Clinton: Israel risks losing support on Iran
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 23.04.09, 22:44
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1. To Hillary
Burndown Haaretz   (04.23.09)
AS the Taliban move closer to the suburbs of nuclear armed Pakistan's capitol city of Islamabad, we see Hillary and the rest of the western powers still unable to see the big picture. Hey Hill, get on the phone, call your buddies in the EU and tell them before al Queda has nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them to all of our capitols - open your collective eyes and DO SOMETHING for God's sake ... Israel is NOT your problem. ISLAM IS !!!!
2. IN OTHER WORDS.............................
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (04.23.09)
What Hillary means is that we have manged to keep the Arabs,comprising of Sheikhs,Kings and bunch of puppet leaders in check for the last so many years.They are of no significance at all.Once we have Iran isolated,these bunch of Arabs will automatically fall and stay where they were for years. What Hillary does not forsee is that Arab POPULATION will not disalign itself from resolute support and morale backing of the Iranians for the Palestinians.A new group will be in the offing and the signs of the same are on the horizon
3. Not another Clinton
Juan ,   Spain   (04.23.09)
There is absolutely no logic in what she says. Logic means one sentence follows on from the next, her logic does not exist. False peace hopes, is what she stands for. If this is Obama's CHANGE program, I can't see any difference.
4. Erm, the Palestinians are Iran's shock troops in the region.
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (04.23.09)
Giving Abbas a country of his own will only end up in him being deposed and with Hamas in charge. Mrs. Clinton, there is no amount of "bolstering" you can do to help Abbas clean up his crooked image in the eyes of his electorate. He simply doesn't speak for the average Palestinian. Any Palestinian state you establish will eventually be run by Hamas and will only serve to further destabilize the region by giving Iran the keys to Jerusalem and Amman. Don't say you weren't warned!
5. we will get along just fine with china without you
tell usa;go to hell ,   wit their new allies   (04.23.09)
obama's the closet muslim's administration has stabbed us in the back and is arming our foes so its time to move on and find friends that we have more in common with---friends that are more concerned about terrorist attacks than america's new terrorist loving regime is worried about befriending.
6. #2 "POPULATION" Yes, beware of that word
Jake   (04.24.09)
You are right. "Arab POPULATION will not disalign itself from resolute support and morale backing of the Iranians for the Palestinians." What you forgot to mention is that the Iranian population may decide to do away with the barbarous Islamofascist medieval horde of cretttins that lords over them with an iron fist. If they do no succeed to do this, they will become thoroughly Arabized within a couple of generations. One thing is sure, the status quo cannot hold. Something's gotta give.
7. clinton new speak
Sharin ,   US   (04.24.09)
Turkey, Egypt, Saud Arabia do not like Iran. Israel is more likely ally against Iran, or syria. Cinton talks crap.More to fear from iran-Pakistan-afghan Islamic axis. US OK for Turkey to sell arms to Lebanon, despite likely Hzbollah [an Iran -Syria ally] win in upcoming election, explains his visit to Turkey more fully. Will Turk troops be placed in lebanon and help bolster stability there. Just wondering. Surely Turkey does not want Iran stronger as they are old enemies.
8.  What is she saying ??
Raj ,   US   (04.24.09)
Seems Russia, India, china, Saudi Arabia, Egypt have much to fear from Iran festering Islamics in their areas and would have commont interests with Israel, despite Clinton's silly talk.
9. I'll be the end of Arab dictatorships & Jewish occupation
Boni ,   USA   (04.23.09)
Arab & Muslim worlds are fed up of both and want democracy and liberation.
10. Ahmanedijad is a BAD leader.
Aaron ,   SF, USA   (04.23.09)
He cares more about foreign interests(that are fairly irrelevant to him actually) more then what is actually happening in Iran.
11. To # 2 We hope
to get rid of all of the bunch of puppet leaders and an end to dictatorships, for peace and jews
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (04.24.09)
Towards Iran in your talk-back which suggest that you are simply wishing that to happen in Iran.Jack,don't waste your time because many tried through various means to create significant differences in the Iranian society,but have failed and it has been a frustrating time for these elements.I refer to the good investment made by the USA during the Texas hero's reign,establishing Persian radio services,using the Iraq's border for infiltration.Most of it turned out to be a futile attempt,Jake.A very insignificant success was achieved by Jundullah group from the Pakistan border but that group,too,is going to be taken care of by the postioning of Revolutionary Guards on the Pakistan's border in the near future. By the way,no one in Iran rules with iron fist.Usage of these types of imaginary sentence ridicules yourself.Talk to the ordinary Iranians rather than imagining the situation from far away.Sorry for the lengthy talk-back,but I thought it was a neccessity.
13. Connecting Arab and Iran is wrong
Brod ,   USA   (04.24.09)
Clinton must be receiving crap advice from her advisers about this matter. It is fallacious to connect the Arab world and Iran. Both are Islamist-Jihadists. Both worship the same koranic god. Both read the same koran. Both share the same violent religious-political ideology. Both are Crusaders of Jihadism as commanded by their koranic god. To try to gain favor on one over the other is plain stupid. They are all dark forces. They are all hellbent on wiping out Israel, that is, crusading their Jihadism on Israel as well as other non-Islamist countries which they call Dar Al Harb which they want to subdue, dominate and turn into the House of Islam which they call Dar Al Islam. Israel should say NO to this crap. It is time the West stops being fooled (Taqiyya) and manipulated by the Islamist-Jihadist world in crusading their Jihadism on Israel. Over the past 60 years, the Islamist-Jihadist world launched four wars to wipe out Israel but were defeated. Today, they use Taqiyya-Deception and Manipulation to brainwash third parties (the West) to do their dirty work of crusading their Jihadism on Israel, that is, to enable them to usurp Israel from the Jews and ethnically clease the Jews living in their own historic homeland! It is time for Hillary Clinton to read tons of Current Affairs literature pertaining to the region and Islamist-Jihadist world to know the subject well. Clinton will do well if she consults with such outstanding experts as Brigitte Gabriel, Walid Shoebat, Robert Spencer, Steven Emerson, Kenneth R. Timmerman, Colonel David Hunt, Dore Gold, PhD, Serge Trifkovic, PhD, Daniel Pipes, PhD, Gregory M. Davis, PhD, Mark A. Gabriel, PhD, Walid Phares, PhD, Ali Sina, Ibn Warraq, etc. Until then, she will be like a blind person walking on the cesspool of Islamist Taqiyya and Jihadism.
14. to hillary
Jennie ,   NYC   (04.24.09)
When did ever did the Jewish state have the Arab countries support ?! How can you loose what you never had ?! And look who has become the new dove of so-called peace in the Middle East....What a joke....With friends like the new US government, Israel needs no enemies....And the country that was the liberator of the worlds opressed, the bastion of strenghts and justice is now becoming the justifier of terrorism, the giant, who is surrenderring to global jihad and allowing the new evil order to take over the liberty, justice and pursuit of happines of the civilized world...I hope, that this time the Israeli Government understands who they dealing with and will not give in to hellary's demands....
15. "Please," she says, "committ mass suicide for sake of peace"
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.24.09)
16. Clinton & Obama are Chamberlain appeasers. We are not Poland
klaus ,   Haifa   (04.24.09)
17. Good Judgment cannot tilt toward anger or pity -
Annette   (04.24.09)
WHEREAS, Gaza and S. Lebanon (maybe soon all of Lebanon) have recently become bases for Iran's proxy armies who engage in terrorism, abductions, and acts of war against Israel; THEREFORE, Israel cannot reasonably offer Iran and their proxy armies more bases to strike at the heart of Israel from Judea and Samaria. NOTWITHSTANDING, the ruling-classes of the 22 voluminous Arab-Muslim countries should be alarmed enough about the Iranian terrorist threat against their own lives to motivate them to work in good faith to solve the Iranian threat, so that a discussion of real peace in the Middle East has a chance to begin. IN CONCLUSION, the question isn't whether mean Israel must prove to all of the unbiased skeptics that they are capable of having pity by surrendering vital territory to Iran in order to avoid unfairly angering the peaceful Arabs, but rather the genuine question is whether anybody in the Arab world has learned yet from the rampant terrorism in Iraq that it's not possible to have it both ways by celebrating terrorism against infidels, and not to live in mortal fear of the same terrorists sown, cultivated, and harvested in their own communities.
18. Yes we can be idiotic
Frank ,   Canada   (04.24.09)
Obama foreign policies are very innovative, Hillary is now the spokeswoman of the Arab League.
19. hillary again
Davey ,   ottawa, Canada   (04.24.09)
Thanks but no thanks Hillary. Israel doesn't need your lousy 4th grade political advice. Stick your carpet munching face in someone else's business.
20. Lady! Lady! power hungry lady Clinton
Maxwell Smart ,   FREE ISRAEL/USA   (04.24.09)
Anything for power even it means the loss of the American democracy and freedom. Sorry Madame! Israel will not bow! bend! or break to your administrastion's demands. Israel is not ready to commit a national hari-kari. Your administration madame, has lost a good sense of friendship with Israel. Israel is your best friend. We the Israelis love America and the American people. We pray that the America we know will become again, the America that we all love, STRONG AND FREE!... I don't want to believe this is a sad day for America and Israel, rather than a wake-up call for America, Israel and the free world. Israel has no choice and must defend itself and it will defend itself Madame Clinton. Please don't tell to Israel what and what not to do. Israel will do what is best for Israel. Thank you!.
21. Arbs risk losing Israel support in destroying Iran for them
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (04.24.09)
if suicidal Arbs continue with fake Peace demands. This is embedded in Arb Psyche and is deeply pathological. Iran uses anti-Zionism and anti-Americanism to develop its own nuclear weapons program and pushes for the withdrawal of U.S. forces from the Persian Gulf to draw attention away from its own failings and human rights abuses and to exert regional hegemony under a nuclear shield in the name of Islam. Anti-Zionism is a convenient way for the Iranian mullahs to de-legitimize domestic reformers by portraying them as agents of Israel and the US. For Arbs anti-Zionism has functioned as a cover for their own rejection of compromise peace offers from Israel and as a way to mobilize masses backing. For the Arb world, the status quo is no longer sustainable and time is not on its side. The Salafi jihadists are gaining strength in F. Arbia, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Algeria, Sudan, Yemen, Bahrain, Gutter, Kuwait, UAE, Iraq, Oman and among the Fakestininas and warn that an apocalyptic Armageddon between the Muslim world and the West is approaching. Whether moderate Muslims will be able to bring on an Islamic Renaissance before rising radical Islam draws them all into an unwinnable nuclear confrontation remains to be seen. Their success in doing so is by no means assured.
22. #13
boris, ,   ny, us   (04.24.09)
I'd put it this way: despite iran and arabs bloody desire to cut throats to each other, they hell-bent on destroying israel and this stupid housewife hillary will never understand.
23. Clinton gets played like a chump in bazaar
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (04.24.09)
Memo to Clinton: If Arab nations aren't concerned enough about Iran to act in their *own* interest, then screw 'em. The price for their cooperation shouldn't be paid in Israeli concessions, especially when the latter will put Israel at more risk. I fear what will result from four more years of such foolishness. The US should stop whetting the appetites of Palestinian irredentists and be more concerned about what's happening in Pakistan.
24. #9 What planet are you from?! Not earth for sure
25. recognize and or recognize RIGHT ???
M. S. ,   mpls america   (04.24.09)
I realize un reasonable is the usual thing to Europe letter U U for un reasonable alas I am no not un reasonable alas they shoot Israel in the back then shoot the Arabs in the back then Israel then Arabs alas hardly responsible diplomacy but it is 2009 April 23 what more may you expect alss I do no not follow that that is for the Irish not for a man but for a mouse alas though that is life the mice have all the money of course I need apologize so sorry any way hope for a miracle how mice miracle machine I am only human not a machine RIGHT ??? alas machines have all the money RIGHT ??? Thank You... M. S.
26. Israel risks losing support on Iran
alex ,   ashkelon Israel   (04.24.09)
Mrs Clinton why do not we give all our country to ARABS so we do not rish their suports is it a sholution that make you happy i don not trust none of them and i am losing trust on you remmember what you say when you were running for white house no this and no that what happened? you change yes this and yes that
27. earth to clinton: arabs verses iran has nothing to do with
ralph   (04.24.09)
28. "no one in Iran rules with iron fist" - #12
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (04.24.09)
What planet have you been living on, Mahmood?
29. LOGIC: when facing formidable enemy, weaken your borders
Lemmings Hotline ,   SD USA   (04.24.09)
30. first Israel should take back the entire strip
enough restraint ,   JUST DO IT.   (04.24.09)
& then, the West Bank. Then we sort things out like we should've from the start. Gloves off.
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