Joseph's Tomb compound vandalized
Efrat Weiss
Published: 23.04.09, 10:54
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1. this is not the first time
gsea   (04.23.09)
and wont be the last install securety cameras and watch how no harm will be to that place.
2. Obama and other naif people
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron-Israel   (04.23.09)
Can anybody in his mind tell us that we MUST accept Abbas as a peace partner? Don't dream, this is the future if we trust Fatah, Hamas or any other terrorist group!
3. additional facts
Joseph ,   Israel   (04.23.09)
Israel withdrew from Joseph's Tomb in 2000 to reduce interference with the Arab's lives In return, Fatah and the PA guaranteed to preserve the holy site and allow Jews to pray. The Fatah and the PA immediately broke the agreement under their racist belief that any agreement with a Jew must be broken and under their apartheid policy of preventing Jews from being near Arabs.
4. dont worry
vashDi ,   israel   (04.23.09)
the G-d of israel knows whats coming to those who vandalised the tomb. they have cursed themselves and there families. they will pay for what they did.
5. Ignorant know nothing about the place
Santa ,   North poll   (04.23.09)
this place has nothing to do with is only 100 years old tomb of a known Shaikh from the near by village of Balata. And it is inside a city that has 220 000 Palestinians..these settlers are coming only to provoke the natives.
dmgold ,   Pardes Channa Israel   (04.23.09)
Time and time again Jewish or Christian holy places of worship are targeted around the middle East by those who profess to be Muslims bearing the mantle of Peace. Time and time again Muslim/Islamic/Islamist excesses and intolerance of "others"are ignored by the main stream media, the UN and so called human rights NGO's. Islam appears to be in conflict with and attempt to destroy everything it touches. ISLAM CAN BEST BE DESCRIBED AS THE MOST DESTRUCTIVE FORCE ON THE PLANET TODAY.
7. tomb of joseph
shul ,   uk   (04.23.09)
this is terrible provocation,dont be suprise if the jewish people will act. awhy go and try to destroy a tomb? pure evil act.a reaction will follow.
8. I can only
ghostq   (04.23.09)
Imagin what would happen if it was the other way around, that would make big mayham, and it's not even a cartoon.
shul ,   uk   (04.23.09)
what makes you think that you know more than the jewish people who lived in israel more than any religon.another muslim who knows nothing.
10. Yusuf's Tomb
Shaul ,   Sheboygan   (04.23.09)
In the Qur'an there is an entire Surah devoted to Yusuf. How can true believers allow Peace Be Taken From Him?
11. To # 5
Ellen ,   Israel/USA   (04.23.09)
"provoke the natives" What is it with the "natives" that they can't see someone who is different from them? Sad, that a person would have so little self-control that they get "provoked" to destroy a holy site. As I walk the streets in Netanya there are many Arabs in the streets, stores and shops--My fellow Jews and I manage to remain "unprovoked' Maybe we really are a superior people. We obviously have much better self control and self-worth.
12. I find it odd that both
ghostq   (04.23.09)
muslems and jews making still object holly, he died who ever he was, so pagan of both of you.
13. Muslim disgrace
Isac ,   Florida   (04.23.09)
Just imagine for a moment, if that situation would have been reversed. Muslims would have started a riot and called for Jewish blood. So far again to the wonderful and peaceful religion of Islam!
14. I lived there
Aaron ,   Netanya   (04.23.09)
I served in Joseph's tomb as a paramedic from 1997-1999. For the person who thinks a sheik was burried there, he may be right, but in his stupidity he forgets that the arab practice is to make everything muslim by "erasing the mistakes of the past". This is why they destroy it. The other stupidity is that this is a holy site to them as well. It's only that they know that it hurts us that they do it. I know many of the settlers and while I know that they can be a pain in the ass, and nuts as well, they are there not to annoy the arabs (that's a bonus), they are there to study at a place that is very powerful. If you believe in feeling power, much like many feel at the wall in Jersualem, go to the tomb and your doubts will be washed out. So unless you were alive four thousand years ago, or even one hundred, shut the hell up and go back to your empty life. The people who go there to pray go by their own volition and it should be their right to be there. If we destroyed a mosque, we'd be bombed by terrorists, threatened by the UN, called racists... Why would we do this to our people? From a secular Jew, a medical scholar, and an Israeli....Od Yosef Chai!
15. Pay them back in kind.
Tshvekes Klapper ,   Baltimore   (04.23.09)
Enough is enough.
16. The whole story is fake and fabricated.
Sammy The Moslem ,   Amman, Jordan   (04.23.09)
This story is a lie and totaly fabricated by those extremist Jews. The truth of the matter is Moslems revere Prophet Joseph (peace be upon him) and there is a entire Sura in the Quran about him. To Moslem, Joseph is a holy prophet. Actually moslems name their children after him. The Arabic word for Joseph is YOUSEF. So for any one to claim that moslems did this to a holy prophet that they respect and revered is outrageous.
17. #5, Really? If this were really the tomb of a Muslim Sheikh
Jake   (04.23.09)
Palestinians would not be vandalizing it, smashing it, and painting swastika graffiti on it, now would they?
18. There's nothing Eisav can do to stop it.
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (04.23.09)
The destruction of Eisav will come from Yosef. "Ella Toldot Yaacov, Yosef" look at Rashi there.
19. #16, There is TV footage of Palestinians burning the tomb
Jake   (04.23.09)
of Joseph, storming it smashing it and burning it. It was such a scene that not even the film editors of Pallywood were able to delete it.
20. #16 It just goes to prove who the extremists are underneath
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (04.23.09)
Atheists: Psalm 14, verse 1 The degraded one says in his heart- 'There is no G-d' - IN HIS HEART but outside he says "God is holy"
21. Is this how Islam honors its prophets?
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (04.23.09)
22. Sammy #16
John ,   Washington State   (04.23.09)
Believe what you want to, Sammy – ignore the truth if it doesn’t fit your agenda. That’s why Islamic countries are such dysfunctional pits. Be PROUD of your ignorance and kill those who speak the truth.
23. How disgraceful...
Anna ,   Be'er Sheva, Israel   (04.23.09)
I want to believe that a religion so close to mine is peaceful like they always claim, but after displays like this... :(
24. We do what we please in our land,,and not again with you!
Shechem bin Hamor ,   Shechem , Cannan   (04.23.09)
First time you have sent Dinah...not again!
25. #24 Do what you please in your land - Arabia
Jake   (04.23.09)
and stop poaching our history and vandalizing our shrines.
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