Bereaved US mother: Didn't think I'd give Israel so much
Roi Mandel
Published: 28.04.09, 08:38
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1. Harriet Levin
ben ,   singapore   (04.28.09)
My cousin fell at the war, he was brother to me, I mis him even after all this year. I know how you feel. I am with you together.We all daven together where ever we are.
2. g-d bless idf families
vashDi ,   israel   (04.28.09)
3. Your brave son
Michael ,   Petach Tikvah, Israe   (04.28.09)
Mrs. Levin, Our thoughts and prayers are still with you. I remember the first time I read about the loss of your son, our soldier. And I remember watching his story on television during the Remembrance Day tributes. I'm certain it is of little consolation, but please know that people who never had the privilege of meeting your son pray for him and for his family's pain to be eased. The nation of Israel is greatly indebted to you and your beloved son ז״ל.
4. God Bless You and Yours Harriet
Abe ,   Jerusalem   (04.28.09)
From another American-born lone soldier. I didn't know your son, but I think of him every time the siren sounds.
5. Thank you Mikey, you're a true hero.
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.28.09)
6. Yehi Zichro Baruch
Yisraeli (Volvi)   (04.28.09)
My sincerest condolences Harriet. As a parent with a son in Israel (now miluim) I so empathise with you and re-lived my own fears when reading your words. There are no true words of consolation one can offer other then perhaps you didnt stand in the way of of Michael fulfilling his lifes long dream wherever that may take him. I am just so sorry and bitter even if you are not that I cant help but feel that the State of Israel let him down as they did other soldiers of that war. So ready and willing to fight are our sons but were in the hands of incompetent people as then PM Olmert and DM Barak. Their culpability is inexcusable. Barak for having created the situation himself by leaving a vacuum in the first place and Olmerts ego and 'saving face' at the expense of our beloved. May we all one day merit to see truly worthy leaders. Alas to date there have been none. Nevertheless Michael will forever be recognised as one who played his part in the emergence and strengthening of our people so that in the end we may all realise our true destiny of being a Light Unto Nations. Yehi Zichro Baruch.
7. Its like losing a brother
Steve   (04.28.09)
Its shocking when this happens. I went to Mt Herzl to visit the grave of a man who died in Lebanon, a man who I did not know, but who was close to a good friend of mine. He is buried next to Michael. I was shaking when I was there, and I kept thinking, it could happen to me, or someone I know. We all feel the pain of losing a soldier, no matter whether we knew him or her personally. Rest in Peace.
8. Thank you Harriet
eliyahu ,   Jerusalem   (04.28.09)
You raised a beautiful son with the heart of a lion. Your love of Israel was transmitted to him and he gave the ultimate sacrifice for all of us. I am glad you come back to Israel every year. It is your home. Come more often. God bless you.
9. harriet, we love you, he didn't die in vain
rina   (04.28.09)
10. G-d bless you Harriet for your courage and strength
Al   (04.28.09)
You show great strength and love for Israel. You like my parents paid a very high price. My parents carried this pain forever and like you never blamed anyone or anything. They carried on and as holocaust survivors they always believed in the G-d of Israel. Like the current PM of Israel we are part of an exclusive club. We dont bellyache..we continue and thanks to our brave soldiers we will continue forever. G-d bless you and your family.
11. Michael
Karen Kauffman ,   Seminole, FL, USA   (04.29.09)
Harriet,your friends Harriet & Bob were on the same tour w/ my husband Jay & me on my very first trip to Israel, 6/07. . they insisted on visiting your son Michael at Mt. Hertl. It was the most moving experience I had on the entire trip. When Jay & I went back in 12/08, we took my mother-in-law to visit Michael & shared his story with her and others. We will never forget what Michael has done for us all! I promise that with each visit to Jerusalem in the future, I will visit your wonderful son, & thank him again for his sacrifice for all of us. Karen
12. Thank you, Ms. Levin & May G-d Bless you
Dina ,   USA   (05.05.14)
The courage and love that your son gave for the Jewish homeland will never be forgotten. Because of him, Am Yisroel Chai lives on and so does he when we try to live our lives as he did. Please know that we here in NY are deeply grateful to you and your family.
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