Anti-Israel event fraudulently planned, then canceled, at NYU
Yael Levy
Published: 28.04.09, 14:42
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1. Who is the student
Jack Mazafi ,   NYC   (04.28.09)
Print the name of the student.
2. justification of cast lead is hamas actions despite the fact
they got their land   (04.28.09)
Efroim ,   Baltimore   (04.28.09)
4. Fraudulant manner is how they operate.
Ypip ,   Canada   (04.28.09)
5. Pro Israel Event
Jake ,   USA   (04.28.09)
Will NYU dare canceling something like that?
6. #5 No
John S ,   Houston USA   (04.28.09)
A pro-Israel event is different than an anti-Palestinian event. For those who believe in things other than hate, the Israeli and Palestinian causes can be about things other than conflict. Clearly you are associating an "Israeli" event with hate.
7. Kol Hakavod to NYU!
Scott ,   NY, USA   (04.28.09)
Everyone, please write New York University in support of their decision to cancel the event! =)
8. The student should be kicked out of NYU and banned ...
EST ,   Miami USA   (04.28.09)
for at least 3 years from any institution of higher learning ... plagiarism...fraud...they are all the same and have no place in any respectable academic institution. NYU needs to take action not just spout platitudes!
9. Attention NYU Alumni
leo ,   nyc   (04.28.09)
If in the future NYU decides to allow such a program, alumni here and in Israel should contact them and let them know where their "bread is buttered" We all get requests for contributions so this should be a wake up call!
10. To: No.5, cancel pro israel event???
Aaron ,   L.A., U.S.A.   (04.28.09)
only if it was filed fraudulently...
11. #1 Jack... Why? So you can harass her
Terry ,   Chicago, IL   (04.28.09)
with unfounded claims of "anti-Semitism"??? If her name should be printed then the same should apply to the maniac settlers in "Israel" that commit murder (only to be later acquitted).
12. Print the name of the student
Avi ,   NYC   (04.28.09)
13. NYU fraud
Sharona ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.28.09)
Why are there no events entitled "Honor Killings" -Legalized murder of women under Islamic Sha'aria Law". Or "Iran-There are no homosexuals in Iran". ANY ANTI-ISRAEL FORUM IS PURE AND SIMPLE ANTI-SEMITISM!!!!!!!!!!!
14. Fake Jake # 5
Ivri ,   IL   (04.28.09)
What is your issue Fake Jake?...a little hint of antisemite cannards? get a life,impostor.
15. Student should be permanently suspended from school
Harriet   (04.28.09)
Fraudulent application; Fraudulent Organization; Fraudulent photos; Fraudulent use of name of Academic Department; Fraudulent trumped up issues, and ETC. What more does the University need to permanently suspend someone like this!
16. a matter of ethics
nr ,   los angeles, usa   (04.28.09)
i find it shocking that the university doesn't see this as a breach of ethical conduct here - they just cancelled the event. and it sounds like they'd be willing to host it with the proper paperwork. how disgusting.
17. jail him
petra ,   uSA   (04.28.09)
and let him rot, (*&^%$ liar!)
18. It's not a "free exchange of strongly held views" they seek.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (04.28.09)
Rather, it's incitement to hate and violence. There's no place for such anti-Israel and anti-Semitic hate fests on US campuses. And the reference to the number of Israeli professors at the university means little, as many of them are anti-Israel. My own alma mater, the U of Michigan, invited an Israeli scholar to help teach a course I was once involved in. They brought in Neve Gordon, the rabidly anti-Israeli professor from Ben Gurion U.
19. I attend NYU, and
Korem ,   New York, USA   (04.28.09)
to all of you tbers getting upset that the punishment isn't harsh enough, this is just the way NYU rolls. When the Take Back NYU protestors were here breaking cops' bones, pissing off all of us by shutting down the Kimmel food center, and chanting their childish statements, they got off with some suspension, no legal action, no expulsion. NYU is too scared about its reputation because of its controversial construction projects and what not to start targetting students. It's not about not being pro-Israel enough. As someone who is pro-Israel I can definitively say there's not that much anti-Israel sentiment on campus. Even the Muslims I know are willing to talk openly about the issue and they obviously don't agree with Israel's policies, but they aren't feeled with bitter hatred (and I have very low-tolerance for hatred against Israel). Heck my roommate who is right behind me as I type this is an anti-Israel who stopped caring when he actually met me and other Israelis.
20. because of the fraudulent manner? but the story is true
observer   (04.28.09)
the dictionary meaning of climate is : A prevailing condition or set of attitudes in human affairs. Don't you believe there is climate of change in the general public opinion about Israel after the Gaza war.
21. very rich coming from the US who extends its military arm
Doron Katz ,   Sydney   (04.29.09)
22. print names of Zionist IDF/settlers war criminals
Objective reader   (04.29.09)
they must be prosecuted. NYU student was right to expose the hidden history of zionism. Instead of crying "anti-semitism" (though you are not Semite) present factual arguments.
23. If I ever took you seriously
Ypip ,   Canada   (04.29.09)
I'd probably just about believe in anything, thats why I hang out with the amatuers and bet on the occasional longboard series instead.
24. Leave out the 'but' and alpha the omega.
Ypip ,   Canada   (04.29.09)
25. observer @ 20; Actually, aside from those ...
leo ,   USA   (04.29.09)
directly involved and closely connected not many care. You think it is important for everybody because you are surrounded by such people and practically do not see many others who are overwhelming majority.
26. anti Israel meetings are planned so the right target come
zionist forever   (04.29.09)
My brother went to university in the UK and one time an anti Israel meeting was planned but they decided to hold the meeting on a Saturday afternoon because they knew that were would be very few jews coming on Saturday. A clever tactic to put across the anti Israel and limiting the number of people who will be there who actually support israel. These meetings are not friendly debates on the Israel bashing they are well thought out when, where and what to discuss so they get maximum number of their target audience. The pro Israel groups generally don't hold that many meetings like this, I think they just are not interested in promoting pro Israel propoganda the way the antis do. Its not going to open peoples minds to the pro Israel as much as the ant Israel can. The anti Israel can wave around flyers showing men carrying dead children and saying how bad Israel is. The pro Israel don't have that kind of propoganda material at their disposal. We say a palestinian was shot by a soilder because a palestian was shooting at him sounds a reasonable argument but then the anti will step in and say yes but if there was no Israel there would be no soilder to shoot at and no soilder to shoot the palestinian. How do the pros campaign for zionism in a way that a secular western audeicne will accept .. the days when we could show the zionist farmers working the fields, and no matter how many justificatios you can make for the idea of a jewish state they will find 100 against and turn around your arguments. The anti Israel groups are always going to win in the popullarity ratings.
27. people
BEN77 ,   BALTIMORE USA   (04.29.09)
call and email nyu let them know you wont stand for silencing truth on campus, let them know NO MORE DONATIONS, AND YOU WILL TRANFER YOUR CHILDREN to a university that adheres to AMERICAN values not israeli
28. #11, how about calling her a fraud?
Danny   (04.29.09)
or do you implicitly trust people who lie?
29. #20, thats a stretch even for you
Danny   (04.29.09)
and no i don't believe it. The same dumbasses that were anti-Israel still are, not like any facts would change their mind.
30. #22, here is a comprehensive list - happy?
Danny   (04.29.09)
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