Minister Peled: Nuclear Iran will be able to hit US
Ilana Curiel
Published: 25.04.09, 16:19
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1. Yossi Peled - did he completed the
ben ,   Golan- singa   (04.25.09)
Investigation of the kidnapping of 3 soldiers by Hezbollah in Mount Dov in October 2000 . Emm? : -)))))
2. Clinton's Arab support Crap
Brod ,   USA   (04.25.09)
Clinton must be dreaming or has been imbibing the cesspool of Islamist-Jihadist Taqiyya to even posit about Arab support. The fact is there was, is and will never be any Arab/Islamist-Jihadist support. They are all hellbent on the destruction of Israel either by war or by way of deception and manipulation of third parties to do their dirty work of usurping Israel from the Jews for them.
3. there are many opinions,but mr.peled isnt the decision maker
ynet run outa news   (04.25.09)
4. Do we trust Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ?
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (04.25.09)
Missiles with a range of 6,000 km, launched from Iran, can hit not only any Middle Eastern countries, but also any target in Europe, including targets in Britain, China, Russia, and India. Iran has installed centrifuges for the purpose of enriching uranium, but continues to deny it is trying to develop atomic bombs. However, there was "no logic" in Iran working diligently towards producing long-range ballistic missiles unless it planned to couple such missiles with nuclear warheads. As to nuclear Iran and Islam see :
5. Only America and Israel have the potential capacity and ...
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (04.25.09)
Only America and Israel have the potential capacity and will to prevent Iran from attaining nukes. To allow the apocalyptical, jihadist, terrorist Iranian regime the most deadly weapons known to man, is tantamount to inviting an attack which would kill millions. There is no other choice but to deny Iran nuclear weapons. It seems that only America and Israel have the potential capacity and will to prevent Iran from attaining nukes. One of these two great nations must neutralize Iran’s nuclear facilities before it is too late. This, of course, must be done in conjunction with massive funding of Iranian dissident groups and energetic support for Iranian democrats who would like nothing more than to see their oppressive regime toppled. Regime change in Iran would be far superior to a military strike. But, the free world simply cannot take the chance that nukes are acquired before the regime is overthrown. More at :
6. This will be okay with the madrass kid
jason white ,   afula,israel   (04.25.09)
in the White House. Moslem bros with nukes,their dream. clinton should shut up. she is as dumb as any foreign secretary or minister.Maybe even dumber.
7. Mahmood, Sarah's talkback make you look like a fool
poor lil' fish ,   you and Iran   (04.25.09)
8. #7 you're in the wrong article
9. Iran
DB Ross ,   Oakland, CA USA   (04.25.09)
If Israel thinks that the US will allow them to be drawn into ANOTHER WAR and fight and die for thankless, selfish Israelis, they are completely mistaken. Stop being such a paranoid divisive over-bearing agressor in the area and show some actual courage. WITHOUT COUNTING ON THE US TO BAIL YOU OUT!
10. #9 Idiot, Israel is doing america's dirty work
The bankrupt US led by imbecile obama are a liability not a friend. Keep your dirty paws out of Israel, stop meddling, fed up with the paper tiger. AMERICA GO AWAY!
11. true but the Obama administration doesnt want to accept it
zionist forever   (04.25.09)
Its not just a nuclear weapons program Iran is working on but they are also spending billions on the development of more advanced longer range missiles. The current Shihab 3 can not only hit Israel but large parts of Europe and the program is continuing. With the money being invested in the missile program its only a matter of years before they develop ICBM capability. Whats Obama going to do when Iran announces that it now not only has a nuke but a missile that can hit mainland America? The MAD ( mutually assured destruction ) idea that kept the Cold War ending in nuclear war doesn't apply in this case. Both the US & Soviets knew they both had the capability to wipe each other out and neither wanted to be destroyed. Iran is ruled by a crazy monkey and a bunch of mullahs who believe in the suicide cult. If Allah comes in a vision and says nuke the US they will say Allah Akba we are all going to kill the infidel enemies of islam we must do it. If they retalliate it doesn't matter because we have been good muslims and will be honoured martyrs who will go to paradise and recieve 72 virgins. I wonder how the American public will feel about their president who sees himself as some kind of prophet when his non confrontation under any cicrumstances ends with the deaths of millions of Americans?
12. #8 your on the wrong side... for someone so educated
ur kinda ,   silly, dur dur   (04.25.09)
13. Israel and the palestinians
Grant Thomas ,   Brookfield, WI, USA   (04.25.09)
When has the world done anything for the Jews? Remember how the West ignored the slaughter by the Nazis? "Oh, we never knew" is a lie. My advice to Israel would be to ignore anything the West tries to force on them because we don't understand Islam, and don't give any land to any Arabs. Lastly, you best take out Iran before they take out you!
14. #9 - Appeasing a dictator...
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (04.25.09)
Is like feeding an alligator, hoping he'll eat you last. - Winston Churchill
15. #10, Sign your name, gutless
DB Ross ,   Oakland, CA   (04.25.09)
I truly hope the Obama administration does abandon Israel who does NONE of Americas dirty work. That is why AIPAC has to try SO HARD to skew foreign policy and give massive hand-outs to Israel like a poor beggar. Once Israel is on their own, they will be forced to act civilized and the hypocrisy can end. I totally agree with you (I'll call you #10 since you are too weak to put your real name on your opinion). The US should totally abandon Israel as a preferred nation in the region. That would benefit the US greatly and Israel can show their claws by theirselves for a change.
16. "When has the world done anything for the Jews????
DB Ross ,   Oakland, CA   (04.25.09)
Israel was a GIFT to the Jewish people, you fool! And the USA has propped up this state for decades. Go it alone Israel. Cut off the pathetic handouts your Master, the USA, keeps giving you. Make your own decision and leave the USA out of it. We don't need your trouble and we are doing you no good. Wish you well, support a two state solution. With your own money and defense money. NOT OURS! Not our blood.
17. #14 - Dictators
DB Ross ,   Oakland, CA   (04.26.09)
So Iran should be comfortable with Israel as the only nuclear power in the region? The mercy that you show Palestine and Lebanon as examples of Israeli good will? Please...who is a good dictatorfor the region? Israel? I don't think so.
18. #16 You are too gutless, just full of hot air
can't do anything right. Moron, Israel is not a gift. We have history there. What have you got, stole everything from everybody. Give it back to the rightfull got UNITED NOSTATES OF AMERICA. Enjoy it while you can.
19. #15 Surf up air head, U r an total idiot!
US   (04.26.09)
#10 is 100 correct
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (04.26.09)
Not knowing which article you are reading and submitting your talk-back under a different article.I can imagine your state mind.Take care and take it easy.I confront Sarah on regular basis and recognise her rights to express her opinion as well.Crawl back from where you came.
21. #20 gee wizz your just so much smarter than all of us
Your got to be ,   kidding?   (04.27.09)
like I didn't know how to get your foolish self to talk to me? it's called a taunt, in English.
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