Peres to meet Obama Monday
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 28.04.09, 18:44
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1. WHY????
freejay ,   Israel   (04.28.09)
The position as president of Israel is supposed to be for ceremonial purposes only! Peres is using this position chasing his own agenda! He has no right to be there! This disgusting man has done enough damage and cost enough Israeli lives already by pursuing his dream of a bogus Arab Muslim Palestinian state! He was also was the first one to coin the phrase " Occupation", to try and fool the people into accepting the Oslo accords! Israelis never voted him in....the traitor Olmert gave him the position, and after Olmert was forced to leave, so should of Peres!
2. Stay home and E him via a webcam.
Ypip ,   Canada   (04.29.09)
3. Did Peres win the Elections?
Ralph levy ,   USA   (04.29.09)
Did Peres win the Elections? I was not aware he was elected and in charge of forming policy for the state of Israel.
4. peres will teach b.o. how to destroy Israel!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (04.29.09)
peres is about the most demented politician here. He put Israel on the road to destruction. His crazy oslo accords left dead and dying Jews in it's wake.He brought legitimacy to the mass murdering terrorist arafat and brought a terrorist army to our borders. Of course b.o. will do the same to the U.S. and will help try to destroy Israel. He will sit at the master's feet and learn how to surrender to arab terror. Of course both peres and b.o. never wore their country's uniforn. Maybe they will compare the yellow stripes on their backs?
5. Please don`t
Yohanan Levi   (04.29.09)
Dear Mr. Shimon Peres; Please do not sell to Obama the false slogan "most Israelis support the 2 state ilusion" Explain to him that creating another Arab state whithin tiny Israel is one more step towards extinction of the Jewish state.
6. abbas has said he joins hammas in not recognizing israel
peace process dead   (04.29.09)
peres, youre living in a new middle east of your dreamworld which has become our nightmare scenario. Peres please resign you do not help us or the problems you helped cause. The trip is to undermine Netanyahu, the same as peres did to shamir, to barak, to rabin, to sharon. enough already with him!
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