Hamas health minister: Israel blackmailing patients
Ali Waked
Published: 26.04.09, 15:39
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1. hamas
ghostq   (04.26.09)
men the one who shoot the rockets r thos patienrts, he just forgot to mention that, no sympathy for the devile even when he whin about it.
2. Israel isn't blackmailing anyone
Ypip ,   Canada   (04.26.09)
whereas hamas lives for it.
3. So why dont they tie patients to their Rockets and launch
Alan ,   SA   (04.26.09)
them into Israeli hospital . Over 10 000 patients could have been admitted by now -as many as the rockets Did they tell the Scotchmen how their leaders hid in Shifa Hospital Ward during Gaza War,using a Ward as a HQ? Did they tell Scotchmen that they abuse ambulances to smuggle terros and arms? Did they tell Scotchmen how patients carry bombelt (at Beersheva )? Why does Israel have to take their patients in any event???? Always stories...Hypo(crates)crits
4. Apparently your infrastructure wasn't damaged enough
Burndown Haaretz   (04.26.09)
5. ridiculous...
Natan   (04.26.09)
Looking for medical care from the same people you are trying to destroy??? Screw you!!! Go and seek medical care from your Arab friends!!!
6. israelis do not owe the gazans anything,,,,nor medical
JL   (04.26.09)
7. By what right do they have to receive
jason white ,   afula,israel   (04.26.09)
medical care in Israel??????? They have chutzpah even to think this. Let them stay in gaza and let the palis provide medical treatment. We do not have to treat the enemy.
8. Pure Comedy
We have reached so far from reality that it is only funny now. Sad when Israel is the focus to human rights abuses. By the way, Any work on Egypt crossings? how many patients to they take...if any?
9. perfectly legitimate
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (04.26.09)
israel should receive some benefit/compensation for giving help to those in need, especially when it comes to saving lives. and that (saving lives, be they jewish, palestinian, whatever) is the most acceptable thing that anyone can do or facilitate, especially when it comes to thwarting terrorists. and hamas are terorists, so israel is obligated to do it.
10. the child who killed his parents and then cried he is an
Rivka ,   North, Israel   (04.26.09)
orphan. They shoot rockets at us and then want us to treat them in our hospitals at the expense of the Israeli tax payer. Where else in the world does someone treat their enemies? and for free.
11. Of course they need to provide the info
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (04.26.09)
about terrorist groups. Everything comes with a price these days and treating the enemy is no exception.
12. So What?
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (04.26.09)
Hamas is a terrorist group. Any methods necessary to prevent Israeli deaths at the hands of these neanderthals is justified. They have forfeited their right to be treated as civilized human beings as they don't qualify as such.
13. What an idea
Lou ,   Deal   (04.26.09)
I doubt that this is really the case, but if it is, WOW, what a great idea. Provide humanitarian help, but also get the information needed to save innocent Israelis.
14. Ali Ali Ali
Zion   (04.26.09)
New Hamas spokesperson for Israel.
15. They want Israel's help? Then they should help Israel
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (04.26.09)
If they don't like the price of medical treatment in Israel they should get treatment in Gaza or Egypt where no one will ask them whether they know of any impending terrorist attacks.
16. "Hamas health minister"
Joo ,   Eurabia   (04.26.09)
Do they have also "Gay and Lesbian minister"? Those guys were really successful in creating a shelters for terrorists in their hospitals. But hiding behind kids and sick people backs is just fine for "Hamas culture ministry"
17. I know this is the Middle East
S. Melmoth   (04.26.09)
but apparently there is no longer any need for satire, not with "news" stories like this. Let the Scots take care of them.
NOT HURT INNOCENTS?   (04.26.09)
19. Just giv'em the facts, Naim
Hunt S. Cross ,   England   (04.26.09)
For instance how Hamas threatened Gazan patients to stop them from being treated in the field hospital that Israel set up on the Gazan side during Operation Cast Lead. Don't forget to mention how Hamas also directly denied medical treatment to Gazans by taking over areas within the hospitals to act as military command and control centres, and as hiding places for your terrorist party's "politicians", since these wouldn't come under attack from the IDF. Let them know how much of the health education budget went on this Norwegian doctor, with his declared support for 9/11 and stranger than fiction figures about the lack of military casualties. If you have any interest in letting your guests leave Gaza sane, not paranoid, make sure you give them the full story.
20. Hamas can provide its own medical care if it doesn't want to
usa   (04.26.09)
recognize the State of Israel. Maybe the Scottish hospitals should help them, if they care so much about what Hamas has to say on the matter.
21. Sounds like a fair deal to me.
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.26.09)
It's interesting to note how the Left and Israel's enemies spin anything to sound like the biggest crime is being committed. What's worst but no surprise, is the world's embrace of anything that is remotely negative about the Jewish State. AND, they want to say it's anti-Zionist, not anti-Semitic. Another deception the world is willing to embrace.
22. Ah yes, everything is Israel's fault!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (04.26.09)
Next thing the Arabs will blame the Jews for the Swine flu outbreak!
stude ham   (04.26.09)
perhaps the good folks being addressed should ask why hamas has no medical facilities capable of treating their own people.
24. Hamas Health Insurance
leo ,   nyc   (04.26.09)
I guess Hamas is willing to undertake reimbursement to Israel for treatment of these patients. And of course, historically, haters have always demanded Jewish MDs, reserving the right to kill the doctors later. It's a disgrace that Hamas sees war as its first priority, rather than civilian needs..such as health care.
25. 2 things
jb ,   Canada   (04.26.09)
that you can be sure of. The medical supplies given by the Scots will be for sale by Hamas to the highest bidder. The supreme irony of the Gazans bitching about Israel denying them medical care while they continue their genocidal actions against Israel and the Jews. It defies imagination!!!
26. Send them to Scotland
David ,   USA ISRAEL   (04.26.09)
I am sure they will be more than happy to take care of your needy people . Don't come to Israel for what ails you. Israel is not your mother. quit winning and get a life
27. More Whacky Waked propaganda!
freejay ,   Israel   (04.26.09)
Everyday YNet is running Mr Wakeds propaganda.......WHY??????? All his stories....errr, i mean fairytales, seem to come only from Palestinian sources.....and so many of these stories are proven later to be false, yet YNet still keeps publishing them! WHY??????
28. to Alan, SA: what about if someone says similar comment ?
Historian   (04.26.09)
your people? You said:So why dont they tie patients to their Rockets and launch how would you feel if the comment is: So why don"t put Shalit in an oven and send it to Germany? Read about the history and repent. look closely at gaz chambers as described in the official story. Do you remember what happen to your people? Educate your self: Palestinians are under illegal occupation of their land. As an occupier, Israel has the obligation to protect the victims of the occupation. And not to continue mistreating them, stealing their land, their money, putting them under siege, and seizing their taxes and foreign aid.
29. Dead cancer patient alive
Maks ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.26.09)
Rights group got it wrong: Gaza cancer patient who 'died while waiting for permit' still alive,7340,L-3542849,00.html
30. the Gaelic- Hiberno , when I see them I run away :)
ben ,   Golan -singapore   (04.26.09)
Celtic such as these cannot keep quiet, this is part of their conversion tactic. first the pretend to listen , then they inject xtianity, later the convert .The Pals accuse us jews, and the Scotts also accuse us like forever : -) Ant this Pals are muslim one day, today they are xtians, and tomorrow another religion , they change as they like, it all depends which foreign institution / mission come with the money ! This Dr. Bassem Naim is a LIAR ! Whay is that he never disclose the fact that that so called injured Pals were caught between the cross fire and active terrorist participation betweeen Hamas an Fatah ! Tell the if Fatah and Hamas enters into civil war and murder their own Pals, why blame Israel.? And believ me this Galiac- Hiberno are being taken for a ride. I know this Scotish and Irish Monks. They can suck up anyting, because they are KIND BY NATURE. but MAD FOR CONVERTS ! Anyway, I hate them and like them too ! :-) he he ehe hee
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