistrust of the former Persian occupiers. So while Hamadinejad is simulating a great interest in the Palestinian cause to gain some favor from Arabs for his unrelated ambitions, he is going to become more & more suspect to them, not to speak about the threat of a nuclear Iran to neighbour countries such as Kuwait, Irak, gulf states & Saudi Arabia where Iran tried in the past to steer troubles during pilgrimages. The next blunder the Ayatollahs are likely to commit is to believe that not ceeding on the nuclear issue will be without drastic consequences for Iran & possibly their regime.
6. European Walk Out
Sam Ward ,   London, England   (04.22.09)
I hope that you agree with me that it is many of those Europeans who walked out - during The Iranian President (guy) speach - are the ones who commited the Jewish Holocaust and not the Iranians. So please just remember that it was the Persians who liberated the Jews from slavary in Assyria in ancient times. Start asking yourself as a jew, I presume you are, why 80% (the 'third world countries' and below) did not walk out? I think that the Europeans are nothing but hypocrates, you know that and everybody knows that. Please stop playing a dirty game with the Iranians. I am not an Iranian, but I think that as a nation trying to gain respect they are doing very well, better than the "Israelis" for sure. The world is not blind nor dumb. We have hours and hours of recording s about the Israeli crimes and we do not need a European walk out to believe otherwise, wake up guys!
7. Plocker sounds like a scared ghetto Jew
Efi ,   Tel Aviv   (04.22.09)
Plocker, news flash: We don't depend on the goodwill of other nations anymore. It seems you haven't quite grasped the nature of being an independent people again. Time is not running out because a bunch of third world corrupt officials failed to walk out on the Iranian lunatic monkey-man. The world has been against us since our founding, and we have never been stronger. So calm down and let the Air Force plan its big surprise for the Iranians in peace. Scared ghetto voices like yours don't do us any good. And we should never be running into peace deals out of fear.
8. Reply to #6 Sam Ward, UK
Joe ,   Canada   (04.22.09)
Sam you should be more careful in your choice of decently run countries: remember the extradition request by Argentina for four former members of the embassy oF Iran in Buenos Aires for their participation in the death of 100 Jewish Argentinians in the terrorist destruction of their community center. Iran is denying the request to this day. You seem to find nothing wrong with the Ayatollahs & their crude puppet called Ahmadinejad who can't even hide his murderous inclinations..
9. Goes to show
Zohan ,   Tel Aviv   (04.22.09)
Second & Third World are brainless and the person who delivered the speech is brain dead
10. The Ahmadinejad doctrine
Brian ,   Sydny Australia   (04.22.09)
This is an excellent article and on the button. The rest of the world does not see the Israeli/Palestinian conflict in the same light. I often feel irate reading articles in the South African press, the country of my birth articulating Israel’s crimes and defending poor dispossessed Palestinians. Israel needs to do everything in its power to resolve the crisis. I’m not quite sure what that is, given the mood of the parties involved???
11. Plocker very good article
Ari   (04.22.09)
The thing that he does very well is to get into the head Mahmoud and explain what he thinks. however as far as all those in the third world, most of them have their own interests and don't care that much about the jews or the palestinians, but are more easily manipulated by arab oil money and power. i feel that his conclusion is a bit too sweeping and the actual issue is more nuanced.
12. Author is out of reality.
George ,   Canada   (04.22.09)
“...secure peace agreements with the Palestinians and with moderate Arab....... “ with this government?!! Dream about it. The biggest gift for Ahmadinagad was the election of this government .The author is out of reality.
13. Freedom of speech
George ,   Canada   (04.22.09)
I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it Freedom of speech: is for everyone, including dictator. Walking away is a show a, lake of solid arguments. I am not a sympathizer of Ahmadinajad ,but if you consider he is not telling the truth ,fight your truth back with arguments and facts . Yes show him where is the truth (if you have it ) Humiliate him in front of Iranian first and the rest of the world second if you can ,I repeat if you can . Walking away is not the facts nor solid arguments .Is anybody has courage to do so without insulting.(by the way he was met as hero when returned back to Iran).
14. #6 your point is general feeling
George ,   Canada   (04.22.09)
I agree with you, the support that the Jews gained after WWII holocaust is fading due to Israeli action with Palestinian. It seems the Israeli felt into a trap of everyday killing that was not foreseen before.
15. #6
Brian ,   Chicago, USA   (04.22.09)
The world is actually very blind and very dumb and have proven it time after time. Bosnia during the 1990s, Rwanda, Sudan (Darfur) oh and of course the WWII and the Nazi regime etc. Furthermore the Persians who liberated the Jews were not influenced by a apocolyptic brand of Islam as a matter of the fact the Persians "liberated the Jews in the 5th century BCE and Islamic conquest of Persia occured around 600 CE. Lying constantly to the IAEA about their nuclear program, throwing the US admin overtures in their face with imflamatory language, calling to wipe out the zionist entity from time and questioning the Holocaust which is one of the most documented icidents in modern history (thanks to the Nazi's great record keepng) is NO way to gain respect. You ask Jews to ask themselves why 80% of the countries at that sham didnt walk out. Well most Jews can answer that very simply. Its the same old song and dance as far as the 14,000,000 Jews in world are concerned.
16. Muslims have been the kindest people to Jews
Taghayee   (04.22.09)
Historically speaking, Muslims have been there for the Jews when others had shunned them. They lived in peace and security. Yes there is tension between the two people right now and is to be accepted. You cannot be kind to me if I take something that belongs to you by force.
17. Jews in Iran have rights..?
Daniel ,   LA, CA, USA   (04.22.09)
i know of a quite a few who ran away from Iran to america to escape the "rights" and "tolerance" of Iran
18. Efi #7: I agree with you
Steve   (04.22.09)
I thought this was a pretty good piece until I got to the second to the last sentence. Utterly shameful! The point is, no matter what the Jews do short of national suicide, Jew-haters world wide will not be satisfied. Better to live as as proud Jews in our land - ALL of it - than go the way of a cowardly, groveling Jew, seeking international approbation from Jew-haters. Be a strong and courageous. Don't be a moral coward.
19. #3: Everyone's against us?
Steve   (04.22.09)
Everyone will be against us when we exhibit moral cowardice and insecurity to the world community. We've done nothing wrong. We have nothing to be insecure or uncertain about among the nations. Only Jews who are tremble in fear are uncertain and insecure about our position in the world; or about the righteouness of our cause in our land. Be a man for heaven sakes! Stop cowering, groveling and begging out of base fear.
20. Who cares?The monkey is doomed to be in a cell in hell next
to sadaam&allah ,   for eternity........   (04.22.09)
21. Divisions
Chester ,   Concord, NH USA   (04.22.09)
"the majority of enlightened global public opinion" ? It's no wonder you believe that only the 2nd and 3rd worlds along with the "radical left" could find agreement with even parts of Ahmadinejad's speech delivered at a conference on the very racism and elitism you currently spout, yet fail to see.
22. The Arab world is not with Iran
Alice ,   in Castrated land   (04.22.09)
Peace is not the only answer. Israel is the only democracy in the middle east, and it should not be capitulated to thugs who USURP power daily!!!
23. holocaust denial
benji ,   london   (04.22.09)
the author of this article should be sent to germany and imprisoned for holocaust denial firstly. secondly, ahmadinejad obviously didn't realize this was an anti-racist conference, no need for anti-semetic and zionist remarks mr. iranian 'president'. however, he is right that israel and palestine need to work together if they want to stop the fighting. but will this ever happen? i think not. i think it's going to take a big war for this controversy to end
24. So the people that can claim ownership are:
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (04.22.09)
People currently residing there, resided there before the occupation, their descendents, & born in Palestine itself. Kind of like.....all the Jewish descendants that had to leave due to foreign rule?
25. Ignorance plagues those who disregard native rights
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (04.22.09)
Could you imagine if Neo-American's started storming onto Native American land claiming that they don't deserve sovereignty over their tiny pieces?
26. Agree with Plocker on some point
Jim ,   Chicago   (04.22.09)
Remember how Obama started his advamce in Chicago: he gave left hook to another (older) guy in the place where he lived. He gained a lot of respect at once. In these communities people LOVE force.
27. #15 if you have access to Nazi record keeping post
George ,   Canada   (04.23.09)
reference for general public. You will be highly appreciated. Personally I haven't seen a WWII documentary film made by German. The Russian documentary have one interpretation, the American have their version,, French, British as well …all of them were done by the war winners .
28. Ahmadinejad
John ,   Boise, Idaho USA   (04.23.09)
I'll be glad when a - mad- ninja takes a shower, shaves and changes his personality. This would be just for starters. Ranting and raving does not win friends nor influence others. A " just and democratic solution" is quite foreign to this character, particularly in lieu of his track record. The Iranian people are quite capable of rising up to a new form of leadership and yes time is running out for them, not for Israel. And as for the guys in the white suits, in the Third World Countries, they know that it is the American people who have poured foreign aid into their countries-including Iran and their earthquake aid- only to get a madman in return.
29. The surest way for Israel to "neutralize" Iran
Persian CAT   (04.23.09)
is to have peace with the Palestinians, period! Plocker has hit the nail on the head.
30. to #29 you think ahmadinajad
ghostq   (04.23.09)
really cares about the palis, think again you so neive, he is using the grim situation for his political agenda, they don't need weapons, they need food, jobs and medicins something he neglect systematically and intentionally, in order to earn the mases of persian support.
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