Clinton: Palestinian gov't must recognize Israel
Published: 23.04.09, 18:53
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1. Maybe if she wrote that in her blood, I would believe it.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.23.09)
2. Don't hold your breath Madam Sct. of State
Marcus ,   USA   (04.23.09)
3. highly principled stand
sandgroper ,   western australia   (04.23.09)
these are her principles .....and if you don't like them, she has OTHER principles ...
4. good caption
sandgroper ,   western australia   (04.23.09)
the best part of this article is the photo caption: "Clinton doubtful "
5. #1
Jane   (04.23.09)
Those things are only written in Jewish blood, Bunnie. G-d help us!
6. We've been here before
Righteous Zionist ,   Israel   (04.23.09)
Remember Oslo - The PLO says they recognise Israel, Israel gives them land, they turn it immediately into a terror base and attack Israel in a new war of extermination. Once bitten twice shy - BUT the Israeli leaders have a habit of NOT being shy when it comes to being folled by the arabs.
7. "the maiden doth protest too much!"
tom ,   toronto, canada   (04.23.09)
but fatah has claimed, repeatedly, that they also don't recognize israel, that they also don't renounce violence, and they also haven't honoured any commitments made by the palestinian authority. in spite of this, washington has showered them with billions of dollars, as well as ever more sophisticated weapons, and even an american general to train their fighters. and all of this because they are the "moderate" terrorists, the ones who wear business suits, and not the "extremist" ones, who wear pyjamas. so why doesn't hillary just drop the charade, and tell it like it is: washington is desperately looking for the slightest fig leaf to allow them to open contacts with hamas, so they can get on with their pretend "peace process" (and get more jews killed). unfortunately for the arab apologists in the state department, hamas is defiantly refusing to even pretend to play along with the game. arafat was a much better liar, and the americans got along with him just fine...
8. Hillary likes joking these days
zionist forever   (04.23.09)
The palestinians could be crashing planes into office buildings but the policy of this administration would be we need to advance the peace process now so there are no more attacks like this. So far the only attitudes we have seen any signs we have been getting from is turn a blind eye to the terror. Don't do anything to get the peace process going. ( Obama wants his place in hostory ) Just like Olmert & Livni Obama will play chicken with Hamas. Stop the aid up to a point but when Hamas refuse to back down & CNN and BBC are showing palestinian suffering overnight that policy will change. As for recognising Israel the PLO was supposed to do that as a condition of the original oslo itself from the begining. Now we are expected to believe that over 16 years later and that after Bill Clinton and pro Israel George Bush Obama who has a love affair with the arabs & muslims in general is going to push on that. Hillary unless your going to say what you mean please say nothing.
9. first Israel should take back the entire strip
enough restraint ,   JUST DO IT.   (04.23.09)
then, the West Bank. Then we sort things out like we should've from the start. Gloves off.
10. Fatah and Hamas
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (04.23.09)
The main difference between Fatah and Hamas is that Fatah has a faction within that appears to be interested in negotiating peace with Israel, while Hamas is unanimous in its refusal to engage. Still, there are fewer differences than the mainstream media would have us believe. The charters of both Hamas and Fatah openly call for the destruction of Israel. Both groups have been consistently responsible for terrorist attacks against Israel. And both appear to be willing to let the Palestinian people suffer as the struggle continues for control of the Palestinian territories. More at :
11. "Israel's right to exist" is not a subject for debate
Gershon   (04.23.09)
The continued use of the phrase "Israel's right to exist" invites argument from her enemies that Israel does NOT have a right to exist. Is there a global debate on any other country's "right to exist" after 60 years of statehood? The phrase is used to promote 1. the idea that Israel's statehood in 1948 was a mistake 2. calls for Israel's destruction. ISRAEL EXISTS. PERIOD.
12. Pals want forced Israeli withdrawals in return for nothing
Sam ,   Canada   (04.23.09)
The USA wants Palestinian recognition of Israel . What the Palestinians want is that the Americans and the EU force withdrawals on Israel in return for nothing. That's their idea of the peace process. They want a state but don't want to recognize a Jewish-majority Israel as one. Failing that, Palestinians will continue terrorism and try to draw Arabs and other Muslims into war with Israel. That's their agenda.
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (04.23.09)
14. talks
colin   (04.24.09)
Finally the secretary of state and the US administration have agreed that 2 sides are needed in peace talks.The demands and pressure on Israel has attained NOTHING as US and Clinton now see that without the arabs wanting peace NO TALKS. The arabs cannot even talk amongst who does Israel make peace with???????
15. Hey, Hilary
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (04.24.09)
Gee, Whitewater was a terrible scandal, wasn't it? You should have been disbarred over it, right? Hell, you should have gone to prison! You know it. I know it. Remember your good friend Vince Foster? The guy who died of a so-called self-inflicted gunshout wound to the back of the head? Cute trick. Listen up, Madame Secretary of State. You and I both went to Yale Law School. You were scratch then; you're worse now. The Golan isn't going back to Syria. But you might wish to tell your dear (failed ophthalmologist) friend Assad that if he returns the remains of Eli Cohen, Israel just might not destroy Syria. Can you do that? Try. You are a thug, a liar and a murdereress (see comment about Vince Foster above). You are a criminal. I know all about the Rose Firm; I know all about you. I am less than impressed. In fact, I am disgusted. You are vile. Two things, Madame Ambassador: Syria return the remains of Eli Cohen (that's point one). Point two: shut the hell up. You have way too much to answer for and -- guess what? -- a whole lot of people know it. You are criminal scum masquerading as a diplomat. You are fooling no one.
16. No State in the World Has a Right to Exist
Nour ,   Palestine   (04.24.09)
States exist on the ground of being a fact on the ground: A people, common history, and state symbols. Of all states worldwide, Israel's "right to exist" in particular is questonable, since it sits on the ruins of 700 Arab villages and towns ransacked or erased by Jews in 1948. As far as Palestinians are concerned, Israel is a racist settler state which refuses to get along with its neighbors. Instead, it expans and brings white phoshorous rain falling on their head. Not to mention the ugliest war crimes in modern history (Qana 1 / 2, Jenin, Gaza, etc.). By the way, why should Hamas "recognize" Israel if israel itself does not recognize itself, that is, define its borders? Another irony is that Hamas is being asked to honor past agreements with Israel, while the Israeli government itself (as opposed to a political party) rejects Annapolis and has practically shred to pieces the land-for-peace agreements since Oslo? Beats me, so stop complaining.
17. #12 correct, you stole our country, we want it back
Palestinian   (04.24.09)
18. #16 #17 you live in cities created by jews long ago
israeli   (04.24.09)
arabs are trying to expand moslem religion through arab population outside of arabia well over a millenium now. this trend hasn’t ceased till this very day. in that expansion they've conquered land that wasn’t theirs, but in the ME this forced the indigenous inhabitants to remain as a minority, especially the jews who were neither arab nor moslem in the last millennium the invaders were killing & setting minority ratios too. the arab family reunions are nice and well, so long as arabs do not exceed the minority quota that the jews had to keep. to my best knowledge Israel should allow 11% of arab no more. besides, why should arabs reunite in israel? who decided that? the nakba propaganda? jews who fled arab countries have a MUCH MUCH MUCH stronger claims for their dozens of arab cities and THOUSANDS of arab owns they left since 1948. only they do not call it nakba, they call it repatriation. 2 points you should consider 1)there was a larger number of jews who fled arab countries, then arabs who left palestine 2)some jewish communions existed in arab countries for thousands of years, since antiquity and before arabs took over the land of mesopotamia. none of the jewish communities was new, they were all established for many centuries, WHEREAS THE NAKBA INVOLVES HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF ARABS WHO CAME TO PALESTINE IN 20TH CENTURY. during mandate arab population growth rate was OVER TWICE AS HIGH THEN IN EGYPT, and was policy of mandate authorities was trying to keep jewish population growth equal to arab population growth, reported arab immigration) those nakba people refugees are like jordanian infiltrators of today, who claim they were in palestine all their life, even though they came recently in seach for work. that means most of your nakba people simply returned to their arab moslem countries, who were unwilling to take them back, to make a case against the jews. the jews gave you jordan, as the ancient kingdom of jerusalem (till 13th century), judea, and ancient israel were also in jordan. the roman palestine also included jordan, therefore when palestine got her name for the 2nd time (from the brits) it included jordan as well. the league of nation, the brits and the jews agreed that jordan shall belong to the arab inhabitants and the remaining quarter (or less) shall be A jewish hoemland your pride is hurt because traditionally your cultural expansion is based on blood shed, and now the jews are more ademant then you to keep their little piece of land so they beat you at war. and you are jealous. go elsewhere, as less then 100 years ago you were still loking for better pastures in the ottoman empire, that randomly took you to Palestine, without knowing where palestine is at all. besides, it is not right to ask of others what you are not prepared to give yourself, especially nour form "palestine". you want half of what the jewish nation has? you give half of what the arab nation has. 11 countries and a lot of space is the half i am talking about.
20. Hilary's promises!
Spencer ,   Israel   (04.24.09)
Seeing is believing but it wouldn't be advisable to hold one's breath. Hilary has a history of lying; she still does and she's definitely not worth trusting.
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