IDF admits operational mishaps in Gaza
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 22.04.09, 15:34
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1. ynet you r recycling news
ghostq   (04.22.09)
and yeah we know Hamas fabricated numbers of catualties to win international sympathy.
2. IDF investigates the IDF
jj   (04.22.09)
and concludes that the IDF did nothing wrong. what a surprise. independent inquiry now. nothing less.
3. Human shield?
Jared ,   Stillwater   (04.22.09)
Human shield? Exactly where was Hamas supposed to hide their weapons and fighters in an area as small as the Gaza strip with 1.5 million people.
4. Human shield?
Jose ,   Salvador   (04.22.09)
Yeah! Exactly, where were they suppose to hide the rockets to defend themselves?
5. IDF report
Dr John ,   Rechovot Israel   (04.22.09)
While I agree that everything has to be investigated, I suggest that in future operations every soldier be provided with an accompyning lawyer who in turn will record all & every individual action taken by our soldiers on video-tape!! Wonder if the Americans, British or Norwegians are so diligent in their follow up after a war as they demand of us ???????
6. #4...
Mike ,   T.A.   (04.22.09)
So, I don't really understand your point. Hamas can purposely target Israeli civilians (as per their charter to kill Jews and destroy Israel), hiding behind their own civilians, and then when Israel retaliates and gets accused of war crimes because of collateral damage, we're not even allowed to point out that they operated in civilian territories? Lose lose for Israel and win win for Hamas. Israeli civilians die, the world doesn't care-score one for Hamas. Palestinian civilians die, world is outraged-score one for Hamas.
7. Israel admits - Gaza, #3
Dany ,   Toronto   (04.22.09)
You "Smart" Arab, if your brothers the Hamas did MURDER our people, there would not be their need for weapons; But you can't think... Otherwise, too bad, as we don't have to apologise for Murderers; Any arms are Kosher here & are used all over the world. You PHONY Arab, do your Hamas think twice when murdering our people? DO YOU?
8. idf admits operational
debbie ,   israel   (04.22.09)
JARED! LOL!! LOL!! LOL!! Where are they supposed to hide their weapons and fighters, indeed!!!!!! NEWS FLASH: Israel pulled out of Gaza years ago, at huge human cost and anguish. Your "brave fighters" had absolutely no business and no reason to be firing missiles at Southern Israel on a daily basis, other than pure hatred and provocation. The only mistake Israel made was not retaliating years sooner. It was not smart to let the world become used to the fact that Israeli population centers can absorb thousands of rockets, and the IDF will sit on its hands and do nothing. It won Israel no admiration.
9. #3 and #4
why did they need to defend themselves anyway? since 2005 we left gaza and they were on their own, an opportunity to sieze and show the civilized world that they can build a society, infrastructures and a stable economy. but, nothing like this happened. instead, hamas fired 8,000 missiles at ISRAELI CIVILIANS, NOT SOLDIERS, in 3 years. israel did not attack them from 2005-2008 and israel never attacked them in that time, while the hamas did the opposit. they send missiles into israeli communities constantly. wht would the israelis not be allowed to defend their communities and borders from these 8,000 missiles? WE NEVER ATTACKED GAZA. WE RESPONDED TO THE 8,000 MISSILES THAT KILLED HUNDREDS OF OUR JEWISH PEOPLE. no one attacked hamas between 2005-2008 so why would they need weapons to protect themselves? from what? if they were not attacked. but israelis were attacked by hamas with 8,000 missiles between 2005-2008 and responded in kind. the gazans had no reason to defend themselves before the cast lead operation because no one was attacking them. they were attacking daily with 200-300 missiles during children walking to school, etc...causing an entire south israeli population to live in shelters...not a normal life, ha? where should they have put munitions and rockets???? you ask???? not in the attics or under the bed of innocent gazans, not in prayer houses, not under the beds of children, not in people's homes. no! you do not see any israeli or civilized country storing weapons under children's beds, in synagogues and churches, in schools, in nurseries, etc.... only animals that do not care for human life expose the innocent to be in the middle of the battle. show me any army in the world, any army, that sends leaflets from the air to warn civilians to move from the combat area. show me one army that does this humane act.....not a single one! but israel did this many times in lebanon and in gaza. do you think hamas sent us phone calls and leaflets when they sent 8,000 missiles towards our homes and schools? no! the more jews they kill, the better. READ THEIR CHARTER AND CONSTITUTION. it is the call for murder, destruction and death to the jews in israel. before you judge the morality of an army, look at what nato did in kosovo where thousands of civilians were killed in battle from jet bombers. look at the thousands that died in gaza by hamas against fatah. look at what russia did in beslan where they gassed all the innocents with the terrorists as long as they could kill the terrorists. they didn't care about the civilians held inside that school. you have no right to talk. when your home is under 8,000 missiles on a daily basis for years and years and suicide bombings, then you may tell israel how to act nice. your country and any other would have eliminated gaza totally a long time ago. the hamas should thank god that the israeli army is indeed the most moral in the world. jews are moral! and i am telling this to you as a lebanese muslim that knows what hamas and hizbullah is as well as what iran and syria are. vivienne beirut, lebanon
10. #4
jb ,   Canada   (04.22.09)
Yeah defend themselves against thos evil Joooos who have sworn to exterminate them Hahahahaha. You must be a Chavez lover too,puta! Those same jews who daily provide them with electricity, food, water etc. TYhose same Jews who open their world-class hospitals to treat civilians and terrorists from Gaza. All this while the Egyptian border is closed. Why don't the Gazans shell Egypt. Because they're fellow Muslims. That fact makes you and the Gazans jew haters... Quelle surprise!!
11. #2 Jared
jb ,   Canada   (04.22.09)
I know, Jared, Why don't we let hamas investigate it. That should be independent. Or maybe the UN. Then we can get a really unbiased view. Did you read the report A'hole? No I didn't think so, crapule, toi!
12. No army is ever 100%
alan ,   texas   (04.22.09)
If the arab terrorists had not attacked Israel, there would have been no reprisals. Hence it is ALL. 100% arab fault. No army can be expected to be 100% perfect.
13.  civilians dead
Orrin ,   US   (04.22.09)
Do we hear of demands by NGOs and other Arab nations over the 1000 civilians slaughtered by Sri Lanka army two days ago --all in one day ? The Tamils are using civilians as human shields there . What of civilians dead in iraq, Afghanistan ? Hypocrisy
14. 3
Jospeh ,   Malta   (04.22.09)
They should not had the weapons and amo in the first place. thats why they smuggle it.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (04.22.09)
In rebuking my talk-back when I had commented about the blunders in Gaza.You may tend to change your terminology,but the end result boils down to the same conclusion.Any comment? I am sure you will twist and turn your response.
16. Who cares
cynic #2   (04.22.09)
What's important is killing Palestinians, whether by mistake or on purpose. no amount of apology will bring back the dead. The evil is in the cause not the symptoms.
17. mishaps or crimes ???
WHY ? ,   .......DACON9   (04.22.09)
Brian ,   London   (04.22.09)
I am interested in if Mahmood purposely visits Israeli websites to raise debates and argue with people? what's the point in this? what does it achieve?. Why don't you go and help your 'brothers' in Gaza then, if not, why not? just do your bit for them instead of sitting in the relative comfort of living with your parents until your 28 and then get married to a girl they found for you.
20. #3
mark ,   Israel   (04.22.09)
Good question. But once you're out of elementary school you have to start accepting responsibility for what you do to yourself and others. It's part of what is called being grown up. Understand now?
21. IDF admits
Bachrach Andres ,   Kfarsaba Israel   (04.22.09)
How our late Kishon wrote it:? excuse that we won. andi mihakfar.
22. #3 #4 (same person)
eyal   (04.22.09)
then dont fight! when u fight, u must accept all consequences. u are living on jewish land, and therefore must behave nice or leave! one or the other...
23. Hey, mistakes happen.ALL pals agree it was a MISTAKE to
elect hamass.Blame ,   the war on them!   (04.22.09)
24. Did you really think that we would put up with the daily bar
rage of qassams for ,   ever?Blame yourself!   (04.22.09)
25. YOU SEEM TO HAVE LOST..........#19
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (04.22.09)
Sense of direction altogether,Brian.First of all,the Ynetnews is one of the most uptodate site one can find and the fact that the site allows you to comment on any issue gives everyone an opportunity to comment and express their views.I wonder why it bugs you,Brian?Why? Am avoiding to comment more on your personal character but just to say that I am not what you think I am but I, for certain,know exactly what sort of character you are.Carry on contributing to the matter in discussion and make sure you avoid personalising anyone's comments for that matter.No offense meant,of course,but my comments were neccessary to straighten you out.
26. Compliments to the Israeli Military!
The 11th Man ,   London   (04.22.09)
27. mahmood why do you need to straighten anybody out?
beejay ,   Canada   (04.22.09)
Your reasoning is pretty obvious. You feel superior,while you are acting like a moron, which in my biased mind is pretty obvious after reading your name. Why do you think you have the right to straighten ANYBODY OUT? Because you believe in your cause of murdering jews?...hehehehehe..mahmood your mood is suspect...change your name to bah-moody!
28. Maybe if they had accepted the partition plans...
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (04.22.09)
29. Maybe if they hadn't started wars and intifadas....
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (04.22.09)
30. Maybe if they hadn't fired 8000 rockets at Israel....
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (04.22.09)
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